I'M MOVING IN WITH KEI-CHAN!! Of course I say yes!! Hehehehehe….I IS MOVING IN WITH KEIGO-CHAN!! Yep Yep Yep. Kaa-san and tou-san think we are moving to fast in our relationship. They said that soon I'll be engaged and pushed into a to young marriage that will end quickly. Actually they think I am moving in with a girl…I haven't told them I'm gay yet or that I'm dating Kei-chan. If they knew I was dating Kei-chan I don't know what they would do. Tou-san would probably try and get a higher possession in the company he works out using the Atobe name. Probably say something along the lines of 'Well my son is practically an Atobe'. Everyone freaks out when they hear the name Atobe…I don't understand why though. Oh well….I love Kei-chan and I'm going to move in with him.