I've actually been meaning to update this piece for ages - I had two chapters ready for uploading when I went through this depressing period and I deleted a whole lot of works-in-progress including this chapter and another story I've been meaning to upload. Anyhoo I'm uploading this in honor of my 21st this Saturday! Whoopie~ I love birthdays - it's a day that is so easy to be happy about. :D

PaochiCute - I've always rooted for Betty and Jughead! That being said, I think every time I think about a situation that could have gone better, I find something else or new I regret not doing/doing - do you get what I mean? So Archie's been learning that over the last year and he probably would for the rest of his life.

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Originally Betty had planned to stay with her older sister, Polly, for a few months before university started but those plans had to be scrapped when Polly had rung home to announce her engagement.

Her mother had cried over the knowledge that one of her three babies was getting married and even her father had his moment of melancholy when it hit him that his older daughter would belong to someone else before the year was out.

Contrary to her mother's initial fears of a shotgun wedding, Polly and Joshua's rush to walk down the aisle was more of a typical couple in love who wished to get married as soon as possible with just their families in attendance.

There were countless phone calls and video calls as the Cooper parents tried to talk their middle child out of matrimony and when that failed, Alice Cooper had embraced her role of mother of the bride with gusto.

The wedding was set for mid-November, Polly and Joshua's eighteen month anniversary. Thankfully Polly desired to fulfil her mother's dream to see at least one of her daughters wear her wedding gown but with a little less than two months to go, Betty's mother was chomping at the bit for Polly to come back for bridal fittings.

"I always knew Polly would be the first one to marry," Alice Cooper told her youngest daughter as they did the laundry together.

"Chic barely has time to date," Betty reminded her mother.

Alice Cooper shook her head in exasperation. "That boy is twenty-eight already. He should be thinking of settling down, not traipsing round the world."

Betty had to hide her smile as she listened to her mother commiserate her dismal attempts at matchmaking for her only son. "Maybe I should get Polly to introduce a friend when we go for the wedding."

Chic would puff up with indignation over the insinuation that he was incapable of catching, and holding onto, a woman. Ordinarily as Chic's baby sister, she would have been inclined to tip him off but Chic had been teased her about catching the bouquet so she felt justified in withholding the information.

She had already informed Jughead and teased him about having to rent a tux and making his way to San Francisco. Betty wasn't quite sure what terrified him more – having to rent a tux that he had to keep clean and in decent shape or having to meet her older siblings as her boyfriend.

If this was a book, Betty would think that her character would be swooning like a love struck schoolgirl at the thought of calling the man-child of her dreams her boyfriend. She shook her head amusedly. She was such a sap sometimes.

It was probably the most exciting and unexpected event all August, Betty had to admit as she stood in the hospital corridor, gift in hand. She had received a fairly incoherent phone call last night from Mrs Klump that Midge had gone into early labour. Deciding to give the family time, she had thanked Midge's mother for the update and promised that she would visit Midge the next morning.

She had called the other girls to update them on Midge and the new-born but with no idea of the gender, Veronica, Ethel and Nancy had chided her over the lacking information. That had not stopped the girls from expressing their happiness with plenty of squealing that her dad had actually burst into her room. She had later sheepishly admitted to the cause – her father had thought a broken pipe or a rat and had been rather exasperated to know the truth.

The bassinet was on the other side of Midge's bed but her eyes were on her friend first. The petite girl still bore signs of weariness and there were lines of discomfort on Midge's face but her eyes were bright as she continued staring at the hospital bassinet.

"She's so pretty," Midge whispered reverently.

The nurse had obligingly brought the baby over for Midge who held her so carefully. The swaddled baby looked a lot like Midge, from her dark hair to the upturned nose. Betty watched both mother and child, happy for her friend.

"Have you decided on a name?"

The brunette woman looked up. "Georgiana Ella-Mae Klump."

A sad smile found its way onto Betty's face. Despite all the changes in Midge's life, her inner bookworm would always be a part of the young woman. Another worrying matter was that Midge had not even added Moose's surname in the mix but that was something Betty had no right to intrude on.

A warm hand covered hers as she looked back at her childhood friend. "I'm not sure if I mentioned this before but I was hoping that you would be Georgie's godmother."

Betty granted Midge a delighted grin. "I would love to."

Watching mother and child, Betty was a bit surprised by her own wistfulness. Motherhood was one part of her future she definitely looked forward to but she still had a lot to experience before she was certain that she could unselfishly devote her time to a baby.

Fingering the chain that rested lightly against her sternum, she briefly entertained the idea of Jughead trying to calm a wailing baby. While her boyfriend was quite composed, that facade would fall to pieces whenever waterworks started, be it from a girl or a baby. She giggled at that image before returning her attention to coo over her adorable goddaughter.