I saw the Burton adaption yesterday and I couldn't help but love the Red Queen the most. I just like to briefly explore a few "what ifs", because I can't believe that the Red Queen is as horrible as she seems to be most of the time. I saw the movie only once so far and I'm not really familiar with the original version, but I did my best with this and I hope you like it anyway =)


She sometimes wondered what it would be like to be loved by her parents like her sister was, to have grown up with a mother and a father who weren't trying to crown her younger sister instead of her, the actual heir. Even though it was so long ago, she could easily remember how her sister could get everything she wanted just because she was kinder, more beautiful and more patient, and actually had a normal sized head.

Every once in a while she wondered how things would've been if she'd had a sister who was more like her and understood her better than Mirana did. Having a perfect sister who everyone favored was bad enough without Mirana too disagreeing with anything she said or did.

There were rare moments that she wondered what her life would've been like if she hadn't ruled the way she had. The people might have appreciated her more if she had tried not to be cruel and selfish. They doubtlessly wouldn't have adored her as much as they loved her sister, but maybe just enough not to betray her like they had as soon as they got the chance. Perhaps being loved was better than being feared after all.

A few times she wondered what it would've been like if there had been just one person who wasn't afraid of her and who actually liked her, someone who she could trust and rely on. Perhaps it would've made clear to her sooner that yelling and threatening wasn't the only way to make others listen to her and ensure their cooperation.

Sometimes she wondered if things could've been better if her husband hadn't married her only because of her status and hadn't intended to leave her after only a few months of marriage, indicating that being her husband couldn't even be compensated by being the most powerful man of Underland. Perhaps she could've been able to get used to sharing her power and her castle with someone else if only he had given her the chance.

Often she wondered how it would've been if Stayn would've cared for her like she had for him, how it would be to feel his arms around her in a comforting embrace and, perhaps, his lips against her own. She had always been sure that at least he supported her and was actually loyal to her. His betrayal hurt her more than the treachery of all others did. How ironic it was that the only person besides herself that she thought highly of, had left her at the very moment that his presence was most important to her.

Even more frequently she wondered what could've been if she hadn't had such an abnormal head and would've been treated as such. Perhaps she wouldn't have been convinced then that there was only one way to escape the ridicule and mock that her highly unusual physical appearance always caused.

However, as she wandered in the Outlands for year after lonely year, it was unmistakably clear to her that she could wonder as much as she wanted, but she would never know.