It was a dark and stormy Wednesday afternoon at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry in potions class. Harry Potter a 15 year old wizard is in his potions class with professor Snarf. Snarf was explaining that the potion they were brewing was supposed to stimulate hair growth. Ron started laughing "maybe it will help my ball hair grow" Snarf looked at ron with a look of contempt and jumped on his lap and started purring and rubbing against him. "Harry please help the professor is sleeping on me again" ron yelled. Ron was so pissed that everyone was doing their potions and decided to put some of the hair he had gotten from goyle and put it in harry's potion. Professor Snarf told the class to drink their potions and see how they did. Harry took a swig of his and started gagging and going into spasms. He was changing, his skin felt like scalding tea, he was starting to scream and make funny noises. "what the fuck is happening to me" Harry screamed in pleasure. He started blacking out and then fell asleep. He woke up with a craving for ginger flesh and confections. He felt short and… and… "What the hell happened to me" harry exclaimed with his new voice. People were crowded around him "he is sooo cuutee" "I like him better this way" "potter is going to be like this forever" came a familiar voice "Professor snarf?" Harry realized his voice was all weird and he wasn't speaking English. "harry if you can understand me look in this mirror" Dumbledog said. Harry looked inside the mirror and saw that he was a…a…a…a…a

a….. Mooooonnnnkkkkkkkeeeeyyyyy!!!!!!!