"What the? V-Vaati y-you y-your a- a- a- a- a- a" "A What?" "Cat!" "What in Hyrule are you talking about?" "Look at yourself!" [looks down] "What the Hell?" "Told ya." "How the hell did this happen? I look ridiculous!" "Aww, What a Cute little Kitty!" "How dare you call me Cute!" Vaati hissed. [Vaati tries to blow Dark Link up with magic] "My magic doesn't work? It can't be! Nooooooooo! I'm powerless! I can't be an Great Evil Super Villain Sorcerer like this!" [Dark Link role's his eyes.] "How do I turn back?" Vaati yelled. [Dark shrugs.] "I don't know. Hey! I know! Why don't we ask Link and Zelda?" "Oh, Hell no! I'd rater be hanged then talk to that bratty princess and her green boyfriend!" "You should be careful of what you say You just might get your wish." "Like I'd go asking the one's that could kill me for help." [Vaati starts hissing] Dark sighs. "Vaati, it's ether we ask them for help on reversing this, or you can stay like this forever." "Ugh! I hate you for this! But if I die for this... your going down with me." Vaati threatened. "Yeah, yeah, yeah." [ they start walking out of the palace of winds] "I still say you look Cute." "Shut the hell up."