Wonderful Family Bonding

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A/N: Just a little oneshot thingy, because there is way to little BenxGwen fics on the site. hope someone will like it :)

The Rustbucket was on the rode and two young preteen children were not having much fun as they passed the two-hour mark with out a brake.

Gwen was typing away on her computer trying to see if she could create her own spells out from the book she had gotten as well as what little experience she had with casting them, trying to organise the info to crack a code as hard as the master control on the Omnitrix.

Ben in the mean time just sat on the other side of the small table considering if he could get away with changing in to one of his aliens to play a prank or two on either her 'dear' cousin or some unlucky people passing by in car.

Knowing that he'd have to listen to hours long rants about responsibility if he did so he however quite quickly decided that it would be a bad idea and instead lend in over the table "what's you doing oh great queen of cooties?"

Gwen looked up from her computer and glared at her cousin "trying to create a spell that could cure you of your doofusness, so far no luck but let's not give up hope."

"Ha!" Ben exclaimed "you making a spell, that's as likely as the sun going out."

"I rest my case" Gwen said, "the sun is going to go out one day Ben."

"Geek" was the short response to that and Gwen's glare increased both of the kids leaning in over the table and glaring at each other.

Only for at the next second knocking their heads together as Max hit the brake hard the two cousins eyes wide as they realised that their lips were locked.

"L-let's just forget that" Ben said his face red and his heart beating fast through he told himself that it was only because of the sudden stop.

"Yeah" Gwen answered, "it never happened," she agreed looking away from Ben.

The two kids looked at each other for a second before turning away blushing, both of them somehow knowing that the kiss was going to hunt them for a long time. And strangely none of them took that as a bad thing.

On the front seat Max had a grin on his face as he took his foot of the brake and turned his attention away from the Rear-view mirror where he had been watching Ben and Gwen, there was nothing in front of them and no reason to hit the brake at all. He smiled for himself and nodded pleased "oh what wonderful family bonding."