As I gazed at my students, I felt a peace I had not felt for a long time. Unlike my lie to Po, I know was finally at peace. My wife I had given up as dead was alive and with me always. Two children I didn't even know I had were suddenly mine. Jet looked proud and Lucy, listening to something no one else could hear. She would always have her secrets, though her soft spot for Tai Lung was becoming more pronounced. Tai Lung, my son too, would finally get a chance at a new life. And, of course, I had Po, a good friend, and my students, the Furious Five. As I was creating a new start with Tai Lung, maybe I could do so with my Tigress too.

Remembering my master name, I thought of the names of all I knew. They were all so treasured to me. Xiongmeng was Master Flying Rhino, Oogway was Master Jade Tortoise, Baihehua was Master Black Lily, Yingzi was Master Dark Shadow, Ming Yue was Master Silver Moon, Tigress was Master Amber Fire, Crane was Master Swift Wind, Mantis was Master Lightning Flash, Monkey was Master Fleet Foot, Viper was Master Ribbon Dancer, and Po was Master Thunder Storm. I was Master Ice Dragon.

Together, we're the protectors of the Valley of Peace, and eternally Kung Fu masters, warriors of the art.

Peace had finally come.