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"They," I directed to Tanya and Irina "Drove Bella away," I stated with full confidence.

"What makes you say that?" Esme inquired, looking perplexed at how they could.

With a lack of any other reason, I merely answered "Who's the mind reader here?" I was too distraught to intelligently argue my point.

"We did no such thing!" Tanya defended, making herself sound distraught over the concept. I didn't know what to say after that, until Eleazar's thoughts came back to mind. He knew what was going on, that I was certain of.


"Edward, why don't you calm down so we can discuss this," Carlisle tried to reason with me, but I was too far gone for it to work.

I pushed Eleazar up against the door frame and snarled "What did they do?" He maintained an era of calm around him, most likely due to his knowledge that if this broke down to a fight he could easily beat me without a second thought.

"Edward!" Carlisle called, shocked by my uncharacteristic display of hostility. I dropped Eleazar immediately but then turned on Carlisle.

"They just ran off your daughter, your biological daughter, and you're telling me to calm down. Why don't you help me get to the bottom of this so we don't lose her for good?" I growled, having no patience for this pointless time wasting conversation while Bella was running off to lord knows where. Every second that passed she was getting farther and farther away and getting harder and harder to find. If we waited too long the trail would run cold, and it would be too late.

"Edward, a moment," he responded, watching me with calm yet weary eyes. I sighed in defeat and shuffled out into the hallway in front of Carlisle. "Alice, see if you can get a sight on Bella," he said as he walked out the door. We were just standing in the hallway, so if we talked normally everyone would be able to hear. Knowing this, Carlisle spoke to me in hushed tones quiet enough to pass unnoticed by those inside the room. "Edward-" he started, but I hastily cut him off.

"I know Carlisle; I'm way out of line. I'm sorry, I won't attack anymore people," I promised, though the way things were going I knew that was most likely going to turn out being a lie.

"Edward! Let me talk?" he asked with a smirk. I nodded, refusing to look at his face. "I've noticed how you feel about my little girl," he simply dropped the bomb. Had I been human, I very nearly would've choked. My wide panicked eyes met his calm understanding gaze for a moment, before I turned my look down to the ground. "Now I can't say that I'm jumping with joy at the concept, and since I see you both as my children it will take me a bit to accept the fact, but I have been your father figure for over a hundred years so there are very few people I would trust more. Just please, you're irrational behavior is not going to get her back any faster. If anything it will prolong this whole ordeal." I finally met his gaze once he finished speaking, torn between astonishment and apologetic, before I just opted to nod.

He nodded in return and turned to go back into the room, but I stopped him. "Thank you," was all I managed to say. He just smiled in return and ushered me back inside to the rest.

We were met with quite the sight. Alice was holding on to Irina's wrist, effectively preventing her from pouncing on Rosalie. Rosalie had Tanya pressed up against a wall snarling at her about how she had no right to even be in this house, let alone to drive people out of it. Irina was trying to claw at Alice's hand, but Jasper had sensed the danger to his wife and was holding her arm in a painfully tight death grip. Esme, Carmen, and Eleazar were looking on in horror at their kids' behavior while Emmett was cheering the whole thing on. Kate stood by him, looking absolutely perplexed as to what in the world was going on.

"Enough," Carlisle's voice rang through the room which caused everyone to freeze. "Now, I know for a fact I've raised all four of you better than this," he lectured. Alice and Jasper dropped Irina's arms, and Rosalie reluctantly took a step back from Tanya who know wore a smug smile.

"No, Carlisle, I have to admit this is Tanya and Irina's doing," Eleazar jumped in earning a confused glance from Carlisle, and a heated glare from me. "We've never told you about Irina's gift, but that's mostly because I've forbidden her on multiple occasions from useing it. She can influence a person's paradigm, and by that I mean the persons point of view, in any way she wishes. She can give them a positive paradigm, in which everything has a rosy coating over it. Or she can influence their paradigm negatively, making the world seem as though it has a constant malicious undertone. It appears she has used the latter on little Isabella," he explained. This didn't make sense, we were nothing but kind so how could anything we've done been interpreted as malicious? Everyone was now glaring daggers at Irina, who looked like she was seconds away from bolting.

"I only did it because Tanya said I had to!" she whined pleading Eleazar with her eyes to cut her a little slack.

"You still did it, now let's go young lady, you two Tanya," he growled pointing out of the room.

They both left with sour looks on their faces, Irina mumbling something about being older than him. Kate followed closely behind after offering apologetic looks to everyone. "I'm sorry dear friend, I'd stay to help but I doubt our presence could do much in the way of anything positive" he sighed to Carlisle.

"I suspect you're right, but don't fret too much. You've given us the last puzzle piece and we can move on from here. Hopefully our next visit will not end on such a low note," he offered his hand to which Eleazar took.

"Thank you, best of luck," and with that they were gone. Carmen apologized profusely to Esme claiming to expect more from the girls before she followed Eleazar out.

"Well that's all just fine and dandy, but what are we going to do now," Emmett whined, to which I agreed. The information still didn't change the fact that Bella was gone.

"Since Eleazar didn't tell Irina to lift her attention from Isabella, we can only assume that her gift only works in proximity. So, we find Bella and explain," he concluded.

"But should we all go? What if that overwhelms her?" I questioned, not wanting to ruin our last chance of getting her back.

"That's a good point. I have a feeling the two she feels most betrayed by would be myself and Edward, so our best bet would be for the two of us to go search for her," he concluded. I couldn't understand why she would feel most betrayed by me, but I wasn't about to argue. The others didn't want to be left behind, but whether they were happy or not they saw the reasoning and agreed. Carlisle nodded at that and nudged me towards the door. Thankfully we caught onto her scent in no time and were quickly running through the forest after her.

After what felt like forever of running I couldn't stop myself from asking Carlisle "Why would she feel more betrayed by me than the others?"

He looked over at me with a raised eyebrow and shook his head. "Because you're feelings are reciprocated of course. She was just realizing this all when she feels that you turned cold towards her," he explained and a small smile appeared on my face, before I remembered why we were running through the forest and it disappeared. Then I clued into a startling realization. There was a horrible stench surrounding this area.


My head snapped around to be met with a huge brown wolf bearing its teeth at me. I barely contained my scream, but found myself jumping out of my ball and backing up into a tree. The wolf seemed to be sizing me up, his eyes trailing up and down my body detecting weaknesses. In this state I'll be the first to admit, I had many. I felt an arm push me back before I saw Dad standing in front of me. He nudged me to the side as I couldn't go any further back so I was standing behind both him and Edward. I watched Edward nod to Dad, a silent question I guessed. "Hello Sam," Dad smiled politely and raised his hands in a sign of peace. A second later Edward slowly followed his lead.

"He wants to know who she is," Edward whispered to Dad.

"I'm terribly sorry Sam, we haven't had the chance to warn you about Bella or for me to warn her about your pack, it's been quite hectic. This is a new edition to our family, Isabella Marie Cullen. Bella, this is Sam. He is the leader of the Quileute wolf pack," he introduced. I wanted to ask, but it seemed that if I moved this tentative peace between us and the wolf would shatter.

"He's not happy, and is questioning the part of the treaty where we are not allowed to bite a human," Edward relayed another message to Dad, I could only assume from the wolf.

"We didn't change her. In fact she is over 300 years old. She is my daughter, I had her when I was human and we have just found her again," at this the wolf seemed to relax and even soften up ever so slightly. The wolf nodded his head and shot a look at Edward.

"As long as she knows about the treaty and stays away from the line they will not touch her," he sighed, also relaxing. Both Dad and Edward lowered their hands.

"Thank you Sam, we will be on our way now," Dad smiled at him and then turned towards me. "Come on, we shall talk somewhere else," and with that Edward grabbed my hand and followed Dad. We didn't get too much further before we stopped. Well Dad stopped and barely gave me two second to react before he pulled me into a hug. "Never do that again, do you hear me?" he whispered before we parted. "We love you, don't forget this. If ever a seed of doubt enters your mind, talk to us," he instructed, forcing me to look into his eyes and nod.

"But, you were all acting as if I was a burden! You were so exasperated with me, Edward wouldn't give me a second glance, Jasper just watched me with a look of hatred, Rosalie was complaining about me having to stay, Emmett wondered what was wrong with me, Esme didn't care about me, Alice was waiting for me to leave, and now I sound like a whiny child!" I gasped at the end and turned away from both of them.

"Bella, honey look at me," Dad whispered. I turned to stare at him and he had such a look of understanding it hurt. "None of that is true. Irina has a power to affect how you perceive things, and she used it on you. You are never a burden to me, Edward couldn't stop worrying about what was going on with you I had to practically restrain him to give you a little space, Jasper was confused by your emotions but didn't know how to approach you, Rosalie was complaining about Tanya staying, Emmett wondered why you were acting so strange, Esme was fretting over you, Alice was trying to make sure you didn't leave, and I'd rather know what was going through your mind then for you to hold it all in," he sighed clutching my face in both hands. "I'll tell you a secret, to say Edward wouldn't give you a second glace is the farthest from the truth when he could barely keep his mind off of you and how he could help you," he mock whispered.

"Hey!" Edward protested from a few feet away, but his face showed his embarrassment like an open book.

I watched Dad a little skeptically, not sure what to believe at this point. "I never lie," he winked. That was all it took, I flung my arms around him.

"I'm sorry," I whispered, not sure what else to say.

"Don't be, Irina should be apologizing. Unfortunately that seems far from likely," he explained and then stepped out of the hug. "Now, I know the rest of the family is anxiously awaiting your return. What do you say Bells?" he asked, but it was unnecessary. I eagerly nodded and he turned to run off back towards the house. I was about to follow when Edward grabbed my wrist.

"Don't ever do that to me again," he pleaded when I turned to face him. He looked halfway between joking and begging.

"To you?" I quoted in question.

"Do you know how terrified I was when I entered your room to see that you were gone? The very concept that you were gone forever was a devastating thought," he told me. "It made me realize how quickly you could disappear, and how heavy the unsaid words can way on your mind," he stared into my eyes, trying to convey some deep message. "So, to prevent the constant nagging thought of 'what if' from plaguing my mind, I just have to tell you something real quick," he pulled me closer. My breath was stuck in my throat as he stared deep into my eyes. "I love you, never doubt it. I have been slowly falling in love with you since I showed you my meadow and when I realized I may never get the chance to tell you… the pain was crippling," he explained. At a loss for words I showed him my thoughts the only way that seemed appropriate at this moment. I kissed him.

When we pulled away he had a smile on his face that most likely matched the one I wore. "As much as I'd like to hog you, Alice is already calling me impatiently. Let's go," and with that he led me in the direction Dad had disappeared in. Back to my family.

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