I gazed out of the plane window as we banked a steep left over the dark Seattle skyline. My skin felt dry and parched from the four hour flight and I was exhausted from a combination of late nights working at the office and raw nerves in anticipation of this long-awaited homecoming. I gripped the armrests as we hit some turbulence in the moody Washington night sky. Funny, a while ago I wouldn't have imagined calling Forks my home. But a few vampires, werewolves and life-threatening disasters later, here I was.

Charlie was waiting for me at the baggage claim with a huge smile and flowers. I almost laughed with embarrassment when I saw him standing there looking as awkward as a teenage boy waiting for his date, but I couldn't bring myself past the fondness that welled up in my chest. Even when he was being sweet, Charlie did it with true disgruntled old-man flair. After six years he looked a little weary. His eyes were framed by fine lines that spoke of hard work and stress, and his salt and pepper hair was more salt than pepper, but when he hugged me, it was the same strong but tentative Charlie that I remembered who had first picked me up from Sea-Tac when I came to live here almost six years ago.

"It's great to have you home, Bells," he said gruffly, grabbing my suitcase before I could take it in hand.

I sighed, feeling a weight slip from my chest knowing that I was back where I belonged. But a new tremor ran through my stomach as the reminder of what I'd left behind came to the forefront of my thoughts. "It's great to be home again, Dad."

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