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Chapter 8: The Curtain Falls Part II

The light that covered the village turned battlefield was stunning. Only the members of Fairy Tail recognized it immediately. It was centered around the Hokage Tower, as many of the shinobi noted. It was an explosion of magical energy with more power and purpose than any spell they had seen before it. The effects of this technique were well known to most mages. An ally would feel naught but warmth from the light, and the encouragement that their enemy would be crushed by the caster. An enemy would feel nothing but despair, suffering under the pressure of the attack's sheer magic power even before they were actually hit.

This was one of Fairy Tail's Three Great Magics, Fairy Law.

Makarov had closed his eyes in finality, waiting for his spell to run its course. This was the end. The Dark Guild of Konoha would suffer for their transgressions against his kin, and the magic world would doubtlessly be a better place after their defeat and imprisonment. The Hokage's guards had already been burnt to a near crisp, as they had been the closest individuals. Some of the buildings in the immediate area were becoming charred as well, but as previously noted, Fairy Law was a spell of purpose. Makarov's purpose was the defeat of his enemies, not the wanton destruction of all architecture in the area.

But then, not more than a few seconds after its activation, the light began to dim. Makarov noticed this immediately. The magic power he was emanating was slowly concentrating around one point, still going strong but not against its intended targets. The area of effect had diminished considerably, and Makarov, for all his wisdom, couldn't tell why. Fairy Law was an almighty spell, what could counter it even after being cast? The Guild Master quickly opened his eyes again, looking straight towards where he felt his magic power being drawn to. He had to squint, but he most definitely saw it.

A small, black vortex was drawing in the entirety of Fairy Law. Soon, the light was completely gone, and the hole closed up. Makarov was flabbergasted. What had happened to his spell, and who was responsible for it? His answer was immediate, and accompanied by heavy panting. Makarov's eyes widened at the sight.

His clothes charred, Kakashi nevertheless stood firm, only his left eye open, having finished the greatest technique of his Sharingan. He was exhausted, but he had done it. And Makarov was, for the first time in his life, confronted with the unthinkable: Fairy Law had been stopped.

"What have you done? What was that vortex?" The Guild Master questioned incredulously.

"Kamui." Kakashi answered between his breaths of exhaustion. It was at this point that Makarov noticed the changed form of Kakashi's Sharingan. Instead of the usual three tomoe pinwheel, there was now a more pronounced pint to each of its three quadrants.

Makarov had been under the impression that the Sharingan only caused illusions. This was far beyond his calculations. "What was that spell?"

"That was no spell." A different voice answered. "That was a space-time ninjutsu of the highest caliber, accessible by that man."

Kakashi looked at the newcomer warily. "Danzo… Why are you here?"

The now identified Danzo calmly entered the combatants' view. He was an old man, at the ripe age of 72, yet his looks betrayed his combat prowess. With his bandaged eye and limp arm tucked into his robe, he didn't exude much danger. One who assumed that would be wrong and most likely soon dead after making that mistake.

"What's the issue, Kakashi?" Danzo asked in reply. "While I may not have been deemed appropriate for the position of Hokage, I am more than capable of defending my village as if I WERE such. The Uzumaki child isn't here this time. It's up to us to drive out these invaders." He explained.

Kakashi, still panting, merely nodded. This would help tremendously.

"Who are you?" Makarov asked, no, demanded of the newcomer. He could tell this man's appearance belied his ability, and he didn't want to deal with two skilled fighters teaming up against him if he could avoid it.

Danzo focused his visible eye on the Wizard Saint. "I am Shimura Danzo, shinobi of Konoha. But what is your name, mage?"

"Makarov Dreyar, Master of Fairy Tail." Makarov answered; then paused. "You people speak strangely. Are you truly mages?" He inquired.

Kakashi stepped forward, addressing Danzo. "That's irrelevant. We need to finish this fast. The border forces must be having trouble."

A generic mage from the council dove at Yamato. With a few quick hand signs, wooden branches grew forth from the earth and wrapped the man up. One kunai later, and the threat was gone. Then, without warning, a presence made itself known directly behind him.

"Fast!" Yamato thought while hastily ducking under his new opponents punch. He turned and lashed out with a retaliatory kick, but the assailant was already gone. He was immediately forced to block a punch coming from another direction. Finally getting some distance, Yamato sized up enemy.

He was a decently tall man with short black hair and wore a striped red variation of the standard Magic Council uniform. His most striking feature however was the peculiar scar across the upper-left side of his face.

"You're no foot soldier, I assume." Yamato said.

"I'm leading the attack on the outer walls. I go by Mest on missions. My I ask who you are?"

Yamato chuckled. "I lead the defense of the outer walls. I go by Yamato on missions."

They paused for a beat, listening to the sounds of battle around them. "Mest" was the first to speak up. "You won't last like that, you know that, right?"

Yamato frowned at the statement.

"You are a single Dark Guild, being preyed upon by the full might of the Magic Council along with a coalition of many accomplished guilds. Fairy Tail isn't big on killing, but the council has no qualms about snuffing out evil. I'd suggest you forfeit."

"Ha!" Yamato barked out. "Do you understand what you're asking me? As an ANBU commander, the mission supersedes all else. Your life, your subordinates lives, all mean nothing compared to the safety of the village. We will fight, and if we die, we die with honor. Now, are we starting or not?" Yamato finished, done with his speech.

They engaged in hand-to-hand combat. Yamato quickly realized that Mest wasn't much of a direct fighter. The man didn't really hit that hard, and he didn't seem to be using any techniques. His speed though, was insane. Yamato couldn't tell if it was a Shunshin, or a teleportation spell of his. He didn't have his senpai's Sharingan, after all. Regardless though, he knew what course of action to take.

Stop him from moving.

"Mokuton: Mokusatsu Shibari no Jutsu!" Yamato called as the fingers on his right hand became thin tendrils of wood that flew towards Mest.

Mest dodged skillfully, almost seeming to warp around the field as the wood chased him down. When one of the tendrils got a little too close for his comfort, he made a decent leap backwards. That was the opening Yamato needed. Slamming his free hand into the ground, Yamato called out his next Jutsu.

"Mokuton: Mokujoheki!" From behind Mest, large beams of wood came from the ground and stretched over him like a dome. Soon, the technique completed, and there was just a dome of wood standing where Mest was. Retracting his tendrils, Yamato then slammed his two hands together. The dome exploded in a shower of dust and splinters.

"Ah!" A voice cried in pain. Yamato looked towards the source and saw Mest crouched on a tree branch across from him.

"He was fast enough to escape the explosion as it happened?" Yamato thought in disbelief.

Mest caught his breath before smirking at Yamato. "I can't be caught." He said smugly.

That was the only verification Yamato needed. It wasn't a speed technique, it was teleportation! "That's some high level Jutsu there, Mest." Yamato praised.

"It serves its purpose." He responded. "Jutsu? Whatever… Lahar was right. This guy is good." He thought.

Around them, the battle was still raging. The shinobi were fighting valiantly, but were slowly being overrun. Jonin like Genma, Aoba, and Raidou had no problem staying alive, but the bulk of their Chunin forces were waning. Mest gave Yamato a look that said "I told you so."

A little away from Mest and Yamato, Ren Akatsuki was throwing around wind blasts like they were candy. He was one of the Trimens of Blue Pegasus, donning an unbuttoned blue suit. Multiple Chunin jumped into the air towards Ren, kunai drawn.

"Not good enough!" Ren taunted, taking a crouched pose, his arms extended. "Arial Phose!" He cried, spinning his arms and creating a large cyclone that tore the shinobi up. After the dust from his attack subsided, Ren noticed something strange. On the ground, there was a peculiar looking wool doll, maybe one of the mages he had just beat had been holding it. He walked up to it and saw a tag on it that said "Curse". There was a kunai knife next to the doll as well.

"Well, that isn't creepy…"

He leaned down and touched it, but then suddenly froze in place.

"Shinten Kugutsu Juin no Jutsu."

And with those words, Ren found himself looking at… himself. It was strange. He noticed he was being HELD in the air. The "Ren" he was looking at gave him an evil smirk and dropped him. The imposter picked up the kunai and tucked it into his shirt then turned to leave. It took him a second, but Ren figured it out.

"It was a trap! I got sucked into the doll!" He thought in panic. He saw Eve walk up to his imposter, but could do nothing about it. The shorter, blonde-haired boy was caught completely off guard when "Ren" stabbed him in the gut with a kunai and left him bleeding on the ground. And to make things worse, suddenly multiple masked shinobi burst onto the battlefield from the woods.

"Hibiki-san, what's the situation?" Lahar asked the man beside him.

"Things are going well in the forest, but inside the "village" it's a bit complicated." Hibiki answered. He was an overly handsome man with wild, light-brown hair. In front of him were multiple screens showcasing the fights happening across the battlefield.

"Fairy Tail is in the village, are they losing?" Lahar asked.

Hibiki shook his head. "Not particularly. Losses have been for the most part even, but Gildarts, Gazille, and Elfman are down."

"Gildarts is down? I've heard so many stories about him I didn't think it was possible."

"Well, from what I can see though his opponent doesn't look like he's ready for another fight either." Just then, one of his screens started flashing red and beeping. "What?!" He yelled in shock.

Lahar got closer to follow the imagery along with Hibiki. "I can't tell what these bars mean. What's wrong?"

"I have a warning alarm that goes off every time a Blue Pegasus guild member is substantially hurt. Eve's alarm just went off. Something's wrong in the forest!"

Mest stared in shock as new shinobi entered the battle, beginning to turn the tides. "What the hell is that?" He yelled. "Reinforcements?" He was so caught up in his surprise, he didn't notice the same look being mirrored on Yamato's face as well.

"Those masks…" Yamato thought to himself before a ninja landed beside him. He was in all black, with a mask that all of his face other than the mouth and nose. In place of his eyes were round lenses.

"It's been a while, Tenzou." The man greeted.

"Torune!" Yamato responded in surprise. "Are you here on Danzo's orders?"

He nodded. "Danzo-sama has sent us to aid in the defense of the village's perimeter."

"I assume Fuu is here as well then?" Yamato questioned.

"He's already infiltrated them. Other ANBU have—" Torune was cut off as a mage jumped at him from behind. Quickly taking off one of his gloves, revealing a sickly purple hand, he caught the man by his throat.

Mest watched in horror as the man started to turn purple like the man's hand, screaming in agony as the color spread across his body. Eventually, the man went limp, and Torune dropped him.

"No matter how many times I see you do that, it never gets any easier to stomach…" Yamato remarked.

"Come, we must push them back!" Torune yelled.

Mest prepared himself for what he knew would be a much harder fight this time…

Danzo smirked. "I believe Yamato-taicho will be just fine. Let's dispose of this man."

"Futon: Shinku Taigyoku! (Wind Syle: Giant Vacuum Bullet)" He yelled while releasing a large ball of wind at Makarov.

"Raiton: Gian! (Lightning Syle: False Darkness)" Kakashi called, joining in by firing a massive bolt of lightning.

Eyes widening, Makarov quickly took action. Making three hand seals completely foreign to the shinobi present, Makarov initiated his defense.

"Sandai Bogyo Mahojin: Sanchushin! (Maximum Defense Seal: Three Pillared God)"

A purple ring made of intricate seals formed around Makarov before three pillars of light sprung forth. The pillars flashed brightly and blocked the incoming attacks. The resulting explosion of the clash created a massive dust cloud that hindered Makarov's vision. The Guild Master then quickly ducked when he heard a faint chirping sound from behind him; just in time to see a hand covered in lightning narrowly piercing the space above his head.

His left hand still extended, Kakashi pointed his right at Makarov. That hand began to coat itself in lightning as well before a wolf of electricity bounded forth at Makarov.

"Raiju Hashiri no Jutsu! (Lightning Beast Dash)"

Makarov used his Titan magic to increase his fist to a ridiculous size before batting the lightning hound aside, his increased toughness withstanding the electricity without too much trouble. Because of this rapid exchange, Makarov was woefully unprepared for Danzo's turn.

"Futon: Shinku Renpa! (Vacuum Wave Blades)"

The blades of wind scraped painfully against Makarov's back, causing him to grunt in pain. The force of the winds cleared out any remaining dust on the battlefield, revealing all three combatants to each other.

"How could they see me in the dust?" Makarov wondered to himself. He then noticed that the bandages around Danzo's right eye were lowered, revealing the same type of red eye Kakashi had. "What kind of magic do those eyes hold?"

"That depends on the user." Danzo surprisingly answered. "This 'magic' cannot be learned. It is a hereditary gift of the Uchiha clan. You will never figure out all of its uses in this fight, let alone counters to them."

Kakashi stepped forward. "I don't know what your business is with us, but take this as a final warning. Withdraw your forces. Now. I don't think either of us like the amount of blood already shed."

"You speak of unnecessary bloodshed? How dare you!" Makarov yelled. "You have no qualms about killing!"

Danzo spoke up. "You know nothing of our way of life. 'Magic', as you call it, secures money and territory. Both solidify the safety and longevity of our village and its citizens. If lives are to be taken to reach this end, then so be it."

"You're not helping our case here, Danzo…" Kakashi complained, mostly to himself though.

"You speak of citizens, but I saw none." Makarov pointed out.

Kakashi chuckled. "As the leader of this village, I'm insulted that you would think that I hadn't created an evacuation plan in case of an invasion. Especially after last year…" He added that last part under his breath.

"While you talk about securing the safety of this 'village', you act as if killing is just a means to an end. Regardless of any underlying purposes, the idea that ruining the lives another to promote the profit of your own is no different than that of a common Dark Guild." Makarov scolded.

Danzo let out a dramatic sigh. "You just don't get it… It matters not. The fact of the matter is that you need to leave. You are a worthy opponent, I admit that much, but my patience is running short."

Danzo pulled his limp arm out of its cast, revealing the metal casing around it. "Kakashi, I'll need you to occupy this man while I break the seal on my arm." He instructed.

"I'm the Hokage here, aren't I?" He questioned jokingly, to which he got a pointed glare. "Okay, I get it, I get it!"

Throughout their exchange, Makarov was strategizing for his upcoming battle with Kakashi. That Danzo fellow was up to something, and he would rather not find out what. Kakashi needed to go down fast, and Danzo would follow. "Using Titan is too risky. I could tell that that dimension warping magic needs very precise aim, judging by how small the rift was. I'm a small, mobile target the way I am, and getting bigger would be suicide."

Makarov prepared for what could possibly be the toughest battle of his career.

Mest knelt down low, coughing up some blood. Above him stood an injured Yamato, looking down at him and breathing heavily as well. No words were exchanged, but it was clear Yamato had won. Around them, battle still raged, although to a lesser degree than before. With the assistance of Danzo's ROOT, the tide was surely turning to the favor of the shinobi. Mest tried standing, but found himself unable to do so.

"Impossible..." Mest thought to himself. "All of these mages... beaten by a Dark Guild?"

"You underestimated the Will of Fire, Mest." Yamato told him, still breathing heavily. "To protect our village, and the next generation, we will never fall."

Mest thought the battle was over. But one man was about to change that.

Hibiki and Lahar meanwhile were in a state of near panic, only their professionalism keeping their composure intact.

"How can we be losing?!" Lahar exclaimed. "There are so many of us! And with Blue Pegasus alongside us, how can this be happening?"

"I can tell you how right now." Hibiki said, catching Lahar's attention. "They work better together. They're a well-oiled machine, tempered through years and years of combat. They are far more used to this kind of thing than we are. We lack experience. Pure strength can only get you so far."

"I disagree." A deep voice sounded out behind the two. Turning, they saw their new arrival.

He was a tall, muscular and pale-skinned man with straight black hair, which was slicked back and gathered on the back of his head, where it was kept in a bun, hidden away by a white cloth with ruffled edges secured by a similarly colored strip of cloth. He wore a blue set of armor that only covered his upper torso and arms, leaving the entire mid-lower torso bare. He also had a very baggy pair of dark pants tied with an orange sash. His eyes were slanted with dotted tattoos under each of them. His most striking feature however was the quite angry look he had on his face.

"You're..." Lahar started.

"Bacchus." Hibiki finished. "The Drunk Falcon of Quatro Kerberos."

"I'm here to end this." He said darkly. "My Guild's honor demands it. MY honor demands it." He then took a deep gulp of alcohol from the gourd he kept tied to his sash. "I wasn't there when my comrades were attacked. I can feel their spirits crying out for retribution. My soul is shaking already. Not in excitement, but anger! Don't try and stop me!" He finished before walking into the woods, leaving Lahar and Hibiki to ponder his appearance.

Hibiki sighed. "He really might kill them you know. If anyone has a personal stake in this, it's him."

"I'm well aware, but we'll take all the help we can get."

'Ren' was standing over Eve's fallen body, readying his kunai for a final strike. But before he could do so, he was slapped. Slapped so hard he felt his neck almost snap. Also, normally wouldn't fly just because of a slap, yet he did, and quite far so. He hit the ground, and because the attack had caught him completely unprepared, lost his consciousness.

The spike of power was felt across the field, but only to the more sensitive combatants.

"That smells like trouble." One of the shinobi said lazily, standing over a fallen mage.

"I wouldn't worry about it, Genma." Another shinobi told him.

"It pays to be cautious, Raido. We should check it out."

Genma sighed, toying with the stick in his mouth. "Aoba's right. If a heavy hitter just showed up, we need to stop him."

"If you say so." Raido conceded.

"Let's go then." Aoba said, jumping towards the source of magic they felt. The others followed suit soon after.

Down. Down. Down again.

That was the basic premise for a Chunin's encounter with the Drunk Falcon. Even if ROOT members were higher end Chunin than most on the field, even then they couldn't do much against that man. The way Bacchus would sway around the battlefield made him almost impossible to pin down, and the force of his palm strikes was deceptively hard. However, after felling several enemies, Bacchus suddenly found his vision obscured.

"Sanzengarasu no Jutsu! (Scattered Crow Swarm)"

Crows, tons and tons of them, flew all over the immediate area around Bacchus. Confused, Bacchus began to lash out, trying to hit the crows. As he hit one, his hand went through it and it split into two different crows.

"What the hell?" The man questioned. He was so surprised that he narrowly missed the next incoming attack. At the last second, Bacchus caught a slight glimpse of a man's face among the crows. But before he could do anything, a sword as black as the crows sped forth, intended to stab him. Bacchus had trouble judging the distance or length of the sword due to the ever expanding flock of crows. By taking advantage of his sheer flexibility, the mage of Quatro Kerberos managed to lean out of the way just in time. The sword scraped across the left side of his torso, leaving a large yet shallow cut, but Bacchus was able to avoid impalement.

Quickly reacting, Bacchus swung his right palm laterally towards the sword.

"Sui-Hikasho: Gekka! (Drunk-Chop Hanging Palm: Under Moonlight)" He called, gathering a large amount of magic power in his palm. Upon collision with the sword, the force expanded, creating a circle area of effect. The entire sword shattered into countless pieces from the contact. Bacchus wasn't done yet, though. Using the force of his previous strike, he continued moving until he was spinning quite fast.

"Sui-Hikasho: Kazekka! (Drunk-Chop Hanging Palm: Under Wind)"

Rather than physically attacking the crows, he expended the magic in his palms outwards, and then used his incredible speed to create a whirlwind of sorts. The crows dispersed outwards, revealing none other than Raido, covered in a dark black cloak, holding the hilt of a broken blade. Up in a tree a distance away, Bacchus also noticed Aoba, crows surrounding him as he held a handsign.

Raido stared at his sword in surprise. "He broke Kokuto?" He didn't have much time to think on it, as Bacchus dashed straight towards him with insane speed. Trying to be preemptive, Raido lashed out with a kick, but Bacchus avoided it easily. The Falcon's palm went straight across the special Jonin's face, causing him to spit up blood as he stumbled backwards. Thinking fast, Raido took of his cloak and threw it in Bacchus' line of sight.

"Aoba!" He yelled.

"On it!" The man in question responded. He pointed at Bacchus and his crows flew right at him.

"Garasu Shuriken no Jutsu! (Crow Shuriken)"

In midflight, the crows morphed into shuriken and flew straight through Raido's cloak. On the other end, Bacchus couldn't predict the specifics of the incoming attack because of his obstructed vision. That wasn't really a problem for him though. He just jumped as high as he could, leaving the shroud of the cloak and avoiding the attack completely.

This small exchange took no more than ten seconds. But in his midair position, Bacchus was sorely unprepared for a third arrival. A searing pain shot through his shoulder, and before he knew it, something was flying off into the distance in front of him. It was so sudden it actually took him a second to realize something had been shot through him. Following the path of the item that had pierced him, he was a little surprised when he saw a short, thin stick impale a tree in the distance.

"How the hell did that twig go through my shoulder?" He thought in confusion.

Landing as gracefully as he could with his injury, he took note of the new shinobi. It was Genma, with another one of those sticks in his mouth. Bacchus didn't have much time to ponder his arrival though, as more crow shuriken started depositing themselves across the clearing. Despite the abilities of the two shinobi in front of him, Bacchus viewed Aoba as the most vital threat on the field. The mage had always had a range problem, and with multiple enemies it was even worse if exploited. He made a mad dash for the tree Aoba was perched atop, but Raido was in his way. Pulling out a tanto, Raido engaged Bacchus in close combat. After a few seconds of getting pounded, Genma joined in, trying to help Raido pin Bacchus down. His moves were just too... erratic. He would lean at weird times, contort into awkward position, and attack infrequently. Eventually, Bacchus found an opening and struck out with each of his hands, blowing both shinobi a good distance back.

Aoba now had a chance to keep peppering the man with shuriken. He had been forced to stand by while the earlier fight was happening as he hadn't wanted to risk hitting Genma or Raido. But all of a sudden, Bacchus just seemed to disappear. Then, the tree beneath Aoba began to fall. In just an instant, Bacchus had closed in and subsequently battered the base of the tree until it started to collapse. Quickly jumping down, Aoba moved to regroup with his fellow shinobi. He wanted nothing to do with that man in close quarters.

Bacchus turned from his position near the downed tree and gave the three a mean look. "Who are you people?"

As the question gave them an opportunity to catch their breath and come up with a new plan, the three shinobi actually answered the question directed at them.

"Yamashiro Aoba."

"Namiashi Raido."

"Shiranui Genma."

Bacchus gave them a grin. "You guys are tough. You might be evil bastards, but my soul is shaking, dammit! I'm Bacchus, and you guys are going down!" He yelled before dashing towards the group.

All three shinobi prepared for Bacchus' incoming attack, but it was from quick enough. In an instant Genma, Raido, and Aoba were hit in three different spots and sent flying into different directions. Hard. As they flew through the air, they managed to catch a sneer on Bacchus' face. Aoba was the first to right himself and skidded to a stop.

"Formation Beta!" He yelled, to which his comrades merely nodded. "Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu! (Fire Style: Grand Fireball)" Aoba called, sending a huge ball of flames towards Bacchus.

"Ha! It's useless!" The Falcon mocked as he performed another Kazekka. The wind strengthened the flames, but diverted them from his course. It was just a distraction though, as Raido had just finished the hand seals for his next Jutsu.

"Suiton: Suijinheki! (Water Style: Water Encampment Wall)" Raido called, summoning a large wall of water around Bacchus' position.

Bacchus looked around his 'prison' in amusement. "Is that all?" He questioned before raising his left foot high. With a rough grunt, he slammed his foot to the ground, causing the ground to crack and stalagmites to rise. The wall of water quickly dissolved into a big puddle that covered a good portion of the field. But despite his prowess, Bacchus was sorely unprepared for the final stage of Formation Beta.

Across the way, Genma had one of his hands touching the wet ground, and another raised to the sky, crackling with electricity. "Raiton: Hiraishin! (Lightning Style: Lightning Rod!)"

The lightning traveled through his body and dispersed itself into the water on the ground, electrifying the whole field, Bacchus included.

The pain was bad, yes, but what really put Bacchus in a bind was the way his muscles weren't responding properly. After the pain of being electrocuted subsided, his body wasn't up to moving at high speeds yet. His muscles were constantly expanding and contracting under the aftereffects of being zapped, and it left him quite vulnerable. Raido jumped in to engage Bacchus in close combat, since he was the most adept of his squad at doing so. The mage was struggling to maintain his style under the assault. His body was so locked up that he couldn't bend and contort the way he usually did when fighting and the hole in his right shoulder was aching as well, lessening the use of his dominant arm even further. Then Aoba started throwing more crow shuriken at him, making things even harder to react to. Bacchus was beginning to take cuts all over the place, and was just barely dodging Raido's assault at the same time. If speed and flexibility were inaccessible for him, he would try something else then.


"Sui-Hikasho: Dokka! (Drunk-Chop Hanging Palm: Under Earth)" He called, slapping both of his palms to the ground below him and Raido. Sending as much of his palm magic as he could through the earth, Bacchus caused a shaking sensation felt even hundreds of yards away. Struggling to stay upright, Raido couldn't react to Bacchus' follow up. He was slapped on the throat, a vital hit for sure. He felt his windpipe shatter, and his breath leave him. Raido fell to his knees, grasping his throat in desperation. But air wouldn't come.

Aoba needed to act fast if he was going to save Raido's life. "Genma, I need to see to Raido fast! Try and occupy this guy!" He yelled before running off, struggling against the vibrating earth below him.

Bacchus had begun to regain some feeling in his body, and was finally able to move a bit quicker. Acting as fast as he could, the Falcon dashed towards Aoba. He was forced to stop abruptly when a small stick flew in front of him at high speeds. He managed to catch a flicker of electricity trailing behind it as it embedded itself into a rock in the distance. Aoba dashed right past him, but before he could even attempt to chase the man, he had to dodge another projectile from what was presumably Genma. Cursing to himself, Bacchus just abandoned the idea of stopping Aoba and ran towards Genma, who was holding another stick in his hand.

Aoba had finally reached Raido, and had to act fast if he wanted to save the man's life. A body couldn't go without air for very long, even if shinobi could extend that period substantially under certain conditions. Using some rudimentary medical Ninjutsu, Aoba began to message Raido's throat. The cracks and bruises along his windpipe began to slowly mend, allowing him some, albeit quite labored, breath. The man would live, but his role in this fight was over. Turning his attention to the still ongoing battle, he saw Genma failing to keep his footing during his confrontation with Bacchus. Maybe because it was HIS technique, Aoba didn't know, but Bacchus was unaffected by the ongoing tremors. The shaking was lasting far longer than any of them had anticipated. The force of his strike must have been quite substantial. Just as he was about to run to support Genma, his sleeve was grabbed. Aoba turned to look at Raido, who beckoned him to come closer. With ragged breath, Raido managed to let out a small sentence to Aoba, causing his eyes to widen under his glasses. Nodding, Aoba resumed his course towards Genma. It was time to end this.

"Raiton: Rairyu no Jutsu! (Lightning Style: Thunder Dragon)" Genma yelled, summoning his strongest elemental Jutsu. Bacchus stood in awe at the seemingly corporeal creature in front of him. The dragon rose high and then dove straight for Bacchus. Exhausted, Genma fell face first into the ground, unconscious before he even hit it. As the dragon closed in on Bacchus, the Falcon grinned in pure excitement. He stretched his arms wide apart as if giving a hug, and waited. Once the dragon was about to collide with him, the mage acted.

"Sui-Hikasho: Raikka! (Drunk-Chop Hanging Palm: Under Lightning)"

He slapped each of his hands on the dragon's 'ears', holding it in place. He skid back a grant distance, fighting under the immense power the dragon was pushing forth. With a mighty roar, Bacchus finally clapped his hands together, making the dragon dissolve into many sparks of electricity in a loud crack. Bacchus laughed maniacally between his haggard breaths. He barely had time to notice Aoba throw some kunai at him. Quickly turning his attention to the shinobi, Bacchus saw him make two handsigns before summoning a new technique.

"Katon: Zukokku! (Fire Style: Searing Migraine)"

A small fireball flew from Aoba's mouth at great speeds, expanding in size along its way towards Bacchus. Soon it was like an oncoming tidal wave of fire staring the Falcon in the eyes. Bacchus chuckled before taking a new stance. He reared both of his palms backwards before performing a simultaneous palm thrust at the wall of fire.

"Sui-Hikasho: Hikka! (Drunk-Chop Hanging Palm: Under Fire)"

To Aoba on the other side of the technique, it was like two pillars of pure chakra had been sent straight through his Jutsu to hit him. The fire just seemed to flare wildly into nothing within seconds, leaving Bacchus completely unharmed, but exhausted by the continuous use of his magic. Aoba flew back a great distance before breaking a tree and losing consciousness. Bacchus fell to his knees and threw his arms into the air.

"Wild!" He screamed to the heavens, proclaiming his victory. Just then, he felt his stomach churn, and he began coughing up blood.


"I cut him... With the Kokuto... Just hold him off for a few minutes..." Raido weakly to Aoba.


"Poison..." Bacchus said to himself before falling to the ground. "...Shit..."

Gray and Natsu stared at their newest opponents with caution. They had met Sai before, and had a good sense of his magic, but the pink haired girl was new.

Natsu wiggled his nose a bit before speaking up. "Hm…"

"What's up, Natsu?" Gray asked. The look on Natsu's face was dark, something uncharacteristic for him.

"The creepy guy smells like ink, but the new girl smells like… blood. A lot of blood." He responded.

True enough, when one looked close enough, you could see Sakura's hands were coated in the stuff. This was, of course, because she had been doing some on site medical procedures beforehand, but they didn't know that.

Gray nodded back. "She's dangerous, I can tell. Let's get a feel. We know that the guy is a long range specialist, so I'll deal with him. You try and figure out what's up with the girl."

"I was gonna' say that anyways! You don't have to order me around…"

Just as they were about to start again, Lucy just screamed. "SHUT UP AND FIGHT!" And like that, the two Fairy Tail mage's kicked into action. Coating his hand in flame, Natsu went in for a strike against Sakura.

"Karyu no Tekken! (Fire Dragon's Iron Fist)" He yelled as his fist approached Sakura' face. To his surprise, she smiled and CAUGHT his punch. Sakura tried reeling him in by his arm, but Natsu kicked with his opposite leg, which she countered with her knee. After a tense standoff, Sakura and Natsu jumped away from each other and got some distance.

"How did you not get burnt? What kind of magic is that?" Natsu asked her.

Sakura just gave him a smug grin. "I wonder…"

Natsu growled and renewed his attack, engaging his opponent in furious close combat. The Dragon Slayer's limbs were almost always coated in fire, but it didn't really make a difference to Sakura. Natsu's punches and kicks were a horrible match for her medical abilities, but he couldn't figure out why. It was simple, really. Sakura gathered the majority of her chakra into her hands and feet when she was fighting. All of that concentrated chakra explodes during an attack, dealing superhuman damage. Used for blocking, though, it held the opposite effect of superhuman endurance. It wasn't a viable defense option though, since it was just her hands. Most Ninjutsu was long range and explosive, something that having tough hands wouldn't matter for. But against someone trying to punch her with flaming fists? Not very effective.

But that alone wouldn't be enough though, even for Natsu. She wasn't just good at Taijutsu. It was her specialty. Lucy watched in awe as Sakura danced around Natsu's speedy attacks, not taking any hits. She would redirect closer punches and not get burnt, but dodged a majority of everything else. When Natsu growled in frustration at her combat prowess, he gave her the opening she needed. Sakura moved quickly, throwing a fast punch straight for Natsu's stomach. He barely managed to get his left arm in the way of the hit, but he still flew back a good distance towards Lucy.

"Natsu!" Lucy called in worry. "Are you okay?"

Natsu stood up calmly and looked at his left arm. "It's broken. How the hell does she hit that hard?" He asked himself, before being forced to hastily dodge Sakura's follow up attack.

"Okasho! (Cherry Blossom Crash)" She yelled, coming in from above. Natsu narrowly dodged by grabbing Lucy and jumping back, causing Sakura's fist to instead hit the ground instead. Lucy's eyes bugged out of her head when the ground buckled under the force of the pinkette's punch. The ground cracked below Natsu before large pieces of stalagmite burst upwards from the pressure, dealing slight damage to Natsu.

Meanwhile, Gray and Sai were peppering one another with projectiles. Sai's ink birds would collide with Gray's arrows in midair, so nobody had gotten injured yet, but they had to stay very concentrated. They had no interest in their pink haired friends' fight at the moment.

"Choju Giga! (Drawn Beast Mimicry)" Sai called, quickly drawing and subsequently summoning a large bird. He jumped right on and started to ascend, gaining some distance from Gray. "As an artist, my attacks are limited only to my imagination." Sai revealed. "I've always just drawn what I have seen, all my life. I wasn't very imaginative as my training demanded emotionlessness."

Gray raised an eyebrow at the statement. "Emotionlessness?" He questioned.

"I was to feel nothing. No pain, no love, no anger. I would kill when asked, and protect

when necessary"

Gray's reply came flat, despite his serious expression. "You people are terrible."

Sai chuckled, opting to ignore the statement. "Lately though, I've gotten a bit more… human, I'd say. Imagination came with it." He said before drawing a new image on his scroll. Waiting for his next animal, Gray was understandably surprised when, instead of a corporeal creature of some sort, a set of ink kunai came out.

"Knives?" Gray asked, confused. Lyon used to summon all kinds of animals using his Ice Make, so Sai had been a pretty easy opponent for the most part, seeing as though he was used to the combat style. This changed things a bit as Gray could no longer expect only animals to attack him.

Sai tossed many of his kunai, to which Gray responded by meeting them with his own ice projectiles. As the kunai burst into clouds of ink, the separate blots of ink formed new kunai and kept going. Gray had simply multiplied the amount of kunai coming for him. He couldn't dodge them all, and a few of them stuck into him at different parts of his body, one in his gut. Before he could try to pull them out, they collapsed into ink and hit the ground with a splash. Gray looked at the artist with an angry glare, breathing heavily all the while. He didn't notice when the ink puddles on the ground molded into explosive tags, exploding soon after, damaging Gray greatly.

Natsu was forced to take his eyes off of Sakura to see what had caused the explosion, but before he could even TRY to figure out what had happened, he was decked in the face by his opponent. He tried to catch himself, but his left arm was too damaged to be used as a prop for support. It immediately buckled under the weight of his body, causing him to cry in pain as he hit the ground.

Lucy couldn't believe what she was seeing. Natsu and Gray weren't just losing. They were losing BADLY. "Natsu! Gray! Let me help, I have recovered enough to—"

"I'm fine!" Natsu yelled from his place on the ground. He slowly stood up, this time using the correct arm, and leveled a fierce glare at his fellow pink-haired warrior. "You're strong. Really strong." He complimented while wiping some blood from his mouth.

Sakura smirked. "What can I say, I train hard. Now, are you going to leave or not?"

Before Natsu could answer, Gray's voice echoed throughout the area.

"Ice Make: Geyser!" He yelled, summoning a massive pillar of ice beneath him, which raised him high into the air. Finally on the same eye level with Sai, he created a gigantic bow. Drawing an equally massive arrow, he glared at the shinobi.

Sai could feel the magic power being emitted from Gray, but wasn't worried. "How sure are you that you can hit me with that?" He asked with one of his usual fake smiles.

"I don't miss. Super Freeze Arrow!"

Freed Justine was calmly walking through the back alleys of Konoha, avoiding any conflict. He was stopped by the ground shaking, which prompted him to activate his wings and fly upwards to see what had happened. He saw Gray atop a gigantic pillar of ice, preparing to fire an arrow, but couldn't see any further when a black rope moved to impale him. Barely dodging, he looked down and saw Shikamaru in his crouched pose, handsign and all.

"Wings eh? That's a new one." Shikamaru said.

Freed lowered himself back to the ground and looked at his new opponent. "I am Freed Justine of Fairy Tail. May I know your name?" He asked.

"If it makes you feel better, I guess… Nara Shikamaru, shinobi of Konoha. I thought it was weird that you were the only one of your Guild not making a commotion of things. What are you up to?"

"Nothing important, I just don't prefer combat scenarios." Freed lied.

Shikamaru caught it, of course. "I'm sure. You're on your way to where that light shone earlier, aren't you?" He asked.

The slight tensing of Freed was all it took to verify it for Shikamaru. "Thought so. Well, that's probably the most volatile place in the village right now, so I wouldn't go there."

"Fairy Law was used, and yet none of you are even injured. Something must have gone wrong with the Master." Freed explained.

"Yeah, he picked a fight with OUR 'master'. Biggest mistake he could've made if you ask me." Shikamaru said while standing up in an exaggerated manner.

Freed just smiled in response. "That's yet to be seen. Now, I assume you wish to stop me?"

"It's a drag, but yes."

"Then come!" Freed yelled while drawing his sword.

"Whatever. Kagemane no Jutsu. (Shadow Possession)" Shikamaru called lazily as his shadow sprung forth towards Freed.

Freed immediately jumped back and hovered above the ground. "You must be the one Mirajane told me about, the one with the Shadow Magic. Try catching me up here."

Shikamaru smirked. "You asked for it. Kagenui no Jutsu! (Shadow Stitching)" The shadow under Freed burst into multiple lines before each one detached itself from the ground and flew up towards him.

Freed was forced to take evasive action, flying erratically as he hastily dodged the shadowy tendrils. He swung out and cut one of them, prompting him to do so again when the tendril dissolved. He was surprised, considering magic like that normally was mostly intangible. In an impressive flash of bladework Shikamaru's technique was gone. "That was surprisingly flimsy." He thought to himself. He looked back down where Shikamaru should have been, but the man was gone, much to Freed's surprise.

"Sup." He heard from behind him. Quickly turning around, he saw Shikamaru attached to the wall of the building behind him. Before he could even react, Shikamaru had already pulled out a tanto and cut Freed across the chest, drawing a decent amount of blood. Freed, trying to recover, speed backwards away from Shikamaru. The shinobi immediately threw the tanto at Freed's retreating form, causing the mage to hastily move to the side. Freed then collided with another building and the tanto embedded itself in the wall next to his head. The member of the Thunder God Tribe quickly turned his attention towards Shikamaru again, making sure not to lose sight of him this time. He lowered himself back to the ground once more, deciding it to be a better venue for battle with Shikamaru, who joined him soon after.

"You surprised me there." Freed started. "I had assumed you needed to stay immobile for your spell to continue working. I didn't think to have to keep track of you moving."

"You're right." Shikamaru confirmed. "I DO have to stay still. I just deactivated the technique and ran at you. Why did you think you could cut through my Jutsu? Shadows are intangible. The technique was simply subsiding, giving you the illusion that it could be physically dispelled. It gave me a perfect opportunity to sneak up on you." He explained further.

'He's much keener than he looks. You'd think that being in the air would be advantageous when considering his magic, but then he becomes too hard to keep track of.' Freed mused to himself before leveling a glare at Shikamaru.

"It seems you are a more difficult opponent than I had first assumed you to be. Very well then. Shall we try a bit harder now?" Freed said before his right eye began to morph, its sclera inverting to black and his iris turning a dark, glowing purple.

Shikamaru got goose bumps just looking at it. He wouldn't falter though, he was better than that. "Why is it that all the tough guys have Dojutsu?" He muttered to himself.

Freed wove his sword through the air, writing a word. Slashing his sword across the completed text, he called out his technique. "Yami no Ekurityuru: Itami! (Ecriture of Darkness: Pain)" The purple text in midair then flew towards Shikamaru, forcing him to hastily dodge. The text instead planted itself against the wall behind him, showing the word "Pain". Not deterred, Freed kept repeating the word, tossing more and more at Shikamaru.

'I don't know what this crap is, but I'm not eager to find out.'

Shikamaru was actually a very agile opponent. He knew how important it was to avoid attacks and reach areas for him to launch his own, and he knew how to do so quickly. The shinobi didn't exactly know to what extent Freed's technique worked though, so he was woefully unprepared for what happened when he leaned up against a wall. He placed his arm right over one of the previously written runes that had attached itself to the wall. Quickly, the text removed itself from the wall and crawled onto Shikamaru's arm. Instantly, pain shot straight through that spot on his arm. Intense pain. It was only thanks to his training that he did not scream out in agony.

Freed took notice of this. "You handle pain well. I'm honestly quite surprised."

Gritting his teeth, Shikamaru managed to speak up. "We were eleven when we had our first pain training session. This shit is nothing."

"At such an age?" Freed asked, not sure whether to be appalled or impressed.

"Pain is important. It directs our attention to a problem with the body. Too much pain though, immobilizes the recipient. It's vital that we, as shinobi, can numb pain strong enough to normally incapacitate us." Shikamaru responded coolly, despite his arm truly being in a great amount of pain. He was actually analyzing the technique whilst he conversed with Freed. "It's not a Genjutsu, I can tell for certain. What exactly is it then?"

"So you can take that much, but how about something stronger?" Freed tempted. "Yami no Ekurityuru: Kurushimi! (Ecriture of Darkness: Suffering)" He yelled, writing said word before tossing more and more runes at Shikamaru.

Shikamaru took one of the biggest gambles possible, but one he deemed worth it. Holding out his already affected arm, he let the new rune overlap the previous one on his body, causing them to meld into jumbled nonsense, no words clearly readable. Instead of the pain getting worse, all pain ceased in general.

Quickly dodging the remaining words, Shikamaru got some distance and crouched low. "Looks like I figured it out correctly after all." He claimed, causing Freed to curse under his breath. "The brain sends signals to all parts of your body, and signals get sent back. Signals outwards are commands, and signals inwards are touch sensations. You thought I didn't notice, but when you leapt into the air to dodge my Kagenui, you wrote 'wings' across your chest with your finger very quickly. After seeing you write the word pain and send it at me, and then eventually experiencing it myself, I realized that the words themselves are very important to the effects they bring. When 'pain' hit my arm, it replaced the signals going back to my brain with just that, pain. I figured that interrupting the structure of the word would lessen, if not cease, its effects." He explained. All the while, Freed just stared at Shikamaru in awe.

"I quickly realized though, that it was grafted to my skin like a tattoo. I contemplated running a kunai down my arm to scratch out the word, but then you threw a new one at me. I purposely let that one hit in order to scramble up the word already on my arm, ending its effects. So, any other tricks?" Shikamaru asked smugly.

Freed was beyond surprised at that point. "Such insight… and the way he immediately countered it? Superb." He thought to himself. "I suppose I should go all out then…" He told Shikamaru, touching the ground and ceasing his wings. 'He knows the secret to the personal effect runes. I don't have enough to time to set up any area of effect runes, so my only options are runes that I cast upon myself. He's much too fast for Ankoku (Darkness) to catch, so I might as well pull out my trump card.'

Shikamaru was surprised when Freed sheathed then his sword. Freed wrote the next few runes across his own chest with his fingers. "Yami no Ekurityuru: Zetsuei! (Ecriture of Darkness: Absolute Shadow)" Freed's upper body became covered in a dark armor, complete with large shoulder pads and a helmet with a menacing appearance, his hair sprouting from it backwards.

Before he could even take in Freed's new appearance, Shikamaru was confronted with a voice from his left. "This battle calls for a more personal approach." Freed said. Shikamaru hadn't even seen the man move.

Freed struck.

"Super Freeze Arrow!" Gray yelled as he let his attack loose. It flew at such a speed that Sai could barely react to it. Maneuvering his current mount, he managed to not completely dodge, but divert the arrow's course. However, the arrow's blades sliced deeply through the area below his right shoulder. The pain was too much even for Sai to keep his technique going with it, so he lost control of his bird and fell towards the earth. Sakura immediately ceased her battle with Natsu and dashed straight for her fallen comrade.

Natsu, wiping excess blood from his mouth he had gotten from his previous pummeling Sakura had given him, walked towards Gray, who had descended from his geyser of ice. "His arm's barely on man. You sure that was necessary?" Natsu asked.

Gray, breathing heavily, looked at Natsu with a strong glare. "He was strong, extremely so. I needed to disable his drawing hand. I was going to blow off his hand, but he seemed to think I would be going for his head. He moved downwards and diverted the arrow to a different area. It was just bad luck, really." Gray explained, he too a bit regretful of the damage he had wrought on Sai.

"Sai!" Sakura yelled in worry. Her highly analytical mind assessed his injuries almost instantly. Medical Ninjutsu hadn't reached the point of regrowing body parts yet. Tsunade had made great headway with her Sozo Saisei, but even that came with a great price. Reattachment though? That was definitely within the realm of possibility for Sakura's skills. Glowing a bright green, her hand rode across the severed parts of Sai's arm, melding both ends of skin, muscle, and bone back together. It took lots of her chakra, but this was secondary to her as she could take the drain and still be able to fight. Running a quick diagnostic scan, she deemed him fit to retake the field.

"That's… How did she do that?" Lucy asked in astonishment.

"It's just like Wendy's magic, but much better. Is she…" Gray started.

Natsu finished for him. "She can't be. It's impossible. Dragons don't train two disciples. But…" He still wanted to ask.

"You! Pink girl!" Natsu yelled.

Sakura gave him an annoyed look at the title. "Your hair's pink too, dumbass."

"Are you a Dragon Slayer?" He asked hesitantly.

"A… Dragon Slayer?" She responded slowly, as if pondering the mere possibility of such a statement. "You mean you have real dragons running around here?" She asked in surprise.

"That's a no, then." Gray surmised. He wouldn't admit it, but he was buying time, and so was Natsu. Lucy had sent Virgo to go and get Wendy, but they needed to wait until she showed up before they could get some first aid. He was hurting, badly. Sai's last attack had hit home pretty good, and the blood still hadn't stopped flowing from the wound.

Natsu was aching all over as well. His arm was broken, a few of his ribs were shattered, and the left side of his face had seen better days. He could smell Wendy getting closer though, so things would be alright soon. Just a little longer. Luckily, Lucy gave them their last stretch of time.

"Wait, what do you mean by 'here'?" She asked.

Sai, having finally regained his bearings, spoke up. "Where we come from, dragons are a legend, of sorts. We have shrines, names, and techniques that praise the dragon, but no proof of their existence is known."

Lucy saw through the evasion. "No, that's the same here. I'm asking about the word she used. You act as if this place is completely foreign to you. Who are you people?"

Sai just let out a dramatic breath. "It doesn't really matter at this point, does it? The fact that we come from a faraway place doesn't change anything. Sakura-san, thank you for the assistance. Let's continue." Sai suggested.

Nodding, Sakura dove forward at Natsu. Natsu hastily threw a right hook, but he was too fatigued to do much to Sakura. She skillfully redirected the attack and grabbed him by his scarf. Sakura then reeled him in with it and kneed him in the gut. Natsu coughed up some blood, but tried his best to still react. He grabbed her thigh and held her in place. He looked straight at her, and prepared his attack. Sakura noticed his cheeks bulge, and tried to pull away, but it was too late.

"Karyu no Hoko!" Natsu yelled, blowing a large stream of fire straight at Sakura at point blank range. She flew back and skidded across the floor a good distance before coming to a halt. Sakura had taken a great deal of damage; she was covered in burns and was having trouble breathing.

Gray meanwhile had hastily frozen his wounds over to stem the blood flow temporarily. Forming an ice sword, he took the small opening Sai gave him when Sakura got hurt. This could be his only chance to get in close. Sai quickly drew his tanto once he noticed Gray's approach, but the advantage was clear. He sorely lacked the close combat skills that Gray had honed over his years of battle. Sai had skill with his tanto, he wasn't stupid enough to think he would never have to get near an opponent, but it was far from his forte. Slowly, the flow of the conflict changed. He started taking small cuts, but as the battle stretched on, he started losing his stance. Gray was pushing with everything he had, considering how hurt he was. Anything that lasted too long would potentially cripple him due to the pain of his injuries. Summoning a second sword, he went in for the kill.

"Ice Bringer!" He bellowed, cutting a cross shaped slash over Sai's chest. Blood fell to the ground, and Sai did as well.

Natsu and Gray immediately fell to their knees, completely exhausted. Lucy was ecstatic. "You guys won!" She yelled in excitement. Just then, a new presence made itself known. Tsunade, carrying the unconscious body of Mirajane, landed right in between the two fallen shinobi.

A few minutes earlier…

"Wendy-san!" A random council mage yelled out amongst the battlefield.

The blue-haired Dragon Slayer turned her attention away from her Chunin opponent and towards the call for help. The tent she had set up as a medic station had been attacked by these masked men, and she was having trouble healing AND defending it at the same time. She went and healed the man that had called for her and quickly redirected her priorities to her previous opponent.

"Tenryu no Hoko! (Sky Dragon's Roar)" She yelled, sending a large tunnel of wind that carried off multiple shinobi through the air. She was forced to break her attention again as a new arrival came from underground.

Straight out of the ground popped Virgo, maid outfit and all. "Wendy-sama, Hime requires your assistance!" She said, all business for once.

"But Virgo-san, I can't leave here, people still need my help!" Wendy argued.

Taking a quick glance around, Virgo understood, but still pushed forth her message. "Natsu-sama and Gray-sama are both very hurt, and need help quickly if they are to win their fight. I can get you within the village walls, but no further. Hime's magic power is running low." She told the young healer.

"But, I don't think I can-" She was cut off as a shinobi flew past her and into a tree. She looked at the source of the attack in surprise. She couldn't help but stare as Bacchus arrived and began pelting ROOT shinobi all over the place. She saw the Quatro Kerberos insignia on his back, and then smiled in awe.

Virgo gave her a pointed look. "I believe things seem to be under control here, don't you agree?"

Wendy nodded and proceeded towards Natsu and Gray with Virgo's help. Once she was dropped off inside the village, she had to close her eyes and just run as she passed up the injured of dead shinobi. Even if they were enemies, the loss of life still hurt Wendy greatly. Her sense of smell brought her straight to an injured Natsu and Gray, who both stared down three enemy shinobi.

An inch.

That's all that separated Freed's clawed hand from Shikamaru's body. Shikamaru's grip on Freed's wrist was flimsy at best, seeing as physical prowess was far from his strength. Both of his hands were desperately clawed around Freed's wrist, fighting to keep the hand in place. One wrong move, and Shikamaru would be impaled, no question about it. He didn't even know how he had reacted so fast to be honest. He'd have to thank Asuma-sensei for that one, rest his soul.

'Good lord, how strong is this guy?!'Shikamaru asked himself as he continued to struggle against Freed.

"I'm surprised." Freed said, his voice an echo through his helmet. "I didn't think you would react that fast." He complimented.

"My sensei always used to say that it paid to be paranoid in battle. I'm always expecting to be caught off guard." Shikamaru responded in a strained voice, still holding back Freed.

"A wise philosophy." Freed said before taking a stab at Shikamaru with his free hand. Shikamaru let go of Freed and ducked under the second attack. He then lashed out with his leg to sweep, but Freed jumped over it and kicked Shikamaru straight in the face, sending him a good distance away.

Shikamaru shakily stood and spit of some blood. "Damn he hits hard." Shikamaru said to himself before being forced to act again as Freed dashed towards him. Redrawing his tanto, Shikamaru parried Freed's strike, albeit with great difficulty. He was being given no time to make any handseals, and Freed was keeping his distance in addition to that. The mage had chosen a hit and run strategy, making sure not to stay around Shikamaru for too long.

Deciding to go for the kill, Freed held out his right hand, which then started to crackle with electricity. As the sparks increased, his hand began to shake under the strain. Soon, a condensed ball of lightning was held in the clawed hand of the mage, ready to do some serious damage. Looking at Shikamaru, he noticed the man was holding a trench knife in his right hand. The green haired man wondered what his opponent was going to do with those.

"Just a little closer..." Shikamaru mumbled to himself.

Freed dashed forward with his remarkable speed, moving in to end the fight. "It's over, Nara Shikamaru!" He bellowed as he gained speed.

"Not quite." Shikamaru said with a chuckle. Once Freed got completely in Shikamaru's line of sight, right apart from each other, Shikamaru stabbed the trench knife into the ground. And just like that, Freed froze in place.

"What?!" The man yelled in surprise. "Our shadows aren't connected! I didn't give you any time to make your special poses, so how?"

Shikamaru made a gesture to Freed to look down. He squinted to see, but once he saw what Shikamaru wanted him too, his eyes widened in astonishment. "You..."

"This isn't an ordinary knife. It's a chakra blade. I infuse it with my chakra, and it adopts effect based on the user. If I stab this blade into your shadow, or anything connected to it, you freeze. That's the Kagemane Shuriken no Jutsu (Shadow Possession Shuriken)." Shikamaru explained.

"But where did that shadow come from?" Freed asked, pointing out the key to Shikamaru's victory. An extremely thin line of black went from in front of Shikamaru to Freed. Shikamaru's chakra blade was stabbed directly on top of the small shadow, it being enough to paralyze Freed.

Shikamaru smirked and pointed up. Freed looked to the sky, and this time had to look even harder than the first time, but he was it. A string, connected from one building to the other, completely draped across the alleyway. The string looped into the ring of a kunai deposited high up on one of the buildings. It took a moment, but Freed was a smart man. He ran through their fight in an instant, and his eyes widened when he found the memory he was looking for.

"At the start of the fight, when you threw that knife?! There was already a string attached to it!" He yelled in surprise. He just couldn't believe how strategically talented Shikamaru was.

"Exactly. And now, the fight is over." Shikamaru claimed before making a handsign. Soon, the small strip of shadow connecting the two combatants extended in width dramatically, showing that Shikamaru was completely in control at that point.

"Kage Nui no Jutsu (Shadow Stitching)." He said as the shadow around Freed shot outwards and impaled him in rapid succession. Freed cried in pain at the intrusion, and could do nothing as the shadowy tendrils came back out of his body and wrapped into a not, effectively stitching Freed in place.

As Freed felt his consciousness fade, his technique dropped, shedding his armor and revealing is face. Once Shikamaru was certain the man was out, he let him go, watching as he fell straight to the ground.

Pulling the chakra blade out of the ground, Shikamaru stood up with a loud groan, holding his hand to his back to help straightened in out. "That was far more troublesome than it was worth." He mumbled before walking to exit the alleyway. It would probably be a good idea to check on the Hokage.

"Come on, babies!" Bixlow bellowed as his wooden dolls shot laser beams into the enemies' ranks. In an alleyway across the street, two kunoichi strategized under cover how to approach the situation.

"Okay, what the hell is up with this guy's powers?!" Ino complained. "Little wooden dolls flying around and shooting laser beams? That's a whole different kind of weird, even for us shinobi!"

Hinata, the other kunoichi present, was kind of ignoring her, keeping her Byakugan trained of Bixlow's dolls. Coming to a realization, Hinata finally responded to Ino. "I've been watching the flow of his… magic, for a while now. It's different than chakra, but I can definitely follow it with my Byakugan. From what I can see, he channels his magic power into those dolls, controlling them like a puppeteer. The difference though, is that he seems to control them with mental commands, not physical movements. Because of that, there are no strings to sever. I was wondering how he could do something like that, and finally noticed his eyes."

"His eyes?" Ino questioned. "How could you see them, they're behind a… never mind, dumb question. What did you see?"

"He seems to be using a Dojutsu of sorts to control the dolls. That's probably why he keeps them protected." Hinata explained.

Ino made a thinking pose, with her hand on her chin. "Maybe a flashbang could sever his connection with the dolls?"

"No, his connection to the dolls isn't as simple as just looking at them. The technique may start with his eyes, but after the fact, he just controls them with his magic. We'll just have to break the dolls and move in for the kill."

Ino nodded. "Works for me. Let's go!"

All the while, Bixlow was maniacally laughing while his dolls tore into the shinobi forces. As he went for a downed Genin, his doll was pierced by a kunai, breaking it into two. "Ah! My baby!" He yelled dramatically. He immediately looked towards the source of the attack and saw Ino with her hand outstretched. Quickly taking in her outfit, he sighed just as dramatically. "More scantily clad women for me to fight? I don't know whether to be happy or upset…" He mused, remembering his recent fight with Lucy.

Bixlow was forced to quickly jump out of the way of Hinata's attack from behind. "Damn! What's up with your eyes, girl?" He mocked, getting a good look at her. "You two don't seem to be as weak as the others, so how about we have a good dance?" He exclaimed, showing of his long tongue as he spoke.

"Dance!" His dolls repeated.

Bixlow quickly jumped onto two of his dolls and started floating. With a quickly yell, his other three dolls began to fire wildly from different angles at the two kunoichi. Hinata's Jyuken training demanded flexibility, so she had no problem dancing around the attacks, but Ino wasn't as agile. She hadn't taken a direct hit, but she'd gotten her fair share of cuts from grazing lasers. Bixlow's ability to fly made the battle much more difficult than Hinata had originally intended it to be. She figured she could just chase him down cut off his tenketsu at close range, but his newfound mobility was proving to be a considerable problem.

Quickly regrouping for a strategy session, Ino and Hinata talked out their newest problem. "Breaking the dolls and getting close isn't exactly going to be as easy as you thought, is it?" Ino complained, still trying to keep out of the lines of fire.

"I…" Hinata started, seemingly hesitant to continue the statement. "Maybe you could take over one of his dolls? You invade people's chakra systems, right? Maybe it could work for magic too." She suggested.

Ino thought on in for a second. "I could probably do it, but I would only remove his control from the dolls. I don't think I could attack with them. That has something to do with his magic."

Hinata nodded. "That's fine. Just try to catch one of the dolls and maybe I'll have a better time getting close to him." She instructed.

"Ha! I'll give you better!" Ino claimed before jumping out into the open.

"What? Giving up already?" Bixlow mocked. "How boring!"

"Boring! Boring!" His dolls echoed.

Ino smirked while making a hand sign. "Shinten Bunshin no Jutsu! (Mind-Clone Switch)" Beams of blue light left Ino's body and homed in on Bixlow's three attacking dolls. Panicking, Bixlow tried moving his dolls erratically to evade the attack, but that was Ino's plan. Instead of chasing down the moving dolls, they flew straight into the dolls under each of Bixlow's feet.

"Two?" Hinata thought, impressed.

"What?!" He exclaimed in surprise.

Once in control, Ino dropped Bixlow by moving the dolls. Showing some surprising acrobatic skill, Bixlow jumped between on the buildings in the alleyway below until he neatly landed on the ground. Growling in frustration, he didn't notice the presence right behind him.

"Juho: Soshiken! (Gentle Step: Twin Lion Fists)" Hinata yelled, surprising Bixlow greatly. He turned around quickly, only to see two blue lions of energy around each of her hands. He could do nothing as Hinata plunged both of her palms straight into his gut.

"Gah!" Bixlow coughed, spitting up a fair amount of blood from the internal damage of the Jyuken style. He flew a good distance down the alley before skidding to a rough stop. Struggling heavily, he actually managed to stand back up, to both Hinata and Ino's great surprise.

"You think you can control my babies?!" He screamed before raising his fist into the air. "CRUSH!" He commanded, pulling his fist down. Each of the dolls Ino controlled detonated in a massive explosion, sending her real body back a great distance. Hinata quickly dashed over to Ino to see if she was okay.

Bixlow called back his remaining three dolls to him before speaking. "This ends now!"

"Now! Now!" His dolls followed.

"Baryon Formation!" He called as the three dolls began to rapidly spin in a circle. A green glow started to be emitted from them until they were just a green blur.

"Fire!" He yelled before a gigantic green laser burst forth from the dolls' formation. Laughing madly at his imminent victory, he was quickly interrupted by Hinata's voice.

"Shugohakke Rokujuyon Sho! (Protection of the Eight Trigrams 64 Palms)" She yelled, rapidly moving her hands and emitting charka, creating a sort of blue net that completely dismantled Bixlow's laser. After the dust cleared, Hinata was forced to one knee in exhaustion from her efforts.

Bixlow was simply speechless. His dolls had been controlled by Ino's switching technique, and his laser had been blocked by Hinata's sphere technique. He still had one trick up his sleeve though. Raising his hand to his face, he grabbed and pulled off his mask. The sickly glowing eyes that he revealed could make even a seasoned shinobi uneasy.

"This is a battlefield!" Bixlow yelled towards the girls. "I haven't killed a single one of these people here, so they're prime material for my Figure Eyes!"

All of the shinobi Bixlow had defeat rose to attention like puppets. Their skin had gained a darker tint, and their eyes were dead.

Bixlow stuck out his tongue and laughed. "Can you fight your own guild mates? It's over, girls!"

Hinata and Into almost shed tears as they were attacked by their fellow shinobi. They just couldn't hurt them, at least not enough to put them down for good, especially not that many. Bixlow had won... But Bixlow wasn't as sadistic as one would think him. He had his new marionettes quickly knock them out, so he could move on through the village.

Putting back on his visor, Bixlow held a hand to his stomach. He was more hurt than he let on, but he could keep going.

Kakashi and Makarov stood opposite of each other, breathing heavily, and a bit injured. While Makarov had cuts, Kakashi had bruises, mainly due to the difference in their fighting styles. Makarov was big on punches and open handed slaps, while Kakashi was more about precision and his weapons. Both were brought out of their standoff by the sound on two large objects hitting the ground. Danzo had just removed the casings around his arm and effectively unsealed it. The whitish-gray monstrosity that was revealed made Makarov's eyes widen in surprise and disgust. Even Kakashi, who had just recently learned what was under them, still hated the sight himself. All of those Sharingan adorning the appendage made him sick.

"What is that arm?!" Makarov exclaimed.

Danzo gave the short man a tough look. "I've already told you that our skills center around our eyes. I've implanted myself with extras for certain techniques. That's all you need to know."

"But you told me the eyes were hereditary! That means that each of those eyes came from a family member! Did you kill them for the eyes? Where did you get them, you monster?!" Makarov demanded.

"Here and there. It's a long story." Danzo answered.

Kakashi was done with the conversation the minute it started. This was a battle, and Danzo would do well to remember that fact. "Danzo, stop bickering with the old man. Help me finish him." He ordered as a Hokage would.

"Very well, Hokage-sama." Danzo replied mockingly, very much aware of the tone Kakashi was using.

Makarov readied himself for the charge that immediately followed.

Pulling out a kunai, Danzo blew wind chakra across it, creating a greenish sword of wind. With great speed, he struck down at Makarov, prompting the old man to jump back. Danzo then placed his newly uncovered arm onto the ground, causing multiple pillars of wood to strike forth at Makarov. Summoning his pillars of light again, the Guild Master caused the wood to disintegrate on contact with the shield. The Wizard Saint was then forced to extend his shield to his rear flank as Kakashi closed in. Stopping on a dime, Kakashi made a handsign.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu! (Shadow Clone)" He called, summoning a second Kakashi to his side. He and his clone then locked hands and summoned massive amounts lightning chakra between them.

"Raikiri! (Lightning Blade)" They both said, creating a Raikiri between the two of them. They then moved away from one another, causing the lightning to split and stretch between them like a rope. With a quick dash, both Kakashi and his clone closed in on Makarov.

'This 'light' element he seems to be using is like a Kekkei Genkai (Bloodline Limit) of sorts... Most Kekkei Genkai are mixtures of two elements, and from what my Sharingan can see... This is like a mixture of lightning and fire chakras! And where there's lightning...'He thought to himself.

"I'll be there to cut it!" He yelled out loud, before proceeding to slice through Makarov's defensive spell.

With a look of disbelief, Makarov barely managed to jump over Kakashi's rope of lightning as it tore through his defense. He was sorely unprepared when Danzo appeared behind him and caught him in a bear hug while still in midair. As they hit the ground, Makarov struggled to break free and was indeed making progress, but only until Danzo started summoning wild tendrils of wood to wrap around both of them. More and more wood kept growing around them and continued to contort around them, squeezing harder and harder by the second. Eventually, it looked like one giant tree with the two of them inside.

"What are you doing?!" Makarov grunted. "You wish to crush us both to death?!" He yelled.

Danzo smirked. "No, just you."


The tree then tightened as hard as it could around both Makarov and Danzo. Kakashi was watching in amusement as Danzo reappeared outside of the tree like a ghost, completely free of damage.

"That arm of yours is dangerous..." Kakashi said slowly.

"The cells of the Shodaime and the eyes of the Uchiha are not to be taken lightly, Kakashi." Danzo responded.

Kakashi gave the elder shinobi a pointed look. "You know full well that neither Sarutobi-sama nor Tsunade-sama would let you be, correct? Your role in my forces right now is a gift, not a privilege. Thank me for that arm still being attached to you."

Danzo just sighed response. "Hai, hai..." He knew that fact very well. Even if it was just slightly so, Kakashi was the most military minded Hokage since the Shodaime. Kakashi saw past the ethics beyond Danzo's arm and instead viewed it for its power, especially given the circumstances of Konoha being stranded in a foreign world. In this place, power to keep the village safe was always welcome as far as Kakashi was concerned.

"Do you think that was enough?" Kakashi asked, breaking Danzo out of his musings.

"I certainly intended it to be, but if not, I-" Danzo was cut off by a huge fist breaking out of the base of the tree and straight into Danzo, crushing him to death.

Immediately afterwards, Makarov began to use his Titan magic to expand the rest of his body many times over, breaking out of the tree. Kakashi looked up at the towering man above him, sweating slightly.

Suddenly, Danzo magically appeared next to Makarov's extended fist that had crushed him earlier. He lifted his wind sword and swung down, cutting deeply into Makarov's massive hand at the wrist, causing the giant to scream in pain. It would have easily severed the hand if the blade had been larger

"But if not, I'm fully ready to continue." Danzo finished.

Makarov, fully capable of taking the pain, stomped over Danzo, creating a large crater. Cursing in frustration as Danzo reappeared, he was forced to react quickly when Kakashi started running up his arm, Raikiri in hand.

In the distance, standing on a tree, a man in a black cloak watched the conflict in amusement, his one Sharingan standing out from under his hood.

"It's almost time... Rin..."

The man jumped forward.

The unknown individual landed right in the middle of the ongoing battle, heedless of the danger. Danzo's arm had only two Sharingan left, and Kakashi no longer had the reserves to maintain his Mangekyo Sharingan. Makarov was similarly exhausted from magic used and pure damage taken. They all stopped in their places at the new arrival.

Tossing off the cloak, the man revealed himself to be none other than Tobi, now wearing a simple dark robe instead of his usual Akatsuki cloak. The mask had also changed compared to the last meeting with the Konoha ninja, now a simple grey with circles and tomoe drawn on it. From its two eyeholes, a pair of mature Sharingan eyes stared at the gathered fighters.

"You... Madara?!" Kakashi exclaimed in surprise.

Danzo eyed the man carefully, gaining Tobi's attention. "Koto Amatsukami won't work against another Mangekyo, Danzo." Tobi said. "You can stop trying to use Shisui's eye on me."

Danzo's eyes widened at the statement, but he calmed himself quickly. "You intend to fight us now that we're weakened?"

Tobi simply shook his head. "Not quite. I'm here to give you one last chance to surrender the Kyuubi to me, or I strike."

"Pein already tried this, what makes you think things have changed since then?" Kakashi responded.

"So, you're the new Hokage, Kakashi? How unlike you." Tobi said.

"I didn't presume you knew me well enough to make such a statement." Kakashi replied, his eyes narrowing.

Makarov was watching with interest and confusion. He hadn't interrupted because he was both interested in the information they were bringing forth as well as the chance to rest and recover from the damage he had taken for a bit.

Danzo then stepped forward. "You truly aren't Madara, are you?"

"I suppose there's no point in hiding it." The masked man said with a shrug. "Madara's name carried weight throughout the Elemental Nations. People were willing to listen to me, and I became well known much faster. Here, in this world, that ruse means nothing." He revealed.

"Then who are you?" Kakashi asked.

"I'm nobody." He said simply. "I have no need to be ANYBODY."

Kakashi was surprised by the answer.

"I had a name, but it holds little to no meaning at this point." He continued. "There are few who would recognize it, and fewer that knew me personally. That name is not required for Akatsuki's purposes."

"A nameless Uchiha that survived the massacre, then?" Danzo presumed.

Tobi shook his head. "Hardly. While I may not be Madara, I still performed the acts that were attributed to him in the last decade."

Danzo's eyes widened. "Then you are the one Itachi spoke of..."

"Itachi mentioned me? I'd assumed he knew better than that." Tobi said.

"He didn't give a name. He merely said he had somebody unassociated with the village willing to help him."

Kakashi was surprised at the revelation. "You participated in the massacre? I suppose not even Itachi could handle that alone, apparently..."

"While all the reminiscing has been fun, what of my proposal?" Tobi asked. "Uzumaki Naruto for the safety of this pathetic village."

Kakashi and Danzo both shared a laugh at that. "You knew the answer before you even asked that question, right?" Kakashi asked.

"Besides," Danzo started. "Your Akatsuki must be much weaker than the last time we encountered you. I doubt you have enough forces to fight us after Pein's death."

Tobi remained completely calm at his enemies' taunts. "I'm well aware of the difference in fire power. Fairy Tail helped me around that hurdle quite handily." He revealed, finally prompting Makarov to join the conversation, having reverted to his normal size and nursing his injured hand.

"What are you talking about?!" Makarov demanded.

Tobi turned his attention to the short man. "You were a wonderful puppet, Makarov Dreyar." He stated. "You act on your feelings far too easily. It makes you far easier to manipulate."

"WHAT?!" Makarov screamed back.

"Quatro Kerberos was quite useful to draw out those feelings." Tobi said calmly.

Makarov's eyes widened in understanding, prompting Tobi to shake his head, almost as if he was pitying the Guild Master.

"Kill a few of your friends, blame it on Konoha, and the next thing you now the village is weakened for me. That is the danger of bonds… they are far too easily exploited." Tobi said in the same tone one would announce the weather.

Even Danzo and Kakashi were gobsmacked when they heard this.

"Both Fairy Tail AND Konoha are in no position to oppose me at this point, so you might as well surrender the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki to me without a fight. You should save the people you have still left."

Kakashi growled madly. "The answer is still the same! Now prepare for battle, Tobi!" He yelled.

Tobi sighed and grabbed his mask. "It was worth a try, I suppose." He said before taking off the mask, showing his face to the three before him.

"O...Obito?" Kakashi asked in disbelief.

"I told you, names mean nothing anymore. I was once called that, but things change. Just as Hatake Kakashi loses meaning upon taking the mantle of Hokage, Uchiha Obito lost meaning upon forming Akatsuki." He told the wide-eyed shinobi.

"So you survived the war, didn't you?" Danzo asked, much more composed.

"I'm showing you this face for one reason. By the time this day is over, things will have changed for all of you. This world of violence, debauchery and lies will cease to exist. My new world even has room for you, Kakashi. When you killed Rin, I made a decision. This world we live in is just pitiful. My plan, the Tsuki no Me, will fix all of that. The Genjutsu that will cover the world will bring us all everlasting peace. Violence and war will cease to exist. Deaths like Rin's will be meaningless, and our greatest desires will finally come true!" Obito said in a preaching tone.

"This may not mean much to the residents of Earthland, but if I so desire, the Genjutsu may be cast more than once if necessary. I've seen the perils of this world as well as our own, and this world is no less cursed than the other." He said before turning his attention to Makarov. "You should know this better than most, Makarov-dono. I've met with individuals like that Purehito and Arcadios, even the man called Zeref himself. Nothing is different, no matter where you go. The only solution is eternal sleep, and Tsuki no Me will achieve that." Obito finished.

"I bid you all farewell, and hope you enjoy my new world. We shall meet again there soon." He said before disappearing through use of his space-time Jutsu.

Obito reappeared atop a building in the middle of the city, quite a distance away from Kakashi and Danzou. He formed the signs necessary for a summoning and slammed his palm on the ground.

"It begins... Kuchiyose no Jutsu!"

"Wendy!" Lucy called in relief. Natsu and Gray both sent her a grateful look as well. The Sky Dragon Slayer immediately ran over and began healing their wounds.

On the shinobi end, Tsunade was fixing up Sakura and Sai. "How could you lose like this!" She scolded.

Slowly getting up, Sakura managed to respond. "Sorry, Tsunade-sama. We were winning, but..."

"They don't mind desperation tactics. That, and I'm afraid Sakura-san exhausted herself quite a bit to heal me and others." Sai finished, gathering his bearings as well.

"But now that you're here Tsunade-sama, this battle's as good as won, right?!" Sakura exclaimed.

Tsunade shook her hand and pointed at her forehead. The seal normally there was gone.

"But, who was strong enough to-" Sakura was cut off.

"It was not during battle. I healed many people along the way here. My chakra is running quite low at this point. It's up to you two for now..." She said before collapsing, finally out of energy as well.

While being healed, Natsu and his friends were still coping with the revelation that Mira had lost. She was on the ground near the shinobi, covered in bruises and blood.

"Mira-san!" Wendy called in worry when she noticed her prone form.

"Don't worry, she's alive." Natsu assured her, finally healed.

Gray nodded. "Yeah, it's about time we finished this and got her medical attention. Thanks a bunch Wendy."

All fighters present were forced to stop in their tracks as a gigantic cloud of smoke burst forth somewhere in the city. The ground rumbled as the smoke dispersed, revealing none other than the Eight-Tailed Beast in all its glory. A mighty roar shook the entire city and the woods surrounding it. There was not a single conscious person in the area who hadn't noticed this terrifying beast.

"What the hell?!" Sakura yelled in surprise.

"What the hell's that thing?!" Natsu shouted, slight worry lacing his tone.

Atop the building near the Hachibi, Obito stood, his features as expressionless as always. "Are you here to watch, Kisame, Sasuke-kun?" He asked the two people who had landed behind him.

Kisame laughed. "Actually, I was hoping to join in on the fun myself if you don't mind." He said before dropping the limp body of Killer Bee on the ground.

"You brought him?" Obito asked in curiosity.

"Well, we had barely finished extracting the Biju when you tried to summon it, so I didn't really have time to put it anywhere you know." Kisame pointed out.

"Fair enough." Obito said, finally turning around to look at the two.

Kisame didn't react in any way, but Sasuke's eyes widened slightly when he saw the Obito's face for the first time.

"Well, you certainly aged well since the last time I saw your mug." Kisame teased.

"The Shodaime's cells are good for more than just a power boost." Obito responded, not even bothering to conceal this secret.

"I could care less about any of this." Sasuke said, finally joining the conversation. "Is Naruto here or not?" He asked impatiently.

Obito shook his head. "I've asked around, but as expected, nobody talked. I'm about to level the place until he shows himself. It worked the last time after all."

Sasuke turned to leave. "He's probably not even here then. If you knew him like I do, you'd know that he would confront you at the first opportunity. I'm leaving, there are still some things I need to do..." Sasuke said before disappearing in a cloud of dust.

"Such an impatient boy." Kisame said with a laugh. "I suppose it's time to act?" He asked seriously.

Obito nodded. "Do what you must. Leave none alive except the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki." He ordered.

Kisame laughed and jumped off of the roof down into the village. "Don't you dare interfere with my dinner then, Tobi!" Kisame yelled as he descended.

Obito just sighed. "Very well, I suppose I'll let him have his fun." He said before taking a seat. Now he just had to let things run their course.

Kisame landed right between the group surrounding Tsunade's fallen form. "Oh, what a shame." Kisame said in mock disappointment. "I was hoping to fight the famous Tsunade, not some no name shinobi or weak-looking mages."

"What did you say, fish man?!" Natsu yelled in outrage at the insult.

"Shut up!" Sakura yelled, interrupting the Dragon Slayer. "Hoshigaki Kisame, right? What is Akatsuki doing here? How did you find us?" She asked as calmly as she could, despite the severity of the situation. Her hands were already forming fists again, ready to strike at a moment's notice.

Kisame gave her one of his patented shark-toothed grins. "Why else would Akatsuki ever involve themselves with you?" He asked rhetorically.

Sakura and Sai caught on immediately.

"We're here for the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki. As for how we got here? Well... our boss has his ways." He finished.

Gray spoke up. "Who are you? You obviously have business with these guys, but why are you here now?"

Kisame just laughed. "I'd rather not explain myself to a puppet." He mocked.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Lucy wondered out loud.

"That guild, Quatro-whatever? You really think it was those wimps here who attacked them?" Kisame asked with a mad laugh. "You guys really are too trusting, falling for a simple lie that easily… It was our newest member who attacked them! You guys should know him, right? After all, he was one of your comrades."

Natsu, Lucy and Gray began to shake in anger when they heard they had been tricked. But Sakura paled significantly when she realized just who Kisame was referring to.

"The people who took down the barrier around the forest, the Curse Breakers? That was us too! We needed someone to exhaust Konoha, and you all played your part wonderfully. But now, it's time for me to finish you all off. You all seem to be the best off in this place... Samehada loves the smell of you all." The former Kiri-nin drew his incredibly large sword from behind his back as the Hachibi began to wantonly destroy buildings in the background, causing massive destruction to the already battered village.

"And with this thing on our side, your village is done for!" Kisame announced before charging at the group.

He went for Wendy first, and as he swung Samehada downwards, he was surprised to see it parried by a woman with long crimson hair, who had seemingly appeared out of nowhere. Before he could act further, he was blindsided by a swirling ball of chakra that was accompanied by a cry of "Rasengan!".

"Naruto/Erza!" The gathered people exclaimed respectively.

Naruto, his eyes currently framed by orange and his red cloak billowing in the wind, never took his eyes of Kisame. Erza, who was wearing her samurai clothes, was doing the same.

"Erza-chan, keep ready." Naruto instructed.

Erza nodded, eyeing Kisame's crumpled form carefully.

"Natsu, Gray, Lucy, Wendy..." She called, still concentrating on the Akatsuki before her, who was slowly beginning to get back up. "It's a long story, but for right now, just know that Konoha is an ally, and that this man... is not!"

Kisame stood up and tore off his Akatsuki cloak, showing his bare chest and now donning a large spiral-shaped bruise around his ribs. Blood seeped from around the wound, but Kisame didn't seem bothered by it.

"I thought I'd have to look for you, Uzumaki Naruto. It seems you've saved me the trouble." Kisame said with a grin. He then proceeded to unwrap Samehada, revealing the toothed blade beneath the bandages. "I'll enjoy drinking your chakra!" He exclaimed.

While Naruto and Erza were prepared to fight Kisame, the rampaging Eight-Tails was a problem they didn't want to leave unattended. But their friends were exhausted, sending them to fight against either Kisame or a Tailed Beast at this point would be all but suicide. But then their problem was suddenly solved when Makarov appeared in his gigantic form once more and literally took the bull by its horns. "I'll hold this thing off!" He yelled towards he fighters. "Just win!"

Kisame frowned at the display. "It seems I'll need to take this seriously..." He said before lifting Samehada above his head. The blade then seemed to meld with his very skin, making him more like a shark than they had ever seen. "This form defeated the Hachibi Jinchuuriki... Do you have what it takes to conquer it?" He asked condescendingly.

"Suiro Sameodori no Jutsu! (Water Prison Shark Dance)"

A large dome of water began to form and expand around Kisame's position. It was growing quickly, and was too large to avoid. Soon, everybody present was engulfed in the salty water.

Undeterred, Erza switched to her Sea Empress Armor and flew towards Kisame at speeds that surprised even him. Erza and Kisame danced around the water sphere at great speeds, battering each other left and right. While this was happening, Gray shot Natsu a look. Natsu understood the unspoken order, and grabbed Gray by the wrist and threw him at Kisame as hard as he could. Kisame saw it coming though, and effortlessly batted Gray aside, his speed too slow to catch the fish man off guard. Instead of flying away though, Gray froze the water around the area where he and Kisame had collided, keeping them in place as well as immobilizing one of Kisame's arms. Locked in place, there was nothing he could against Erza's unexpected attack. Erza took the opportunity to aim a slash at Kisame's side.

Normally, someone would use such an opening to go in for the kill, but such a move was not something Erza would do. Her time at the Tower of Heaven had made her the most adamant enforcer of the non-kill clause in Fairy Tail. And while holding back wasn't something they could afford in this situation, she would still rather cripple than kill. As blood seeped through the water, Gray moved to break his lock with Kisame. Surprisingly, he felt his muscles go lax, unable to keep himself at attention. The ice mage could feel his magic power leaving him, and much to his surprise, the gash across Kisame's side was closing up on its own. Kisame spun in a quick circle and threw Gray off him at high speeds, causing the man to fly out of the water sphere and hit a building, finally sending him into the realm of unconsciousness.

Erza and the spectators were beyond surprised, but Lucy and Wendy had figured out what happened.

'He absorbed Gray's magic energy and utilized it to heal his wounds?'Wendy thought to herself.

'That's... unfair... How are we supposed to win against someone like that?'Lucy mused tiredly.

Lucy was the first to start craving air. Natsu and Erza had a strong physical endurance and could handle this for a couple minutes. Just as Natsu's insides were fire resistant, Wendy actually had larger lungs than most humans. Her constant magical interaction with air would allow her to hold her breath for almost fifteen minutes, but Lucy was just a normal human. But just then, a welcome surprise joined the sphere.


Juvia was beyond confused. She had been wandering around the village ever since her defeat of Tenten, but was forced to drop everything when that huge creature had ppeared. Moving to help, she was further surprised to see a giant sphere of water with her comrades in it, and in battle no less. She nearly had a heart attack when Gray flew out of the aquatic prison. As Juvia ran to the downed form of her love interest, she noticed Lucy start contorting painfully within the sphere. She had to make a decision, and a dying Lucy took precedence over an injured Gray-sama. Jumping straight into the sphere, Juvia moved for the rescue.


After Juvia started handing out air pockets as she did at the Tower of Heaven, Lucy allowed herself to take that breath she so desperately craved. Speech was now possible as well, which was a quite welcome bonus.

"Thanks a ton, Juvia!" Lucy thanked.

"It was no problem." Juvia responded while directing her gaze to the currently fighting Erza and Kisame. Erza's armor allowed her to dance with speeds close to Kisame's, and watching them battle was mesmerizing. "But Juvia has to hurry back to Gray-sama soon, so tell me: is that man a member of Konoha as well?" Juvia asked.

Wendy spoke up. "No, it's a bit more complicated than that. An old enemy of Konoha has attacked Quattro Kerberos in order to get us to weaken them. Now they've showed up to finish us off, but then Erza and that Maelstrom guy showed up." She explained.

Natsu and Naruto, meanwhile, were cursing their uselessness in the water. Natsu's magic was near useless, and he could barely swim in the first place. This was most definitely NOT in his comfort zone for battle. As for Naruto, he simply didn't have any techniques that wouldn't get in Erza's way in this situation. Both of them could see though that Kisame was having the upper hand in their battle. It wasn't looking good…

"Erza-san can't last forever! What do we do?" Wendy asked in desperation.

"Juvia will try to remove this water sphere, but it's probably too big for her to manipulate." The water mage said.

Lucy stepped in. "No, you need to get to Erza and give her an air bubble. That's more important right now."

Natsu just floated there, completely dejected at his lack of help in this situation. He looked outside the sphere and saw Makarov struggling to keep the Hachibi at bay. They needed to finish this blue guy fast, or else they were in even more trouble.

"I'm no good here..." Natsu started. "Can you get me out of here so I can help Jii-chan?" He asked Juvia.

She nodded. "I can try, but we'll need to be quick."

"I'll go too! Master might need someone to heal him!" Wendy added.

In her battle against Kisame, Erza was slowly losing ground... water... space? Whatever, she wasn't doing well. She noticed Kisame direct his attention away from her for a moment, and she followed his gaze. She saw Juvia wrapping Natsu and Wendy in an air bubble and preparing to throw him out of the sphere. Kisame acted quickly.

"Suiton: Goshokuzame no Jutsu! (Water Style: Five Shark Feast)" He yelled, summoning five water sharks that flew towards the group at high speeds.

"Oh crap!" Lucy screamed in fear. "Open, Gate of the Water-Bearer: Aquarius!"

With the trademark bell chime, Aquarius appeared in the sphere next to Lucy.

"Aquarius! I need you to stop those sharks, now!" Lucy pleaded.

Aquarius donned a brutal scowl. Rearing her pot back, she then sent a large jet of water at the sharks, scattering them about.

"I WAS ON A DATE!" She screamed.

Sakura looked at the woman like she was insane. Naruto had told her and Sai to stay back until that Erza lady made an opening for them to exploit. The red head was tough, that was certain, but Sakura didn't see her winning that fight one on one. She also wanted to go to that blue-haired girl and ask for some air herself, seeing as chakra exercises would only keep her alive for so long.

Seeing his sharks disperse, Kisame decided to interfere directly. Shooting a water jet at Erza, he seemingly flew towards Natsu and Wendy's location. Just as he was about to cut through Aquarius, he was stopped by a voice.

"GOT YOU!" Naruto yelled inside his head, slamming a Rasengan straight into Kisame's temple, allowing Natsu and Wendy to leave the sphere, albeit a little too fast and uncontrolled.

Kisame spun through the water, blood trailing behind him, lingering in the sphere. Naruto looked right over to Sakura and Sai, then nodded. Taking the hint, Sakura grabbed Sai and spun to gain momentum.

"SHANNARO!" She screamed despite the water, her words coming out in a garbled fashion. She let go and Sai was sent at Kisame like a missile.

Naruto caught him and straightened him out. Sai then pulled out his ink holder and spread the black substance through the water before he slowly made some handsigns and cast his Jutsu. The ink spread like a cloud and moved towards Kisame. While the former ROOT ninja was unable to draw anything under water, he could still manipulate his ink to help against the Akatsuki member. Still reeling in pain for Naruto's surprise attack, Kisame was unprepared for the blackness that engulfed him. It was different than Bee's ink though, he soon realized.

'Shit...' He thought to himself. 'It's poisonous. He wants to disrupt my chakra control and dissolve the sphere.'

Kisame was having none of that. "THIS HAS GONE ON LONG ENOUGH!" He screamed, his voice perfectly clear despite the water.

Quickly flashing through some handsigns, Kisame pushed his palms out towards his opponents.

"Suiton: Daikodan no Jutsu! (Water Style: Great Shark Bomb)"

Sai's ink Jutsu dispersed instantly as a giant water shark flew from Kisame's hands. Naruto managed to get out of the way, but Sai was carried off by the shark. Naruto and Sakura looked on in shock as the shark kept moving, headed straight for the Fairy Tail group.

"Aquarius! Juvia!" Lucy yelled.

Both women in question tried to hold off the shark, but to no avail. The giant creature closed in with little effort and exploded in a mass of chakra, force, and blunt trauma.

Outside the sphere, Gazille stood with both Natsu and Wendy in his grip, covered in water from catching the two. Gazille looked utterly exhausted and was probably only moving on willpower alone at the moment, but he had managed to catch his fellow Dragon Slayers before they could make an unpleasant acquaintance with the ground. Lucy and Juvia weren't as lucky, and both exited the sphere in much worse shape, hitting the ground unconscious.

Back in the sphere, Sakura, Naruto, and Erza all cursed at the misfortune. Naruto was forced out of his thoughts as Kisame decided to engage him. He was fast, and Naruto couldn't keep up like Erza could with her armor. He was peppered left and right as Kisame's hook-like elbows made contact with his body. Coughing up blood, Naruto was struggling to regain some control over the situation. It was times like this he cursed himself for not having a greater range of Jutsu to use. A Suiton would be awesome right now!

"Kekekeke..." Kisame cackled. "Are you really the one who beat Leader-sama?" He asked mockingly, but soon stopped his laughter when Sakura appeared right behind him. Kisame acted fast and cut Sakura across the chest, but she just took it. With a garbled yell, she hit Kisame so hard he flew out of the water sphere and hit the ground. Hard.

No longer in contact with Kisame's chakra, the sphere just collapsed in a large pool of water that flooded the streets of Konoha. As soon as it was gone, Erza and Naruto gratefully took that breath of air they both craved. Sakura though, was out of the fight.

Kisame dropped his shark transformation and let Samehada reform itself. An aquatic form was pointless on land, even if Samehada was more vulnerable this way. He cursed his injuries, and used some of the chakra he had taken from Sakura upon contact to heal himself. When Samehada was part of his body, just touching him was enough to lose chakra. That pink-haired brat did hit quite hard though.

Erza switched to her standard armor and stood beside Naruto in front of Kisame.

"So it comes to this, eh?" The shark-like man said.

Erza nodded. "Indeed, this is the end. Come!"

And he did...

"Gazille!?" Natsu yelled in surprise as his head finally stopped ringing.

"Gehee..." The man in question chuckled weakly. He was a complete mess from his fight with Neji, but he had shown up just in time.

Wendy quickly started healing his wounds, she too thankful for his arrival.

They were all forced to drop everything when Makarov was tossed to the ground near them by the Hachibi, shaking the ground and destroying even more buildings.

"Jii-chan!" Natsu shouted in worry. The Hachibi heard him, and turned his attention to the three.

"What do we do?" Wendy asked, shivering slightly.

Gazille stood up, now free of injury and in much better shape than before. "We were trained to kill dragons, right? Well, Metalicana could beat this thing no problem. We should be good, right?" He said, looking at Natsu and Wendy with a smug grin. They both nodded back at him.

The Three Dragon Slayers had assembled!

"Naruto..." Erza addressed quietly.


"Do you have a plan?" She asked.

Naruto chuckled. "I say we just go wild. Maybe I'll give him the old 'Shukkaku Special' or something."

Before Erza could question his strategy, Kisame butted in. "You certainly are a tenacious one, Uzumaki Naruto."

Naruto just raised a questioning eyebrow at the man.

"We had the first seven Jinchuuriki within months after we started moving. The Hachibi had to wait because of his volatile location at Unraikyo, but you... We had attempted to capture you years before we even intended to, and many more times since. I must say, I'm impressed." Kisame admitted with a cackle.

"I never give up! That's all there is to it!" Naruto responded.

Kisame cackled further. "As you've said before. Shall we start?"

Erza took that as confirmation and switched armors. "Tenrin no Yoroi! (Heaven's Wheel Armor)" Donning her Valkyrie-like steel armor, she summoned some extra blades and sent them at Kisame via telekinesis.

Kisame didn't even have to think twice before swinging Samehada through the oncoming blades, siphoning off the tiny bits of magic that kept them afloat. He then moved to fend off the Kage Bunshin that Naruto had sent at him. There were only three, but with Erza jumping in it was more than enough.

On the sidelines, the real Naruto stood still. With Erza as backup, he could gather more natural energy and let his clones fight, allowing him to just keep pumping sage chakra out for new clones when others were dispelled.

Kisame just loved the whole thing. Naruto's capture was a side quest at this point. Survival was his goal for now, and that was fine with him. He did notice that Erza wasn't going for many vital hits. She was a coward in his book then, despite her admirable swordsmanship. The thing he found the strangest about this little brawl was the lack of Naruto clones on his usual scale. The boy was known for making veritable armies, why only three right now? He looked at the real Naruto and noticed him standing completely still with his eyes closed. He cut through a clone and watched a new one burst forth almost immediately.

'The boy's using that Senjutsu technique of his to keep the clones coming at higher strength than a normal one. Clever...'He thought to himself.

Kisame made a handsign and called his Jutsu. "Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu! (Water Clone)"

On cue, four additional Kisames appeared, allowing them to match the number of the three Narutos and Erza. The real Kisame then dashed towards the real Naruto with his Samehada at the ready. Erza watched in shock as Naruto was about to be cut, but could do nothing about it.

Naruto opened his eyes wide right before Samehada was about the hit him. While his clones dissolved, he was given the time to bring up both of his hands to catch Samehada. He slid back under the force of Kisame's swing, and his hands were torn open as Samehada shaved his skin, but he had stopped the attack.

Kisame grinned at him. "Good reaction, but now your chakra's mine!" Kisame yelled. He was beyond surprised when Samehada began to slowly turn to stone.

"What the-" Kisame was cut off when Naruto brought a Rasengan down on the blade, breaking it into many pieces of stone. Kisame stared in shock at the development. What had gone wrong?

"Sage chakra's dangerous, you know?" Naruto said with a grin.

Kisame growled and backpedaled away from the blonde. He was forced to stop when he noticed Erza at his back, all of his clones defeated.

"It's over." Erza said with certainty. "Dance, my blades!" She yelled while dashing towards Kisame.

His attempt at blocking without his trusty sword was far from enough. Erza cut right through him.

"Pentagram Sword!"

Kisame stumbled back as blood flew from his body. The voice he heard behind him sealed his fate.

"Cho Odama Rasengan! (Super Big Ball Rasengan)"

Kisame looked in horror at the gigantic blue chakra storm headed straight for him. At his was hit, his last thoughts went by in a flash.

"I wished I could have seen it… my world without lies and betrayal…"


Natsu hastily dodged a gigantic tentacle that slammed into the ground where he used to be. With a yell, the Fire Dragon Slayer kicked at it with his blazing leg. A small burn appeared, but nothing more.

"Shit!" Natsu cursed while being forced to dodge another attack.

Meanwhile, Gazille was over by Wendy, who was currently casting a support spell.

"Arms X Vernier!" She yelled, causing Gazille's arms to adopt a whitish glow.

As a separate tentacle of the Hachibi came barreling towards the two, Gazille raised his hands high and clapped them together.

"Metsu Ryu Ougi! (Dragon's Secret Art)" He started, his hands turning into a gigantic broadsword hundreds of feet high.

And then he swung the sword down.

"Goma Tetsu Jin Ken! (Karma Demon's Iron God Sword)"

And like that, two of the Hachibi's tentacles were removed from its body. The Biju roared in pain as black blood flowed from its open wounds. While this was happening, Natsu had run up the Hachibi's back and stopped on its head.

"Metsu Ryu Ougi: Guren, Karyu Ken! (Dragon's Secret Arte: Crimson Lotus, Fire Dragon's Fist)" He cried before releasing a series of machine gun speed flaming punches onto the beasts head. Each punch that landed caused a small explosion, and as each one occurred the Hachibi's head started drooping lower and lower. Once the Hachibi was battered to almost ground level, its eyes noticed Wendy.

She reared back her arm and swung it horizontally. "Tenryu no Yokugeki! (Sky Dragon's Wing Attack)" She yelled, slashing across the Hachibi's eyes.

The creature let out another roar as it bucked Natsu off its head. The roar gradually got louder until it shook the village itself. The Eight-Tails then suddenly stopped and began gathering a massive amount of energy in front of its maw.

"What the hell is that?!" Gazille yelled in surprise.

"It's building a lot of magical power around its mouth..." Wendy said.

Natsu stepped forward. "No way something like that's gonna' stop us!"

The Hachibi then fired its Bijudama. The beam was massive, and it was by sheer luck that the three Dragon Slayers had the same retaliatory response.

"Karyu no Hoko! (Fire Dragon's Roar)"

"Tetsuryu no Hoko! (Iron Dragon's Roar)"

"Tenryu no Hoko! (Sky Dragon's Roar)"

The attacks collided, but it was quickly evident that the Bijudama would push through. But before the three were hit by the blast, they found themselves knocked a good distance away by a rush of wind. They looked back and saw Danzo, having saved them with one of his techniques. He was then incinerated by the Bijudama. The beam traveled through the village, the forest, and into the distance, far beyond view.

The Dragon Slayers were stunned.

"That Jii-san... He saved us..." Natsu said in shock.

Tears came to Wendy's eyes. "Who was he? Why did he do that?"

Gazille just growled in frustration.

Suddenly, a voice sounded out behind them. "Please, as if I would fall to such an attack."

They turned and saw Danzo, alive and well. They were also a bit surprised by his arm, but held their tongue.

"You're alive!" Natsu exclaimed. "Thanks a bunch!"

Danzo just grunted and looked at the Hachibi. "That thing is quite the troublesome creature."

"It's tough... beyond me I'm ashamed to admit." Gazille said.

"What are we going to do? Erza-san and that Maelstrom person are busy..."

Natsu stomped his foot in frustration. "If I had some fire, I could get back in there!"

It was at that point Kakashi showed up. "How would fire help? I know a few fire style techniques if it helps."

"I can eat fire to replenish my magic power. And who are you anyway?" Natsu asked.

Makarov, back in his regular form, stepped forward, heavily injured. "That man leads Konoha... He is a formidable mage, and is on our side for now."

"Jii-chan! Are you okay?" Natsu yelled.

Wendy rushed forward. "You should lie down, Master."

"I'll live, Natsu, but I think I'm done fighting for the day..." Makarov said exasperatingly.

During this exchange, Kakashi was thinking over a plan. "You are… Natsu-kun, correct?" He asked the boy.

"Eh? Yeah, that's me."

"You claim you can eat any fire and absorb its energy and properties?"

Natsu nodded. "Yeah, it's part of being the Fire Dragon Slayer."

Kakashi stared at him for a minute. "Then I believe I'd like to try something."

"What would that be, Kakashi?" Danzo asked.

"Well, I'm VERY unpracticed, but I found out which eye ability I retained from Obito's Mangekyo."

Danzo raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

Kakashi looked at him. "One Mangekyo is Tsukuyomi, the other is Amaterasu. Together they create Susano'o. I recently learned that Obito's eye retains Tsukuyomi, while mine has Amaterasu. Perhaps Natsu-kun can use it to give us an opening and stall for Naruto."

Things were about to get rough.

"Danzo, how much time do you have left?" Kakashi asked.

"Just a minute, and I have no intentions of using Izanagi with Shisui's eye." He responded.

Kakashi looked at Natsu. "Get ready quickly, I'm about to give you an extremely powerful flame."

Natsu brightened at the idea.

"But be careful. Even if you are trained to withstand fire, the black flames of Amaterasu burn even fire itself. I don't doubt the abilities of a dragon's innards, but please be ready for anything."

Natsu nodded. "Bring it."

Kakashi stared at Natsu intently as his Mangekyo came to life. Shortly after, his eye began to bleed down his face. Then, the black flames burst forth, straight around Natsu's position.

Natsu screamed in pain, but kept inhaling. 'The old man was right, those flames are HOT. But… I won't give up here! There are no flames…'

"… THAT I CAN'T EAT!" Natsu shouted as the flames around him disappeared and he began emanating pitch black smoke from all over his body.

"Gochiso sama deshita... (Thank you for the meal)" He said while wiping his mouth.

Everybody present looked at Natsu in awe. The magic power he was emitting was amazing.

"He truly ate the flames of Amaterasu..." Danzo said in surprise.

Just then, Natsu's skin began to crack, creating a scale like appearance across his face.

Gazille and Wendy were the only ones conscious who knew what this was.

"Dragon Force..." Wendy said is amazement.

The Hachibi, finally tired of waiting, swung his remaining tentacles at the group. Natsu slowly turned and looked at the oncoming attack. "Enryu no..."

He opened his mouth wide and fired a beam of black flame. "DAIHOKO! (Flame Dragon's Great Roar)"

The Hachibi lost two more of its tentacles and took the bulk of the attack right in the gut. The attack was immense enough to send it tumbling over.

Up above, Obito looked at the scene in annoyance. "Who is that boy?" He then noticed Kisame's chakra signature vanish. "… if you want something done right…"

He abruptly stood up. "They've tipped my hand sooner than I'd thought they would..." He said before swirling away via Kamui.

On the ground, Natsu was dodging attacks from the Hachibi's remaining tentacles with ease, taking potshots whenever the opportunity arose. As a tentacle barreled straight into him, but Natsu stood firm and wrapped his arms around it, sliding back only slightly.

"Gazille!" He shouted.

Said Dragon Slayer jumped in from above. "Tetsuryukon! (Iron Dragon Sword)" He yelled, slicing off the extended tentacle with his blade arm.

He was caught off guard though, when the Biju decided to use its arms for once. With a mighty punch, Gazille was sent flying through multiple buildings.

Natsu cursed and moved to attack, only to be blindsided by the other arm.

Danzo sat down next to the exhausted Kakashi. "Can you believe it, Kakashi? They can destroy our village, force us into war, exhaust our shinobi, and summon Biju..."

Naruto and Erza burst onto the scene, with Erza catching Natsu's careening form.

"But the Akatsuki will never win..." He finished with an uncharacteristic smirk.

Erza then switched into her Giant's Armor and hoisted Naruto onto her spear. She hurled him with all her might, sending him high in the air above the Hachibi.

Making a familiar cross seal, what had to be hundreds of Kage Bunshin appeared, all holding gigantic Rasengans.

"Senpo: Cho Odama Rasen Tarendan! (Sage Art: Super Big Ball Rasengan Mega Barrage)"

The countless attacks drilled the Hachibi into the ground, creating a massive explosion.

"Because that is the Will of Fire!" Danzo finished, using the words of his late friend Hiruzen.

"Natsu!" Erza yelled. "Finish it!"

Natsu nodded and jumped into the air above the downed Hachibi. Two Naruto clones showed up next to him a grabbed his arms, rearing him back. With a mighty heave, the clones launched Natsu like a missile towards the Biju.

"Metsu Ryu Ougi Kai: Guren Hou'ou Enken! (Dragon Slayer's Secret Art Revision: Crimson Lotus, Phoenix Flame Blade)"

Natsu, surrounded in flame, dug right into the gut of the injured Hachibi, pushing it into the ground so hard a crater started forming. Black fire flickered all over the area, and the heat was almost unbearable, even to those at a safe distance.

The large oxen beast cried in pain, coughing up its black blood, before going limp.

Natsu barely managed to crawl of the thing before collapsing face first next to it, utterly exhausted. Erza, Naruto, and Wendy showed up next to him soon after, also tired, but far less so.

"You know what?" Naruto started. "You just knocked out a Biju. That was freakin' awesome!" He complimented, prompting Natsu to give him a wide, toothy grin.

Danzo sat next to Kakashi, who was lying flat on his back, unable to move due to chakra exhaustion. "Did... we win?" He said between haggard breaths.

The old war hawk grunted in affirmation. "I must say, I'm surprised. The beast is down, for now at least. The Akatsuki member seems to be dead as well."

"But..." Kakashi started, forcing himself to sit up. "Obito is still around here somewhere, as is probably Sasuke. What do we do now?"

"It seems that Naruto and the red haired woman still have some fight left in them. We're not done yet."

"Oh, but you are." A voice rang out.

Everybody looked up to see Obito, his mask firmly in place once more. What shocked many, though, was the figure that came out of his mask shortly after in a swirl of energy, a blue haired figure to be exact.

Erza was speechless. "Jellal...?" She asked slowly, barely finding her voice. She then noticed his clothes and the staffs on his back. 'No, Mystogan...'She thought to herself.

Said man had seen better days. His hands were tied behind his back, and he was covered in bruises, cuts, and dirt.

"I'm surprised at your resilience, Konoha, Fairy Tail. But the day is still mine. You're even more exhausted than before, and now I can send you back to the Elemental Nations, courtesy of Jellal, here." Obito announced, leaning down and grabbing a staff from Mystogan's back.

He rose the staff to the sky, and the clouds opened up, creating a large swirl. "With my Sharingan, dimensional travel is quite possible for me. But for multiple people, Jellal's knowledge of the Anima was quite fortunate. Now we all leave!" He yelled.

Everybody soon felt their magic power being drained. The buildings began to dissolve and fly up into the rift above the village. Everybody began panicking.

Obito smirked before he felt a hand grab his arm holding the staff. It was Mystogan.

"How did you-" He started before being interrupted.


A light flashed, and the village was gone, its inhabitants with it.


The battle has come to an end… but the story is far from over…

Yamato looked at the site of what used to be the village. There was nothing, just a snow-like substance that coated the ground in heaps. The council mages around him had similar expressions, and all fighting had stopped.

Konohagakure was gone. Again.


"Be thankful we weren't allowed here for the battle." Charle said mockingly, Happy floating right next to her.

Naruto dusted off his clothes. "Do you know where they went?"

"Edolas. Our homeworld."

Natsu slammed his fists together. "Then that's where we go! To get them all back!"


"Akatsuki!" Naruto yelled in shock, pointing at a moderately sized group of people ahead of them.

Almost instantly, Deidara had his palm over Naruto's mouth. "Shut up, kid! You want us to get busted by the king, hm!? That Knightwalker chick is scary!"

Wendy pointed a shaky finger at Kisame. "Why are you all here, you should be dead!"


Nagato sat at a table in front of the gathered mages and shinobi.

"Welcome to our hideout. We are the Akatsuki, a rebel group of Edolas, and devoted to taking down the king and saving our people!"

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