Chapter 1


Zyrakuo glanced over the cities bright lights and the lively buzzing of active people. It seemed so peaceful and happy that it was like nothing could go wrong, but it was far from it. Zyrakuo could sense it, a disturbing spiritual pressure rising from the ground toward him. Before he knew it soul reapers appeared before him. "Looks like break time is over." Zyrakuo said to him self as he was being glared down.

His light grayish blue hair feathered ahead of his face as the wind blew calmly. The fragment of his hollow mask formed large ear like spikes lying on the sides of his temples above his eyes. Coming into his face ending like the end of a Spartan warrior's helmet on the tip of his nose. His sliver eyes gazed out at the souls in front of him. He looked at them for what seemed like an hour before he spoke. "Can I help you guys?" Zyrakuo said; Zyrakuo was one of the few arrancar left an unknown Espada a Frieviox espada. On of the only espada to be put on record, he being a able to have three levels of his Vasto Lorde form. The sibling of Ulquiorra Schiffer, and was ranked four after his older brothers death. He still had the traditional white and black clothing Lord Aizen had given him, his bankai clinging to his side.

He got no answer from the soul reapers, they only looked at him a little bit longer before flash stepping in front of him attacking head on. Zyrakuo was taken by surprise but at the same time expected this reaction from soul reapers. Kill first question later. Zyrakuo dodged every slash of their shinkai and every powerful attack from their bankai's as the fight raged on. Zyrakuo grew fed up with the constant fighting and ended it quickly. He turned and speared one of the soul reapers through and blew his head of with a cero, he classified this as a Grimmjow approach to ending things.

The other soul reaper came in for an attack barely grazing Zyrakuo's arm. He brought his hands up and formed a double cero, he couldn't perform a spear cero as his brother. The cero was too much for the soul reaper to handle, engulfing him completely. Zyrakuo caught sight of more spiritual pressure coming his way. He flash stepped away as quick as possible to avoid any further fights it was his break time after all. But for an Espada his hiding skills were terrible he ended up in the Kurosaki clinic with Ichigo and the gang right in front of him.

They all froze at the sight of the arrancar, confused as to why he was alive in the first place thinking they killed all the arrancar that Aizen had created. Zyrakuo turned his head looking out of the corner of his eye hearing the faint breathing of everyone in the room, and the multiple spiritual pressure readings going off, "Not good." He said out loud, everyone got into attack potions drawing their weapons. Zyrakuo never moved he only looked feeling that the slightest move would get his throat slit.

Ichigo, Chad, Uryuu, Rukia and Orihimie all glared at the Arrancar before them, Zyrakuo moved his head down slightly, the hair moved from the side of his neck down his shoulder revealing the number 4 tattooed on his neck. "Number four? But how could this be, Ulquiorra was number four." Ichigo thought to himself. "It seems I'm invading your home on accident of course…so I'll be on my way don't mine me." Zyrakuo said with a slight grin, he inched to the window, really not wanting to fight any of them but that wasn't an option now that they saw him. He flash stepped the last foot appearing on a building two doors down. He sighed in relief, but that was short lived as they came after him. Zyrakuo just stood blankly as his brother would do and wait for them to make the first move before he did anything. "I don't want to fight but if you insist…" Zyrakuo said stopping an attack made by Ichigo, he stared into the Vizards eyes intently. "Those eye's…. they look so familiar and that mask it haunts my memory." Zyrakuo said pushing Ichigo back; he was out numbered heavily, 4 to one excluding Orihimie who watched from the ground below.

He moved left and right side stepping every blade slash, arrow and, powerful punch thrown at him. Ichigo swung out zangetsu, but it was caught in Zyrakuo's hand. He held the blade still and pulled Ichigo towards him, "Why do you want to kill me so bad Vizard? " Zyrakuo asked him earnestly looking into Ichigo's eyes not breaking contact even though other attacks and enemies were coming at him left and right. "You know why…don't play dumb arrancar…" Ichigo said as Zyrakuo let go of his bankai. Zyrakuo looked at them all and flash stepped a good distance away before speaking. "I'm sick of this….I do not wish to fight you." He took his hands out of his pockets and held them out on his sides away from his bankai. He hung his head down looking at the town below him, his hair covering his face from their view. He knew Ulquiorra would have put a hole in him for stopping in the middle of battle but being out numbered four to one he wouldn't last long.