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So this is freedom. Betty never imagined it would feel this… exhilarating. Alice Cooper, or Mom to Betty, came into the room, her expression both happy and anxious. "Are you sure about this, Bets?"

Betty nodded. She was tired of all the drama. Starting today, she, Elizabeth Ann Cooper, would put an end to the infamous Cooper-Andrews-Lodge love triangle that has plagued her ever since she realized she loved Archie Andrews at the tender age of ten.

"Don't worry, Mom. I can handle this."

Alice gave a sigh of relief. "Your father and I are so proud, Bets. I know you loved that young Andrews boy for ages but he wasn't the right one. If you need to talk…"

Betty crossed the room and hugged her mother tightly, to strengthen the point she was trying to put across. "I'm fine. I promise. It'll hurt today, tomorrow, all of next week but I'll get over it."

The black garbage bag stood sadly in the corner of her now rather uncluttered room. She had spent the last two days clearing out everything Archie had given her or the memorabilia that they shared; like the brown, fingerless gloves, the blue teddy bear from the high school fundraiser and pictures –she had either shredded or tossed them and those she couldn't bear to throw out just yet, she kept them in an album and left it in the attic.

At first her mother had been alarmed, thinking Archie had hurt Betty's feelings again. But after getting the full story and Betty's final decision, she had been nothing but helpful. She took Betty out for a girls' night out instead of allowing Betty to mope at home. She spent the second day helping Betty scour the room for any item that Betty might have overlooked. It made the sting of everything a lot better.

The doorbell rang. A smile crept upon Betty's face just as a hint of one grew on Mrs. Cooper's face. "I don't suppose he would like some brownies."

Biting back a laugh, Betty shook her head. "We're going to Pop's to split a sundae. Well, at least we'll share one and he can order something else for himself." She told her mother.

Feeling light hearted, she readjusted her light blue halter top, checked her make up in the mirror before hurrying to answer the front door.


Lo and behold, all six feet of Jughead Jones was at her doorstep. Juggie had changed over the summer of their junior-senior year. He bulked up, got a bit of a tan and took to wearing jeans every so often. Tomorrow would be the first day back at Riverdale High as seniors and Betty was certain that Jughead would garner double the double takes Ronnie would get for her latest, sexy outfit.

Monday morning brought along its usual Monday blues but today in particular because it was the first day back to school. Betty scrunched her eyes as she tried to get another five more minutes of sleep before deciding it wasn't worth the fight.

A quick, invigorating shower later, she stood in front of her now, rather full, wardrobe and mulled over her choices. She skipped over the dresses, consigning them to the back for now –summer was over and the chilly winds of autumn had been keenly felt over the last week of August. She settled on a dark skirt and coloured tights combo before looking out her window.

She felt a smile crack on her lips. Right opposite her window was the Jones' home and her window looked into one Jughead Jones' abode. The shutters were closed for now but if she timed her watch right, Mrs. Jones would throw them open in a couple of minutes. Betty let her curtain fall back.

'You'll be fine.' She told herself sternly.

Being a senior didn't feel any different from her junior year. Nancy and Midge had caught her on the way in. Jughead had simply shrugged and followed behind them as they headed to the gym hall. She had joined the queue for alphabets A to C while Jughead reluctantly escorted Midge to the queue for H to K.

"Score!" Jughead had pumped his fist in joy when he checked his schedule and locker assignation.

"Lemme guess, the locker row near the lunchroom?" Betty was checking her schedule once more.

"Second floor lockers by the home economics classrooms," Jughead was definitely psyched.

Betty sighed dramatically. "And I've got a locker near Miss Grundy's class."

"That's just a hallway down, Bets."

"I know, but that means I need to constantly rescue the poor Home Ec. students from you." Her eyes sparkled.

Jughead swatted her with his headgear before placing it back on his head. "That was low, Cooper, real low. You'll pay me back at lunch."

Betty patted her messenger bag. "I got chocolate pecan cookies," She offered.

Jughead's eyes lit up. "This day is just getting better and better." He began ticking off, "First of all, I had an awesome breakfast, made it to school on time, locker near Betty Cooper, hot babe dessert-making extraordinaire."

Betty blushed at that comment but then grinned. "So I am hot eh Juggie."

Jughead flushed. "Well, yeah. Most of the guys think so."

Miss Grundy had been their homeroom teacher for three years straight and never objected to her students choosing their seats on their own accord. Her only rule about it; they could only change seats once more at the end of the semester.

Jughead was sitting in his standard window seat, four tables from the front. Betty normally picked the second row but this time she hesitated. Did she really want a front view to Archie and Veronica's drama? Thankfully Nancy spared her the decision by waving at Betty to join them and she ended up being seated between Midge and Jughead – two of her best friends.

Her heart fluttered when Archie stepped in. Archie gazed round the room, a smile coming to his face when he spotted both his best friend and Betty and moved towards them.

Betty frowned. Everything she used to love about Archie had disappeared overnight and everything he did seem to annoy her. His hair was more of a carrot-y red than a roaring fire's red. His freckles and thick black brows did nothing to quicken her pulse. His dressing was garish –peach colored checkered pants and awful muddy brown shoes. She noted that his eyes wandered across the classroom, mentally checking out the rest of the girls in class.

Fortunately the only available seat around their area was two tables away from Betty and a row in front. He took it, turning to frown at Betty as if she had ought to save him a seat but he gave her what he thought was a charming smile. "You look beautiful today, Betty."

Tutting inwardly, Betty answered him back before turning to chat with Midge. "Thanks."

Truth be told, Betty had decided it was time to give up her high ponytail. She bought a curling iron and had been practicing the last two days. Her hair today looked shiny and wavy as it flowed down, curling at the middle of her back.

Archie looked a little miffed at the lack of adoration but Jughead had been amused. "Is this some sort of revenge?"

Shaking her head, Betty was quick to correct Jughead. "I just… outgrew him. I guess, it disgusts me how low I fell trying to win him over."

"Everyone has their moments, Bets."

Betty mulled over that statement before giving a genuine smile to Jughead. "Thanks Juggie."

Story may sound very jumbled but that's the way I'm writing it! It's like going back and forth from past and present. No current coupling but I'll probably hint at Juggie/Bets if there isn't one in the end.