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I woke up with in a jolt, and Edward tensed with me in his arms.

He was cold, very cold, but I wouldn't trade warmth for any part of him. I loved him exactly as he was, and I'd never get over his perfection.

Interrupting my thoughts, he spoke. "Did you sleep well?" He questioned, and he flashed a brilliant smile. He was experimenting with his gift: perfection. I tried to look away, but couldn't, as I was drawn into his butterscotch eyes. They were so deep, like I could see into his soul. I could see the love, the caring, but not an ounce of monster. I couldn't manage to look away from his face, but I found a new feature to admire. His lips. They felt rock hard, and soft as satin when they brushed against mine. They were full, and a beautiful shade of pink. He had a very, very defined jaw line. It was very masculine, and pretty much perfect. I needed to look away. He whispered, "Breathe, Bella."

And I did. It was amazing how he affected me.

"Why'd you let me sleep that long?" I asked, regaining my composure.

"Well, Alice had you up pretty late, and I thought you deserved to get some needed sleep," Then he laughed. "You also said something about monkeys, quesadillas, and remotes. I found it extremely entertaining to listen in on."

"I did dream about those things, but you also left…" I instantly regretted saying it.

"Bella, I told you, I'm not leaving you," He said, deep sadness in his eyes.

When I attempted to sit up, the sadness left, and amusement replaced it. "Human minute?" He asked.

"Yes, please."

He hesitated, but said "Bella?"

What did he want? "Yeah?"

"Oh, well then. I suppose you do not want to know."

He knew I hated that. Now I had to find out. "Of course I do. Tell me."

A mischievous slowly spread across his face. "I really think it's best I say nothing."

"Ugh! Tell me, Edward, now."

"Don't you need a shower?"

I walked toward him, where he had gotten up and stood by the window. I kissed him on the lips, and traced my hand down his jawline. "Please tell me?"

"That doesn't effect me, but I'll tell you anyways," He winked at me.

I stood for a few minutes, waiting for him to say something, but nothing came out.


"You just had to ask, Bella. I was going to say…"


"Oh, just how much I love you," And his eyes melted my soul.

"I love you, Edward, so much."

"I won't leave you, you know that," He said seriously. I believed him. I always had. Yet, I was still scared.

"I know, but a small part keeps-"

"I don't care about the small part. Get rid of it. I was with you then, I'm here with you now, and I'll be with you always."