John leaned against the window, fiddling with his knife. How much trouble this simple knife had wrought. His profound thoughts were interrupted when he heard the excited squeal of two adolescent girls who were in front of him and had a notebook and pencil at the ready

" Oh my squee! It's Jack the Ripper!" One of them, a blond, was jumping up and down in excitement.

" Oh my gosh yeah! Can we have your autograph?" The brunette one thrust the notebook at him. " Right there next to Larry the Cucumber's..."

He was very confused. No one had ever asked him for his autograph before, especially not as Jack the Ripper. But may as well humor them. He slid his knife back into his pocket, preparing to take the pen to sign the autograph. The brunette's eyes widened when she spotted the silver knife slip into his pocket.

" Hey look! It's his knife! Are you going to kill us?"

" He's going to kill us? Yay!"

" We're going to get killed by jack the Ripper!"

" What!? No!" But his protests were not heard. The two teenagers ( who were rapidly beginning to scare the poor man) continued their bouncing. He was beginning to fear for their mental health.

" He's going to kill us Yay!"

" We're gong to die Yay!"

" Dying is not fun so why are we saying Yay!"

" I don't know maybe because he's awesome YAY! "

The last thing he needed was for one of Helen's associates to hear them, or worse, Helen herself. William, her new protege was rounding the corner, eyeing their situation very calmly. John began to try to explain, perhaps the psychiatrist would listen long enough so he wouldn't be thrown in the SHU. But the young man merely nodded, grabbed the jumping girls, and started to drag them down the hallway, still jumping. He rounded the next corner as calmly as he came. For once in his life, he was a t a loss for words. He had seen a lot of strange things in his life, but fan girls topped the list.

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