Blood Ties,
Chapter 24

Vampire Knight © Matsuri Hino

The clicking of the closing door seemed to echo around the now barely occupied house. Juuri Kuran stood with her hand still pressed against the closed door after saying goodbye to her children and their friends as they went back to the academy. She could still see the pain in her daughter's eyes despite her absence, could still feel the agony and betrayal resonating from her and felt nothing but guilt and anger that she had failed to protect her daughter from the horrible truth that had already nearly succeeded in tearing the Kuran family apart.

It had been many years since Juuri had felt this much sorrow and she could no longer see any reason to hide the remnants of torture that still haunted her since the death of her son. She seethed at the fact that even after so many years after his disappearance, Rido still had a suffocating hold over her family.

So lost in thought, the Kuran jumped at the feeling of light pressure on her shoulder and spun to find her husband staring down at her with the same pain in his eyes that she knew was also in hers. It tore her apart inside to see her husband looking like this again, but she still could not find it inside of her to smile at her husband, or offer any form of comfort. The anger inside of her was consuming, and she felt herself itching for it to be released.

"We need to find him," she spoke through her gritted teeth, "we need to make him pay for what he has done to this family... to Yuki. Things will never be the same, Haruka. Do you think he will never forgive us?"

A slight nod seemed to be the only answer for a few moments, until the Kuran male gained the composure to speak. "Of course she will, Juuri. It may not be next week, or even next year. But, one day, she will know that everything we did, we did to protect her."

"We did not protect her. Did you see her, Haruka? Did you see what our lies to did her?"

"We didn't do that to her. Rido did. We did what we could in the circumstances to keep our daughter safe and happy. We did our job as parents. That's what matters right now, my love."
"I knew that we should have gone with my plan. He will never stop torturing our family!" the brunette female exclaimed, "We should have made her human as soon as Rido found out about her."

"At what price, Juuri?" Haruka questioned with the faintest glint of anger at his wife evident in his glare, "Your life? No. You're her mother, she needs you... I need you."

She sighed, her shoulders slumping in defeat, "I know. But we still need to find him and make him pay."
"We will," he promised.


For once, it was a silent ride and the designated driver did not know how to interpret the silent group of teenagers in the back of the car. Usually, the blonde boy and the brunette girl would be nattering about something or the other, their voices growing higher with excitement and laughter whilst the brunette boy would just look at the pair with a fond smile and the occasional verbal input into the conversation. Now, however, you could cut the tension in the air with a knife. There was no talking after the blonde boy had attempted and failed to create a conversation. There was no eye contact, each of them just looked into space. The two brunettes were physically tense, they were sat as far apart from each other as the seat would allow, although they both continued to randomly glance at each other ever now and again, as if to make sure the other was still there and both of their hands twitched as if they ached to hold the other.

The driver gave a silent sigh and put his attention back onto the basically empty road with a slight frown. The car that was usually full of life and laughter now seemed even emptier than before they got in and he wondered whether his colleague's car of teenagers were any better.


Upon arrival back to the academy at sunset, the night class were vaguely surprised to see a small crowd of day class students waiting. The day students were not due to come back until the next day, and Aidou vainly wondered if they had arrived back early just to see him. However, the uneasy journey back to the academy had unsettled the usually flamboyant noble and so he did not handle that train of thought for long and paid little attention to the squealing girls that awaited the class. He did, however, notice the one girl that did not pay him, or any of the night class students, any attention. Sitting on the ground at the fountain with crossed legs and a book in hand, was a girl that Hanabusa vaguely remembered annoying him for not paying him attention. Although, after looking at the girl properly, he could see that she was not the fangirl type. She seemed intelligent and serious, unlike the screaming girls that fawned over him constantly. Her hair was short, and a very attractive looking brown. She was not gorgeous, like Ruka, but preety all of the same. She had an interesting appearance that made Aidou want to know more about her but she would not look at him so he could see what was going on behind those lovely hazel colored eyes and that still annoyed him to no end.
"I think your fans are planning to murder that girl you're staring at, you know," Kain mentioned to him, amused, "They're disgusted,"

"Who is she?" Aidou asked, mainly to himself, but also to anyone who was listening to him.

"I don't know... does Hanabusa a little crush?" The flame haired male teased his cousin,


"If you say so,"

"Shush, Akatsuki," Aidou insisted, glaring, "This is not the time. Can't you see Kaname-Sama and Yuki-Sama are upset?"

"I guess... but I'm sure it will soon cheer them up to know that you're infatuated,"

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