Ch 2

Unknown Truths

Zyrakuo looked deep into the soul reaper's eyes trying to see into him as a person. They stood at a stand still for a long time, never uttering a word on either side. Zyrakuo tilted his head to the side, "You going to explain yourselves? Why you hate arrancar and espada so much…" Zyrakuo said scanning each soul. "We don't need to explain anything to you….you should already know, you are one of Aizen's dogs after all…" Ichigo said gripping his bankai tightly in his hand.

Zyrakuo's expression changed at his statement, his eyes widening his body tensing. "I am not Aizen's dog…." He yelled balling up his fist, his eyes narrowing, "A human can never understand what its like to be used to such a degree…" Zyrakuo said looking down. His spiritual pressure roared making everyone uneasy as he looked up. "I'll never be used again!" Zyrakuo jolted forward directly at Ichigo but, was blocked by Rukia's bankai.

The burning rage in his eyes instilled itself in Rukia's mind as he pressed his hand forward against her blade. Zyrakuo flash stepped out of the way of her bankai as she attacked. "Dance…number three…Shirafune!" Rukia commanded and her bankai obeyed. Zyrakuo held his hand up to his face as dark blue energy gathered at his hand. He swiped his hand across his face as a hollow mask generated connecting to his mask fragment already there.

The mask was that of a dingo stained with blue flames across the mask. He knew he couldn't take them lightly so he resorted to this. He grabbed his Zanpakuto unsheathing the blade as the attack came straight toward him at full speed. Ichigo froze in fear and confusion at the mask on his face. "I thought he was an arrancar…Aizen couldn't have created a hybrid and kept him concealed from the soul society…" Ichigo thought to him self tensing at the thought. Zyrakuo dashed forward straight into the attack it self, he brought his blade forward coming into contact with the ice.

The ice shattered completely into pieces as he continued toward Rukia. His focus on her was broken as an arrow of spirit energy shot toward him nailing him in the side. He slid back clinching his side, gridding his teeth under the mask. He stared at Uryu for a moment before charging at him. He vanished feet away from before appearing in front of Orihime his blade inches from her. Orihime had no time to counter the attack seeing he was so close and unexpected. Zyrakuo's eyes widened as Ichigo stood there his blade connected with his blocking it from Orihime's neck. Ichigo gave him a death defying glare that shook Zyrakuo to his core.

"Getsuga Tensho!" The attacked engulfed Zyrakuo in black energy. Ichigo expected him to serve the attack since Ulquiorra survived it in his past battle against him. Zyrakuo stood next to Ichigo his head face down, Ichigo looked to his side at the sight of the Arrancar Vizard hybrid. His state of rage still in his eyes but, the away he thought the hybrid would survive was the complete opposite of what he originally thought. Zyrakuo swung his blade at Ichigo never moving from his spot next to him. Ichigo blocked the blade his dark eyes staring into Zyrakuo's.

Orihime looked in fear but yet set up her shield of protection. Rukia charged in even though she knew it wasn't going to be easy to defeat this hybrid arrancar. Chad rushed in, "Le Directo." He said bringing his fist toward Zyrakuo's face. Zyrakuo looked out the corner of his eye and lifted his hand up quickly grabbing Chad's fist. He turned his head slightly, his black and light grey eyes burning Chad alive in a harsh glare.

Ichigo was amazed yet angered, still he pushed forward on the hybrid. Zyrakuo tightened his grip on Chad's fist and pulled him down, kneeing Chad in the face. Surprise shot on Chad's face as he came into contacted with the hybrids knee. Fear and anger rushed through Zyrakuo's mind as he fought against four people at once….

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