Ojamajo Party~!

Chapter 1: Get Small!

(Here is our opening! 'Another Small Adventure' Special MegChan version!)

Look around, but don't look down

Everything is unfamiliar, waiting to be found

(Footage: We open up to Megan sitting on a hill with Brittany. The camera swings behind them to a star filled sky and the Ojamajo Party logo appears)

Look ahead, but don't look back

Anything's a possibility and you can count on that

(Footage: Five shooting stars fly across the sky. All the Ojamajos look up at this phenomenon. A bright light flies towards Megan and Brittany, enveloping the screen in white.)

Hold on tight and don't let go

It's Another Small Adventure, where it is, no one knows

(Footage: Megan and the Ojamajos are all walking together, arm-in-arm, through the streets of Misora. The camera zooms out to reveal they are actually tiny! Probably about the size of mice.)

Close your eyes and enjoy the ride

There's so many big surprises out there for us to find

(Footage: The camera spins around them and then we see Majo Ruka and her citadel of doom as she laughs like a maniac. We cut to Megan with a determined smile, then she and the Ojamajos throw their fists into the air.)

Wakin' up the sun

Wakin' up the sky

Wakin' up the great big universe

Another Small Adventure

(Footage: Jou-Sama stands center screen as Majorin and Amelia spin in to scene like the Sharp Magical Stage. When they meet in the middle, they bow to Jou-Sama like the Motto Magical Stage. Jou-Sama raises her hand to the sky and a big star appears. Then Doremi jumps up, happy as can be.)

Look at me, I'm strong and free

Everything's a possibility as long as you're with me

(Footage: In a four way split screen effect, we see the Ojamajos taking on the bosses! In the top left corner, Momoko and Aiko take on the Piranah Plant. Bottom left corner, Onpu and Hazuki tackle Hammer Bro. Top right corner, Brittany casts a spell on Dry Bones. Bottom right corner, Hana flies on a book and shoots ink balls at Majo Isabelle.)

Wakin' up the sun

Wakin' up the sky

Wakin' up the great big universe

Another Small Adventure

(Footage: Megan jumps around the five Party boards, collecting the sky crystals as she goes. Brittany flies in on her broom and holds out her hand to Megan)

Another Small Adventure

Another Small Adventure

Another Small Adventure

(Footage: Megan grabs Brittany's hand and throws herself into the sky. On the left side of the screen, we see Majo Ruka and Majo Isabelle. Right side, we see all the tiny Ojamajos. Megan is center screen with a pumped-up pose. As the song ends, the image freezes on screen.)

"Sometimes in order to think big, you need to think small."- Unknown.

Summary: Megan discovers a Sky Crystal. Coincidentally, Majo Ruka invites the Ojamajos to her place. But it's a trap! She steals Megan's Sky Crystal, shrinks our heroines and sends them out into a big world! Only one can be the Superstar!

Note 1: I only own my OC's that show up. I do not own Ojamajo Doremi, Mario, or Treasure Planet. All the Ojamajo Characters belong to Toei Animation and to all who license it in their country. US does not count, people! Mario and Mario Party belong to Nintendo. Captain Amelia and anything that pertains to Treasure Planet belong to Disney, the Walt Disney Animation Studios, and Walt Disney Enterprises.

Note 2: Now, just because Captain Amelia is a Disney character, this story isn't exactly a crossover. Since there's only one Disney Character in the story, I see no reason to make it a crossover. Plus, in a later chapter, we'll get to hear from one of Megan's pets, don't worry, explaination will come later!

AHA! I said all my disclaimers, and now you can't get me for that. (*Manical Laughter*) I'm so crazy, right?

Etto, I hope you guys enjoy. Please be sure to read, review and no bad comments unless you can't help yourself. I was inspired by my Mario Party DS game and I decided to make a story out of it. And voila!!

It's a crystal clear night in Misora. Stars are shining, not a cloud to be seen. Not that you can see clouds at night, but still. Seventeen year old Megan and her very best friend, seventeen year old Brittany are seen lying down on a grassy hill beneath a tree. (For all intents and purposes, I am not allowed to give out my human name.)

Megan took in a breath and said, "On the clearest of nights when the winds of the Etherium were calm and peaceful..."

"Meg-Chan, please. Not again." Brittany groaned.


"You've practically memorized the whole movie, plus you're just excited that Nekomimi-Sama's coming to visit tomorrow." Brittany said, matter-of-factly.

'Nekomimi-Sama' was the nickname given to a character named Captain Amelia. In a bizarre twist of events, Hana had used magic to transport herself and the Ojamajos, excluding Megan and Brittany, to the world of Megan's favorite Disney movie: Treasure Planet. To make a long story short: The Ojamajos sort of formed a type of bond with a few of the TP characters, plus Majorin formed a friendship with Amelia and Jou-Sama, somehow, learned to be more assertive...

The reason Amelia is called 'Nekomimi-Sama' is because Amelia is a sort of feline alien. Although her species is never exactly revealed in the TP movie, members of her fanbase have determined Amelia to be a creature called a 'Felinid.'

"Oh so what if I am?" Megan said. "Meg-Chan Nekomimi-Sama daisuki!" (Possible Translation: Meg-Chan loves Catears-Sama.)

"That's what worries me sometimes." Brittany said. "You might be worse than Hana-Chan."

"Am not! Hana-Chan's the one who's been glomping on her and saying 'Kawaii Nekomimi-Chan'!"

Megan and Brittany had met Amelia a few times. Exactly how they met the first time is still shrouded in mystery.

"Hana-Chan doesn't call the Captain 'Nekomimi-Chan' anymore." Brittany stated.

"Yeah, I know, but still... It'll be nice to see Nekomimi-Sama again." Megan sighed. "Not that it isn't fun to watch her movie anymore! I still feel a rush when I watch it." (Between you guys and me, I watch Treasure Planet every week and it never gets old!)

"I still feel the rush from the launch scene." Brittany said. She shuddered at the thought of Amelia's ship taking off into space.

Megan yawned, "Well, we should head home now..." She and Brittany stood up.

"Eh?" Brittany looked up at the sky. "Meg-Chan mite!"

"Huh?" Megan looked up. "Oh!"

Up in the sky were five shooting stars.


"M-Meg-Chan, is it just me or is that star coming towards us?" Brittany asked, sort of nervously.

"I-I think it is." Megan said. "Oh my God, it-it's gonna crash! And in front of us too!"

They both squealed in fright as they hid behind the nearby tree. They heard something fall on the ground. It sounded like a marble being dropped onto a carpet. Brittany and Megan poked their heads out from behind the tree. What they found was a glowing jewel.

"Wh-What is it?" Brittany asked.

"I... I don't know." Megan said. She picked up the jewel. "But I'll bet you anything Jou-Sama would know."

"Right. Let's ask her tomorrow."

The next day, Megan and Brittany dashed as fast as they could to Maho Dou.

"Mou, Bri-Chan, hayaku!" Megan yelled.

"I'm comin', I'm comin'!" Brittany yelled back.

They bursted through the entrance of the magic shop.

"Sorry we're late!" Megan greeted.

"Hi... Everybody." Brittany said, panting.

"Meg-Chan to Bri-Chan da!" Hana exclaimed.

"Ohayou!" The others greeted.

"Daijoubu, Meg-Chan." Onpu said. "You guys aren't late. Jou-Sama-Tachi haven't arrived yet."

"Eh? Sona." Megan said. "We have something important to show Jou-Sama. It can't wait!"

"What can't wait, Megan?" A voice asked. It sounded female and British. The girls turned to the entrance to find Jou-Sama, Majorin and a humanoid feline in a Captain's uniform. "Hello all."

"Wua! Nekomimi-Sama da!" Hana squealed.

"Long time no see, Senchö Amelia-Sama!" The others said. (Senchö = Captain)

"Hue! Nekomimi-Sama!" Megan exclaimed. She ran up and threw her arms around the felinid captain. "Oh I missed you so much!"

"Umm, Megan? Megan! I can't breathe!" Amelia said, through a laugh.

Megan broke off the hug. She hit her head in a silly manner and stuck out her tongue. "Gomen ne, Nekomimi-Sama. I was just so excited to hear you were visiting."

"I think Meg-Chan was more excited than Hana-Chan." Momoko said.

"Meg-Chan, how come you get to hug Nekomimi-Sama first?" Hana pouted.

"Come here, Miss Hana-Chan. You know I missed you as well." Amelia said.

Hana jumped into her arms. "Hana-Chan Nekomimi-Sama hountou wa daisuki." (Possible translation: Hana-Chan really loves Catears-Sama.)

"Easy there, Hana-Chan." Brittany said. "If you hug her any harder, the Captain's kitty ears might pop off."

"Daijoubu, Brittany-Chan. Hana-Chan daisuki-Nya." Amelia said, attempting a spot of Japanese. (Possible Translation: It's all right, Brittany-Chan. I love Hana-Chan-Meow.)

"Sugoi, Senchö-Sama!" Hazuki said. "Your Japanese has been improving since we last saw you."

"Well, I had a little help with that." Amelia pointed at Majorin.

"Ii desu yo!" Majorin laughed, putting her hand behind her head. (Translation: No problem!) "Really, Amelia-Chan. It was nothing!" I'd like to take this time to point out that Majorin is the only one who calls Amelia with 'Chan.'

"Demo ne, Hana-Chan was the one who taught Nekomimi-Sama how to say 'Nya'!" Hana said.

"Right, right!" Doremi nodded. "Senchö-Sama, how is everyone where you live?"

"Senchö-Sama, you know Doremi-Chan is only interested in how Jim-Kun is doing." Aiko said.

"That's not true, Ai-Chan!"

"Doremi-Chan kinda has a fickle taste in boys." Megan said. Onpu let out a little giggle. Doremi blushed.

"Oh, well, everyone is doing great, girls." Amelia said.

"Good to know, Nekomimi-Sama." Momoko said.

"Now that everyone has gotten a chance to get reacquainted," Jou-Sama spoke up, "Megan-Chan, I believe you had something important to show me, right?"

"Ahh souka!" Megan said. "I almost forgot in all the excitement. Did you guys see those shooting stars last night?"

"They were so pretty!" Onpu said.

"Hana-Chan made a wish on one!" Hana said.

"Etto... one of those shooting stars landed in front of us." Brittany said.

"What does that mean?" Aiko asked.

"Shooting stars aren't actually stars. They're really meteors that burn up in the atmosphere." Amelia explained.

"Umm... Thanks for that astronomy lesson, Captain. I'm pretty sure Inu-Sensei would've told us the same thing. But we're serious." Megan said. "One of the shooting stars landed in front of us... and we found this." She took out the jewel from her pocket.

"Ooh!" Everyone gasped.

"Meg-Chan and I figured you'd know something about this thing, Jou-Sama." Brittany said.

"So what is it anyway?" Megan asked.

"This... Is a rare jewel called a Sky Crystal." Jou-Sama said. "As their name implies, they come from the sky, from space."

"She's right. Even in the vast expanse of the Etherium, it's an extremely rare opportunity to come by one." Amelia said. "Not to mention it's nearly impossible for a Sky Crystal to actually land in front of you."

Majorin sighed and put her arm around Amelia's shoulder, "Well, Amelia-Chan, when you're friends with witches, you'll find that almost anything is possible." Amelia sweatdropped at that comment.

"Then that means... The other four shooting stars... are also Sky Crystals." Doremi said.

"I guess we gotta find those other Crystals before they fall into the wrong hands." Megan said.

"Idiots!!!!" Came the familiar screech of Majo Rika. "We were supposed to have opened an hour ago!"

"Really rude, Majo Rika." Brittany said.

"She's right." Majorin nodded. "We have a guest after all." She gestured to Amelia.

"Good day, Miss Rika." Amelia said.

"Oh yes, I forgot Nekomimi was visiting." Majo Rika said calmly.

"Well, anyway, this message just appeared in Maho Dou's mailbox." Lala said, handing an invitation to Megan.

"Eh?" Megan opened the message. "It's from Majo Ruka!"

"Majo Ruka?!" The others exclaimed.

"It says 'I wish to apologize for being such a horrible jerk to you all. I'm throwing a big party for the Maho Dou Girls. Come over to my place today at 2:00 PM sharp. Majo Ruka'." Megan read the message. "Hmm... I'm not buyin' it. This sounds like a 'Too-Good-To-Be-True' bit. Jou-Sama, she's trying to lure us into a trap."

"Perhaps maybe, Megan-Chan." Jou-Sama said. "But we can assume nothing at this point."

"Majo Ruka? That woman is Majo Rika's rival in magic, correct?" Amelia asked. "She's also Miss Segawa's manager?"

"That's right, Nekomimi-Sama." Onpu said.

"Majo Ruka's a really greedy witch." Aiko said. "She also tried to steal the Witch World's throne."

"Demo ne, I taught her a lesson she'll never forget." Megan said. Shortly after Megan became a witch apprentice, she and Majorin got into a little mess with Majo Ruka. Apparently, Majo Ruka tried to kill the Queen with a poisoned Queen's Peach, but she failed and Megan kicked her butt. "No one threatens Jou-Sama and gets away with it." Megan was very protective of the Queen.

"Now isn't that a story worth hearing?" Amelia chuckled.

"You have no idea, my friend." Majorin said.

"Anyway... We're not gonna fall for it, right, minna?" Megan said.

"Etto, Meg-Chan, I think we should at least give her a chance." Hazuki said.

"NANI?!?!?!" Megan yelled. "Are you crazy?! Majo Ruka practically screams villainess! Which is why I make her the bad guy in my stories!"

"Demo, even villainess deserve second chances, right?"

"Mmm... Maybe." Megan pouted.

"Besides, it couldn't hurt just to check it out." Momoko said.

"You never really know, ney Meg-Chan?" Brittany said.

Megan started thinking. It still sounded quite suspicious. After everything Majo Ruka put her through, was there a slight, minute chance she's changed her ways? "Mou... I guess... it really couldn't... hurt just to check with her."

"All right, Meg-Chan!" Aiko said.

"But if she pulls a fast one, it is go time!" Megan held a fist up.

The gang arrived at Majo Ruka's lair at 2:00, the time specified on the invitation. They stepped into the castle foyer. A table with a big spread of food was laid out. Majo Ruka came into the room. She was in her human form. How she got that form back without help from her apprentice, we'll never know.

"Ahh, the witches of Maho Dou, welcome, welcome to my humble home." Majo Ruka greeted in a cheerful tone, which Megan found absolutely disgusting.

"Ugh, gag me with a hairball." Megan rolled her eyes.

"Oh Megan-San, you're still sour about everything?"

"I'm only here because my friends think you deserve a second chance. I was outruled."

"Well, I'll let bygones be bygones." Majo Ruka said. "And who is this? A new member of the team?" She looked over at Amelia. "I don't believe we've met before."

Megan sighed, "Go on, Captain. Introducce yourself."

Amelia stepped forward. "A-Hem. Watashi Senchö Amelia. Yoroshiku onegai shimasu." (Possible translation: I am Captain Amelia. Pleased to meet you.)

"Charmed, I'm sure, Senchö-Sama." Majo Ruka said.

"All right, I'll bite. Why did you call us here, Majo Ruka?" Megan asked.

"I told you in my invitation. I want to apologize for being such a horrible person to you all."

"Megan-Chan still won't forgive you for trying to kill me," Jou-Sama said, "demo ne, I think she's really hoping that you've changed your ways."

"We're sure stranger things have happened." Majorin said.

"Okay, enough talking!" Doremi said. "Let's eat!"

"Yes, yes, but before we get into my little spread here..." Majo Ruka said, walking over to her throne at the far end of the foyer. "I have a little surprise for you all." She then pressed a button on the underside of one of her throne's arms.

Suddenly, a cage landed and trapped the heroines!

"What the heck?!" Aiko exclaimed.

"What's going on?!" Onpu yelled.

"It was a trap!" Brittany yelled.

"I won't even say I told ya so, because I did!" Megan snapped.

"Thanks for not rubbing it in, Meg-Chan." Momoko said.

"Hue! This is scary!" Hana said.

"You should have listened to Megan-San." Majo Ruka said with a chuckle. "But then again, I'm glad you all didn't."

"Captain, tell me you have your pistol with you." Megan whispered to Amelia.

"Sorry. I'm unarmed." Amelia said.

"Nani?! But you always carry a laser pistol with you!"

"I... I didn't think I'd need it, so I left all my weaponry on the Legacy."

Then, another witch appeared by Majo Ruka's side. "Que fantastico, Bruja Ruka. Those Ojamajos fell for it, didn't they?"

"Hola, Señorita Isabelle." Megan said to the other witch. Majo Isabelle was one of Megan's original villainesses. Isabelle is a Spanish witch. She's not as dangerous as Majo Ruka, but has proven to be a somewhat formidable adversary.

"Enough with these formalities! Hand over that Sky Crystal." Majo Ruka demanded.

"I don't know what you're talking about!" Megan snapped.

"Oh sure ya do, Meg-Chan! We found one last night!" Brittany said.

"You are not helping!!" Megan yelled.

"Since you're going to be that way..." Majo Ruka took out some kind of staff.

"Wh-What is that?" Hazuki asked.

"This is Isabelle's newest invention. She calls it the Minimizer. And what does it do, you may ask?" Majo Ruka smirked. She held it up to the ceiling and the Minimizer started to glow.

To the Ojamajos's surprise, they were shrinking! They were shrunk down to the size of toy figurines! The Sky Crystal fell out of Megan's pocket.

"The Sky Crystal!" Megan exclaimed.

Majo ruka picked up the Crystal and chuckled, "Now your crystal is mine. I just need to find the other four." She put the crystal into her pocket. "Señorita Isabelle, I'm done with these small fries. Get rid of them."

"Si, Bruja Ruka, with pleasure." Isabelle nodded.

Then, everything went back for the heroines.

"Meg-Chan! Meg-Chan! Wake up!" Brittany shook Megan.

"Bri-Chan?" Megan said. "Wh-Where are we? What's going on?"

"Isabelle dropped us in the middle of nowhere." Hazuki said.

"We're miles and miles away from Majo Ruka's castle!" Hana said.

"And Majo Ruka stole your Sky Crystal!" Momoko said. "She's going after the other four!"

"They could be anywhere." Onpu said.

"Whoa! Minna, look how big everything is." Doremi said, looking up at the big world around them. "Majo Ruka shrunk us so we wouldn't get in her way."

"Dang, everything is so big!" Megan said. "Now I know how Alice felt."

"What are we gonna do?" Aiko said.

"Firstly, we have to get back to Majo Ruka's castle." Jou-Sama said. "She's the one who shrunk us, so we'll have to get her to unshrink us and we'll have to do it by force."

"We also need to find the remaining Sky Crystals." Majorin added.

"That's gonna take forever. Who knows how far we are from Majo Ruka's place?" Hazuki said.

"If I had my spyglass with me, I'd be able to calculate our position." Amelia said. "But for the moment, girls, we've completely lost our bearings."

"Sona. We're lost." Hana said.

Megan then put on a determined face. "Come on, minna! Let's not lose all hope! We're Ojamajos! And we do not, repeat do not! Take defeat so easily!"

"Meg-Chan's right. We'll find a way. We may be small, but we can do anything!" Brittany said.

"Yeah! Let's do this!" Aiko cheered.

"Yeah!" The others cheered.

"Watashitachi makenai!" Amelia flashed a peace sign and a wink. (Possible Translation: We can't lose!)

"Better watch your back, Majo Ruka! These small fries are comin' for ya!" Megan threw a fist in the air.

Closing Song: There's Something About The Sunshine. (Special Amelia version)

(Footage: As the music starts, the sun rises over Maho Dou. The Ojamajos burst out, ready to play)

Wake up to the blue sky

Grab yor shades and let's go for a ride

(Footage: Amelia is walking down the street, kind of in time to the song, and swinging her arms around.)

Breakfast by the ocean

We'll do lunch at Sunset and Vine

(Footage: Megan and Hana join in. Chibi versions of Brittany, Anna, Jou-Sama and Majorin start dancing on the corners of the screen.)

Everyday's a dream in California

Every night the stars come out to play

(Footage: Doremi and friends point straight ahead to an unknown destination. The camera pans out to the sky. Amelia spins into view, holding out her hand to the audience.)

Wish that I could always feel this way

(Footage: We cut to Majorin, Amelia and Jou-Sama lying down on a hill, looking at the clouds)

There's something about the sunshine, baby

I'm seein' you in a whole new light

Outta this world for the first time, baby

Oh, it's so right

(Footage: The Ojamajos are playing around at the playground near Megan's house. Hana slides down a big twisty slide and flies off into the clouds. Megan jumps on the slide to catch up with Hana. The others follow suit)

There's something about the sunshine, baby

I'm seein' you in a whole new light

LA's a breeze with the palm trees swayin'

Oh, it's so right

(Footage: High up in the clouds, the girls are dancing. On 'Swayin'', Megan and Brittany are swaying , kind of lazily around. Momoko and Aiko appear on opposite ends of the screen and flash a thumbs up)

There's something about the sunshine, baby

I'm seein' you in a whole new light

Outta this world for the first time, baby

Oh, it's so right

(Footage: Amelia, Majorin and Jou-Sama are on a swing set, trying to see who can swing the highest. The sky turns from bright and sunshiney to dark and starry as the song fades and the screen fades to black.)