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I rolled over in my bed wishing to forget my human years. Sometimes I wonder why I even have a bed, seeing as I don't sleep. I bought it on a spontaneous shopping spree that ended up leading me to a home furnishing store that in turn lead to this black and blue bed finding home in my room. I rolled over again wondering once more why I even laid down knowing that as soon as I do my mind would go back to my father. I sighed giving up on the internal fight against said memories and closed my eyes allowing them to fully play out.

I am 10 years old. My Dad was trying to get me to sleep, little does he know that my friends older sister let us try some coffee while I was over there and getting me to sleep is an impossible task tonight. I giggled quietly and Dad looked down at me confused at what was going through my little 10 year old mind. "Daddy!" I squealed and his eyes widened.

"Are you okay Sweetie?" he asked suspiciously and I nodded happily.

"Of course Daddy!" I almost yelled and he jumped in surprise.

"Well, you know grandpa is getting on right?" he asked slowly and my good mood slipped as I calmed down almost instantly.

"What are you saying?" I pressed as he sighed sitting down next to me.

"Grandpa wants me to help take over his job tomorrow night; I will leave after you go to bed and be back before you wake up. I am just telling you so you do not worry if I am not here when you wake up," he explained in his familiar calm voice. Being around him for 10 years I always found it soothing in a weird way.

"You will be okay though. Right?" I asked him knowing that he never lied to me, he even told me so once. He nodded reassuringly and I smiled, my good mood returning as I hugged him happily. "As long as you are not going to leave me," I told him.

"I would never leave you," he said and something in his voice told me that he meant it with all his heart and I tightened my hug.

I whipped open my eyes and shot out of bed. I missed my father so much and I usually repressed those memories knowing that they brought nothing but sorrow and loneliness. I let out a very shaky breath and looked at the clock that I had placed by my bed when I moved here. "Crap!" I muttered realizing that I had lost track of time and I had to get to school soon.

I had just moved to Forks and the last thing I needed was being late on my first day of school. I was hoping to stay here for a good few years seeing as being a vampire entitled not aging and if you wanted to associate with humans, you had to move every few years to not bring up suspicion.

Which is just what I'll get unless I get moving this moment. I ran across the hall to my bathroom and stepped into the shower. With the calming flow of water going down my back I relaxed and subconsciously allowed more memories to flood back into my mind. It was almost like I had open the dam that was holding back all of these.

Dad was going to go do his job for grandpa tonight. I promised that I would be good for grandpa and Dad had accepted that. He was tucking me into bed just before he was going to leave. "Do you really have to go Daddy?" I asked for the gazillionth time and Dad just smiled sadly at me once more.

"Yes, but I told you I will be back before you wake up," he responded for the gazillionth time. I knew that their work was incredibly dangerous, but I trusted Daddy when he said he would come home. "Here," he said reaching into his pocket and pulling out a beautiful necklace. "This is our crest, wear it always and it will keep you safe," he instructed me and I allowed him to put it around my neck.

"Thank you Daddy. I will always wear it," I promised. His smile brightened my thoughts and I knew he meant what he said when he told me he would be back.

I felt my eyes burn with tears I would never shed and stepped out and went back to my room to get dressed. I quickly looked over myself in the mirror and my eyes rested on the necklace my Dad gave me that night and I gripped it tightly. Not too tightly that it would break, just for reassurance that everything would be okay.

I ran out to my car and jumped in driving to my new school. Unfortunately driving by yourself also gives you lots of time to think and I found myself taking another trip down memory lane to one of the most painful ones I have.

I woke up to a cloudy and miserable day. I jumped out of bed something inside of me screaming that something was not right. My memories of Daddy from last night came back to me and I ran my fastest to his room. Just at his closed door I tripped and ended up falling into the door with it opening instead of breaking my fall.

He hadn't closed it, it wasn't shut, what ever in my body knew was right. I took a quick look through his room anyways just for good measure but no signs of him being here since last night were evident. I gave up and ran downstairs to the kitchen, nothing, living room, squat, and even knocked on the bathroom, no one responded.

He promised he would be back, he promised! My mind shouted telling me not to give up and I ran up the stairs only to run into grandpa. He saw my frantic look and offered a sad smile. "I am truly sorry, but he has yet to returned," he told me getting down on his knees to bring himself to my height. I leaned into him as he wrapped his arms around me, and I cried.

I barely registered that I got to school but I did notice my hands shaking on the wheel. I tried to breathe a calming breath, but failed miserably. I parked next to a red truck that looked like something I used to own, it was my favourite car, but it broke down not too long ago. I sighed and jumped out running into the office, human speed, to get my schedule.

The lady there looked slightly dazed as she handed me the necessary papers and I left soon after before she could say anything else. Looking over I went to my first class. Some boy tried to introduce himself to me after class but I smiled politely, knowing Dad had raised me to be polite, and left quickly. I heard him sigh and I had to avoid a couple of other kids who tried to be friendly. Tried being the key word here.

I could feel their real intentions. The boy from first period was really just trying to catch my attention, the girl from trig was just trying to get attention, so I, once more, smiled politely and declined her invitation to lunch. Though it might have looked better seeing as now I had to sit by myself effectively attracting attention.

On a last minute decision I ditched lunch and spent that period in the library. Who really wanted to sit at a table alone surrounded by all of that noise and all of that human food? Answer, not me. Gag, human food was nasty.

So I spent my period reading Shakespeare instead of suffering through that and was actually disappointed when I had to go to my next class. Biology was definitely not what I wanted to occupy my time with, but, all I have is time so what do I have to lose?

I dropped my book and left my new sanctuary to go jump back into the tortured lessons of high school. I got to class and the teacher instructed me to sit at the supposedly only seat left. I guess I was early seeing as many of the seats were still open, but I sat down where he said anyways.

As the class filled up I closed my eyes leaving an open invitation for what ever memory was going to attack me next.

It took them another three weeks to announce him dead, they couldn't find him. They said that he had been killed and it was out of their hands. I had to get ready for his funeral and grandfather had gotten me a black dress to wear. A tear slid down my check as I looked over my outfit in the mirror, and my eyes rested on the necklace Dad gave me.

I couldn't believe he was gone. Something inside of me told me that I couldn't give up, but it was a once quiet voice that was quickly being muted by grief and depression. My best friend, my shoulder to cry on, my Father was d...de...I can't even think it! He promised he would come back, he never lies, he told me!

"You said you would never leave me, where are you now?" I almost whispered but it was enough. I collapsed on my bed knowing that when I go out there, I need to pretend that I am coping, which is that last thing I'm doing.

Oddly though, I felt something brush my hand, and my eyes snapped open knowing that I was the only one in this room. I found a piece of paper lying on my bed next to me just below my hand. I looked around quickly seeing that my door was still locked, and I was still alone. A sob escaped at that thought. I was alone.

Remembering the mysterious paper I went back to my bed and unfolded it and I gasped at the all too familiar handwriting. It was in printing so a ten year old could read it, but it was as clear as day.

I never lie -Dad

No one was here. But he was dead. I breathed and pulled myself together, I had to believe that was from him. He was answering my question, he is still here. How and why are a mystery, but he had taught me to believe, so I'll believe that this really is from him. I allowed a brief smile before tucking the note under my pillow and walking out the door.

I sighed, a sad edge to the sound, and noticed that the room had filled up. "Are you alright?" a voice beside me asked causing me to jump in shock.

I turned to find not only a vampire, but the most god like vampire I had ever seen. He had bronze hair that didn't look to have an order, and seemed muscular, not overly but it was there. Taller than me as well by the looks of it. I locked eyes with him and I relaxed at the same time as he did noting his eyes color and put on one of my fake smiles. "I'm fine, thanks," I assured him but he looked conflicted. He knew I was lying.

"Nice to meet you fine, my name is Edward," he smiled trying to lighten the mood while being polite.

I laughed "Sorry, Isabella Cullen, but call me Bella."

He looked taken a back and when I gave him a questioning look he laughed. "What?" I asked in annoyance as his laughter started to fade. Unfortunately the teacher called attention before he could answer so I had to direct my attention to the front.

After a long, and amazingly boring, class the bell finally signaled the end and we finally were released. But before all of that. "Now, enlighten me, what was with the laughing?" I asked the annoying and breathtaking vampire next to me.

"It's nothing, really, just, my full name is Edward Anthony Masen Cullen," he smiled and my eyebrows squeezed together.

"Strange," I commented and he shrugged smiling brightly.

"Coincidence I suppose, but I'll see you later," he suggested and I nodded. I was happy to finally have somebody to talk to that I could fully talk to.

"Definitely, but for now, I must run to gym," I told him before we separated. Yay! I thought to myself, I made a friend in Jail! I mentally laughed, I came up with that a few decades ago, and school was from then on changed to Jail, because that is what it felt like.

I got to the gym and the teacher decided to let me sit out seeing as it was my first day. Yippee, no torture. I sat down on the bleachers and watched the others run around and playing basketball. I sighed feeling a tug at my memory once more. Whenever I wasn't actively doing something today my mind decided to torture me, what did I ever do to it!

It's been five long years since they pronounced Dad, 'dead'. I gave up trying to prove that he wasn't dead and just let it be, knowing that I had nothing but that note, and I wasn't going to give it up. I still had it and I was never going to let it go. It was my last shred of hope that things would work out. "Isabella!" my grandfather called. I knew he was getting fed up with me. He was tired of me still being sad five years later about my Dad.

If I didn't know that Dad would have wanted me to be polite I would have walked right up to him and yelled "He was my Father for goodness sakes! Am I supposed to just forget him!?" but I held back that urge. But I fully well knew my grandfather wanted to get rid of me and was planning on marrying me off to the first boy who showed interest. Lucky me.

"Coming," I called back, but not as loudly. I descended the stairs to meet grandfather in the living room as he heard me come in.

"Isabella, I have been thinking that it is time for you to make a life. I have found a very nice boy named Jacob that I think you would really like. He has seen you around and asked me for your hand in marriage. I accepted on your behalf and you will meet him in a couple of days," he told me trying to copy Dads calm soothing voice because he knew that it did calm me, but on him it just scared me actually.

Be polite, be polite, be polite. You must act like a lady and this is one of the things we have to go through. I told myself before I told him "Alright grandfather, thank you for telling me," when actually I wanted to say "Are you kidding me! I do not even know him! I do not want to marry some boy I do not know so young!"

I turned abruptly and went back up to my room before I burst back into tears. "I wish you were here," I whispered and the note that I had kept for the past five years brushed my hand. When I opened it this time though something was added on to the bottom.

I never lie –Dad

P.S. I will always love you.

I smiled to myself knowing that I had left that in my closet.

The school bell ringing brought me out of my thoughts and I looked to see a just about empty gym. I ran and saw everyone was in the change room so I wasn't late. I left the whole building and went to the parking lot looking for my little blue car. I first found the red truck I parked next to, which had to mean my car was right next to it. I started to walk over there but was cut off by none other than Mr. Edward Cullen.

"Why hello again," I laughed pushing my long forgotten memories out of my head.

"Nice to see you too. Just passing along a message that my siblings want to meet you," he admitted but I didn't let my smile waver as he led me to a silver Volvo that hadn't been there when I arrived at school. Siblings? How many were in his coven?

"Bella!" someone called from around said car and I got a good look at all who were around. There was a girl with blond hair who looked like a beauty queen, and made me feel even more self-conscious than usual, standing next to a very big guy who looked like a bear. On the other side of him stood a guy who seemed to have been through a lot judging by the scars that were peaking out from his long sleeves and on his neck, he had his arm around a girl who looked like a...pixie!

"This is Alice," he pointed to the pixie.

"Hey Bella! We're going to be great friends, I just know it!" she smiled kindly and I instantly took a liking to her.

"Her husband Jasper," he directed to the boy who had a bunch of scars.

"Nice to meet you," he smiled also and I felt calmer, almost as effective as Dad.

"Emmett," the big bear dude.

"Hey!" he grinned and I smiled back.

"And his wife Rosalie," he directed to beauty queen over there.

"Nice to see you," she smiled looking a little less happy than the others, but she was still happy nonetheless.

"I'm Bella, as you seem to know, nice to meet you too," I responded and they smiled brighter.

"Well we need to get home or Esme will start to wonder where we are. But, you're welcome to come with us," Alice offered and I thought about it for a moment.

I was about to say no when Edward said "Please, Esme would be happy to meet you." I looked up and found myself getting lost in his eyes and found that I no longer could say no. So I just sighed in defeat which brought a smile to their faces.

"Okay, Jasper and I will come in your car, and you can follow Edward, Rosalie, and Emmett," Alice smiled and she was already on her way over to my car, how she knew which one was mine was beyond me but oh well.

I was happy that someone else would be in the car, now maybe those memories would leave me alone for a little while longer. Maybe going over to their house would prolong it even longer, I thought wistfully. "Bella?" I heard Alice call and I noticed that I was sitting in my car and the others were waiting for me.

"Oh sorry!" I responded and quickly caught up as we drove down an unfamiliar path to what I assumed to be their house.

"So Bella, how old are you?" Alice asked after a while of silence.

I laughed, but still answered "Somewhere in the 340's approximately."

"Wow, really! Our 'father' is around that age," she responded off-handidly.

"Cool, maybe I knew him on some off chance," I laughed almost missing that the Volvo in front of us just turned down a long driveway.

"You guys live here?" I asked gaping at their mansion of a house.

"Ya, our 'mother' Esme decorated it," Alice explained as I parked behind their car.

"That's cool, how many is in your coven?" I asked. I hadn't met a group bigger than three aside from the Volturi, shudder, so this was sort of strange.

"Well, there's the five of us that go to school, and then our 'parent's, so 7," Jasper told me getting out of the car with Alice following. I managed a small smile, but I couldn't help my mind thinking of the fact that my last family died 300 years ago. "What's wrong?" he asked turning back to me.

I looked at him strangely making sure that I maintained the same smile. "I'm Fine," I assured him before following Alice to the front door. He didn't look very convinced but he didn't press the matter and I was thankful he was just letting it drop.

Alice skipped inside with Rosalie and Emmet close behind her and Jasper was still behind me looking confused. Edward looked like he was listening to something but no one was talking...I didn't bother with it. "Esme!" Alice called still smiling as she looked around.

"What is it Alice?" a lady asked appearing at the bottom of the stairs. She looked like the kind of loving caring Mom as she turned her attention from Alice to me. "Why, Hello dear, I'm Esme," she smiled in a very motherly fashion.

"Isabella, but I prefer Bella," I responded trying to return her smile, but it was hard, for some reason everything was making me think of my Dad. What was wrong with me?

I didn't really have a mother but my father took that job, he acted as both parents and everything just worked out.

"Well it's great to meet you. We don't run into many other vampires, let alone vegetarians," she explained and at first I felt my face scrunch in confusion until I remembered my diet and theirs, that must have been what they meant!

"Oh, right," I laughed and I probably looked crazy for a moment.

"Well, I'm sure my husband would like to meet you, he's still at the hospital but he should be home soon," she said.

Confused I asked "What is he doing at the hospital?"

"Oh he's a doctor, Dr. Cullen," she looked proud and I could understand why. However once more I was brought back to a memory of my father. He was the kind of person who would help others like that; I could easily imagine him being a doctor which caused me to be even more upset. That would've been his name too, which only brought me further into my momentary turmoil.

"Are you okay Bella?" this time it was Edward who asked and my head shot up from looking at the ground. I took a deep breath and made sure I looked perfectly fine.

"Yes I'm fine," I told him but he still looked unconvinced.

"I can hear his car, he'll be back soon, why don't we sit down," Esme offered and the others agreed quickly before leading the way into a living room. I followed and sat down between Edward and Emmett on the couch.

Not long after we heard the front door open and someone walked in. Esme disappeared and we heard her by the door. "We have a guest," she told him.

They walked in and when I saw him I stopped breathing. Standing in front of me, was my father.

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