Thursday, March 25th

-shocked- Yuushi asked me out… I'm going out with Yuushi. Yuushi and I are going out on a date... no matter how many times I say it and how many different ways I say it it's always the same thing. The worst part of it is that I said yes to him! I don't even know why I said yes to him, I mean it's Yuushi and Yuushi is Yuushi. He's a sappy romantic that likes chick flicks and being cheesy and romance novels and I said yes to him… =.=

I wonder what I got myself into with this. I mean, not that I don't like Yuushi, because I do! (Shutup, Shishido! –glares-) And I guess I have thought about going on a date with him and… -blush- other things, but those were thoughts!

Now why the hell did I say "yes"? I was told that people already believe that Yuushi and I are together and that we're called the "Dirty Pair" (WHERE THE HELL DOES THAT COME FROM???!!!) but we aren't together and it seems like everyone else already has their special someone (kami, I think Yuushi is rubbing off on me… NOT IN THAT WAY!!!). Jirou and Atobe (why him?) are moving in together, Shishido and Ootori are practically married (don't you two deny it!), even fucking Hiyoshi and Taki are dancing around each other, and I bet Kikumaru is doing it with that double's partner of his! I'm not stupid you know.

But what about me? Are me and Yuushi… I do really like Yuushi though. He's smart and actually really funny when he wants to be and I know him better than anyone… well, except maybe Atobe, but I probably know things about Yuushi even Atobe and his insight doesn't know. –cough cough-

But why am I going on about this? I'm being stupid! I'm going out with Yuushi and that's that!