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Chapter 1

"There … he went in there … turn here Dean."

"Got it." I turned into the parking lot and watched our quarry bypass the line to enter a bar, walking past a gorgeous blond woman, in a red dress that looked as if it was painted on, who merely waved him in. I looked at the blood-red sign, Fangtasia, not good.

"Sammy, I think this is one of those vampire bars."

"Yeah, I kinda thought that too, think we should go in or just wait for him out here?"

"Who knows how many ways there are out of that place. I say go in, check the place out and then decide where to wait for him."

I pulled my Baby into the first available spot. We aren't gonna be able to bring weapons into this place – but there has to be something wooden inside that we can be turn into an improvised stake if need be. As we walked toward the door, Sammy suddenly said, "Hey Dean, slow down. Let that group of frat boys get in front of us."

I glanced over at the group of loudmouthed jerks headed for the door. "Good idea." We slowed down and timed our arrival for a few seconds after they got to the end of the line. It didn't take long before we were at the front of the line. The tall gorgeous blond looked us up and down before asking, "ID's", in a bored accented voice. Sammy handed his ID over; as I passed mine to her I noticed the fuck-me heels that she was wearing. I gave her one of my signature smiles and started saying, "Hey gorgeous, great shoes - how about …", when she suddenly flicked out a pair of fangs. Oops.

"So, what did you boys come for?"

"We thought it might be fun to see what a vampire bar looks like. We've never been to one before." Sammy answered her.

The blond focused an intent gaze on him. I don't like the way she is looking at him, almost as if she is trying to hypnotize him. "And what do you expect to find here?"

"Don't know, just thought it might be cool."

Her gaze changed to a less intense one as she handed back our ID's and waved us inside. "Have fun boys."

As we walked through the door I whispered to Sammy, "I thought she mighta been onto us for a minute there."

"I know she thought something was strange about us. It felt as if she was trying to compel me to answer her truthfully." He informed me.

"Well, let's find this dude and figure out what to do next."

We looked around the room. The crowd seemed to be made up of three types: black-dressed vampires, black-dressed vampire wantabes, and a few regular folks. In the back of the room I noticed a large, brooding, black-clothed, blond man seated on what appeared to be a throne on a raised platform of some kind. I elbowed Sam. He looked at me and I nodded in the direction where the man was seated. "Who do you think that might be?"

"Don't know – don't want to, he looks dangerous."

We headed farther into the bar. In and around the dance floor there were several vampires dancing. Their movements were too fast for them to ever be mistaken for humans. But in the center of the floor was a stunning woman in a short form-fitting, low cut, emerald green dress. Around her neck lay a silver band that was open in the front. With all the black around her she stood out clearly. Her every movement spoke of the promise of sex and seduction. I felt myself harden immediately and headed in her direction – I want a better look at her. In fact, before we blow this town I wanta fuck her, she is sizzling hot. I could feel Sammy following behind me.

"Dean … our job?"

"I'm blending", I answered, "and I'm curious about her."

"Are you sure she isn't a vampire?"

"Not with that silver around her neck."

"A Celtic torque, an interesting choice in jewelry." Sammy mused.

I told him, "I think it's more interesting that she is the only one blatantly wearing so much silver in a vampire bar."

We stood therefore a moment watching her and we were hardly alone. I saw the frat boys we had followed in drinking and punching each other as they watched her. None of them had the balls to approach her – wussies. I wondered who she was, and why there was no one with her. Suddenly, the music changed. She moved over in my direction and pulled me onto the floor with her. As she leaned toward me she whispered in my ear, "Dance with me." I allowed her to pull me farther onto the floor and followed her moves as best I could. She was making me look good – but if it got me laid I didn't care.

I asked her, "What is your name?"

As I noticed the people around us go still, I felt a steel hand clamp down on my shoulder.

"My Lover." I heard in a low masculine growl.

"Sorry buddy, I don't swing that way." I tossed over my shoulder.

Off to the side I could hear Sammy say, "Ahh, I think he is talking to the girl."

I turned around and found myself looking at a well defined and muscled chest clad in a skin-tight black t-shirt. Looking up I realized it was the brooding blond from the throne. He's a vampire; I should have known that he would be. I could feel the menace rolling off of him. The woman stepped around me to place her hand on his arm. "Are you ready to join me yet My Love?" She asked him.

He continued to glare at me with his fangs bared, but growled out, "If …I … must." He didn't look happy about it.

She reached out and took the cell phone out of his hand. Quickly she typed in and sent a text. The bartender looked over at us and nodded. She told us, "Please allow me to treat you and your … brother to your drinks for the rest of the night. Chou will set you up with whatever you like." She turned back to the blond vampire, dismissing me.

"Hey, come on." Sammy told me as he pulled me away from the dance floor. "We have a job to do." We headed over to the bar. The bartender came over to us.

"Jack Daniels straight up, make it a double." I said.

He looked over at Sammy, "Make it two." I looked over at him and cocked an eyebrow at him. "Right now I think I need it", he explained, "I have a feeling he was close to killing you for that."

Chou set our drinks down in front of us. "You boys must not be from around here." He stated.

"Why do you say that?" I asked.

"Only someone not from around here would have dared do what you did." He said with a grin and turned away.

"She used me Sammy; she god-damn used me."

"Yup", he agreed.

"I can't believe she used me."

"Can we just get on with the job now? He inquired. "I see him sitting over there in the corner."

I … was … so … bored. All I wanted to do was to drag Magan from off the dance floor and take her into my office, or the hallway, or one of the many places downstairs we had made use of, or some other place where we had screwed each other silly. However, we had been doing that too often lately and the vermin were complaining. So here I sat – fully … unconditionally … absolutely … unambiguously … utterly … unmistakably … thoroughly … undeniably …completely … totally … unequivocally … bored.

My Love, come join me. At least it is something different to do. You could give the vermin something to really talk about. You never do anything but sit on that damn throne of yours, or occasionally in your booth. I heard in my head.

No Lover.I sent back. I am really not in the mood. A large noisy group entered Fangtasia then. I looked up, frat boys, I wonder how many of them had come here tonight to prove their manhood. Fucking a vampire was the current "in" rite of passage among the fraternity's in the area. Not that any of us minded, a bite-mark was required as proof, and none of us see any reason to pass up a free meal. I returned to watching Magan. Her every movement spoke of the promise of sex and seduction. I can not wait until I have her alone tonight.

If you won't join me I'll have to find someone who will.

I smirked to myself. Who would dare, all know you as mine.As the music changed I could feel her assessing the onlookers around the dance floor. Suddenly, she moved toward the side and grabbed hold of a dark haired stranger. I saw her lean over to whisper something in his ear, and he allowed himself to be pulled farther onto the floor. As he followed her moves I could feel a blood lust coming on. I allowed it to bleed into Magan's mind, and could feel her returning a semblance of calm to me. Stop this now Lover. You know how dangerous this could be for him and us.

Then take his place, My Love.

Swiftly I crossed the room to stand behind the poor bastard. All around everyone watched me, wondering what I would do. I could hear that the vampires expected me to rip him apart – or at least casually toss him across the room. At least he has not touched her, I can get away with merely disiplining her. I placed my hand heavily on his shoulder and growled out in a low voice, "My Lover."

He actually called out, "Sorry buddy, I don't swing that way."

Someone off to the side told him, "Ahh, I think he is talking to the girl."

He turned around and found himself looking at my chest. That seemed to disconcert him. He looked up and realized then just what I was and that he was in serious trouble. Calm down My Love. He has no idea of exactly what he has done. And you know I was just using him to get to you.

I snicked out my fangs and bared them at him as Magan stepped around him and placed a hand on my arm. "Are you ready to join me yet My Love?" You know you need to now in order to mark me publicly as yours.

Can I not just rip him to pieces?

No – the other one can't be glamoured to forget. He somehow tricked Pam when he came in.

What! How?

I don't know. I'll listen in more on them – but for now you need to join me on the dance floor.

I am not happy about this turn of events, but I growled out, "If … I … must."

Magan took my cell and texted a message. I saw Chou look over at us and nod. She looked at the two and said, "Please, allow me to treat you and your … brother to your drinks for the rest of the night. Chou will set you up with whatever you like." Then she turned back to me and allowed me to lead her back onto the dance floor. When we reached the center I pulled her in front of me.

Neck My Love?

With that silver there, no. And I smirked as I swiftly bit deeply into her above her breast. She groaned in ecstasy and fell backwards into my arms, pushing her sex up against her groin. I could feel her approaching orgasm through our bond, so I ran one hand down her back to her ass and ground her hard against my erection.

"Yes …yes … oh ... please … yes …" She panted before screaming, "ERIK ! ! ! ! !", as she climaxed.

I raised my head from her and gazed territorially around the room. The vermin were staring and appeared to be shocked or aroused or both. The vampires looked bored, yet I could hear they they were just as aroused. I had made my point unambiguously clear. I slowly, sensually licked at the blood that was still oozing out until it ceased. Then I whispered to her, "I will take care of the marks later, Lover", as I stood her up. She reached up and pulled my head down so that she could passionately kiss me. When she pulled away I thought Will it not be easier to listen in on those two boys if you are seated?

I felt a quick flash of anger from her. Yes it will be.

I led her over to the seat next to mine on the dais. So what do you hear?

The first one's name is Dean. He is the street smart one – and the horndog. The other one's name is Sammy … Sam. He's the book smart one. There is something dark about him. I am not sure how he tricked Pam yet. Somehow they are connected to … angels and … demons. They are here on a … job.

A job?

Yes, they followed their quarry into here. He is a vampire … a drifter who has killed … 32 people that they know about in the past three months. They are … hunters.

Did you just say hunters? That they consider themselves to be hunters?

Yes … does the term mean something to you?

There is a small group of people who know about the supernatural world and hunt us down. They call themselves hunters.

Well, they left one nest that they found alone … the vampires in it were not killing people, but rather sustained themselves with animal blood. The one they are after is still in here. He is the slight, bookish looking one off in the corner there.

I opened my mind up as Magan had taught me, and focused on listening to the drifter's thoughts. After a moment I had heard more than enough. He is looking for someone to drain right now. He does not seem to realize he has two hunters on his trail. I am going to have him taken to the empty storage room. You take the hunters downstairs.

Magan looked over at me questioningly before nodding and getting up. I watched her saunter over to the bar.

I felt someone push between me and Sam as we stood at the bar. We both looked at who it was and I was shocked to see that it was the woman from the dance floor.

"You … you used me." I accused her.

She linked each of her arms around one of ours, smiled sweetly at me and admitted, "Yes I did." Without changing her expression she paused and went on, "Now, you two hunters are going to come with me. If you don't there are 20 vampires around who will help me in a moment." She sighed "Then we'll have to glamour the whole bar; and that is tedious and a nuisance - not the way that I want to spend my night."

Sammy and I looked over at each other. He looked worried and wary. I'm sure my face mirrored his. I started, "Look … I didn't know the big, bad vampire was your boyfriend. If I did then …"

She interrupted me, "He's not my boyfriend, he's my mate. However, you're not in trouble, nor in any danger - but you will accompany me. Don't worry; the vampire you followed in here will soon be in an empty storage room." She looked up and called, "Chou." The bartender materialized in front of us. "Yes Mistr …"

She interrupted him, "What have our boys here been drinking?"

He answered, "Jack Daniels."

"Send someone downstairs with a full bottle and some glasses." She then propelled us toward a door in the back of the building. Through it was a hallway with several doors. We headed for the one that appeared to be made of heavy steel. She opened it and we walked down a set of stairs. In front of us was a large room; overhead were heavy timber beams with chandeliers made of deer antlers. The furniture was made of carved woods and leather. Draped across the backs of several chairs were furs, and on the floor lay an assortment of animal hides. The back wall seemed to be an enormous fireplace. It felt exceedingly masculine and I actually liked it.

Our hostess walked behind a carved wood screen; I could hear her open a refrigerator and remove a glass bottle. She called out, "Make yourselves comfortable - if one of you could light the fire it would be appreciated. There's always a chill down here." I watched Sammy head in the direction of said fireplace.

"I would never have expected to find something like this down here under that bar. Just what is this place?" I asked her

She answered, "Our private quarters", as she came out from behind the screen - a full wine glass and a bottle of white wine in her hands. She set the bottle down on a table, seated herself on a sofa and took a sip. "Please, sit, make yourself comfortable."

"I think I would prefer to stand for now." I informed her.

"As you wish." She replied.

A waitress came down the stairs then with a bottle of JD and a set of glasses. She looked over at our hostess, who pointed to the table and said, "Place it there, next to the wine." As the waitress left she reached over to set her glass down, broke the seal on the bottle and poured a couple of shots into each of two glasses, paused and poured another couple shots into one of the glasses. Then she got up and handed me the fuller glass before she turned and walked over to where Sam was looking at a pair of carved wooden panels. I swallowed half of my drink before following her. I'm trying not to show it, but I am exceedingly nervous. At least there aren't any vampires around down here.

As she handed Sam his drink, he asked her, "This is a Norse battle scene, isn't it? It's portraying Odin, Thor and the Valkyries."

She nodded and asked him, "But can you identify Freya or Slepnir?"

"No," He answered.

"Look closer; notice the cloaks on the women."

Sammy looked intently at the panels, "I see, this central figure has a different cloak."

"That's Valfreya, the name Freeya is known by when acting as Queen of the Valkyries. Slepnir is Odin's steed."

"So he's the eight-legged horse then,"


"These are beautiful panels, but if I'm not mistaken they are actually doors."

Picturing a room full of coffins, I asked, "Where does it go?"

She got a knowing smile on her face and pushed the doors wide open. Inside was a bedroom with an enormous bed dominating it. Through another pair of double doors I could see a bathroom.

"The single door leads to a walk-in closet full of clothes." She told us. After the scene between the two of them on the dance floor I don't want to imagine what goes on in here.

She went back to the sofa, picked her glass back up, took a sip and sat down. Sammy and I followed and sat down across from her.

"Why a vampire?" I wanted to know.

She let out a little laugh, "He's not my first vampire."

"But why?" I can't understand how she could prefer a vampire; I mean the dude is dead.

"I have my reasons." She hesitated, "It's quieter." I wonder what that means.

Sammy decided to be practical and asked her, "So what should we call the two of you?" Good question Sammy boy.

"I'm Magan", she smile again and let out a small snort, "and the big, bad vampire is my mate, Erik."

"And what was that scene with him on the dance floor?" I got hard again just remembering, "I thought vampires weren't supposed to feed in public."

She laughed again, "That was vampire politics – not feeding. The choices were very publicly marking me as his property versus hurting and/or killing you."

That surprised me, "Say again?"

"In line with vampire politics it was expected that he kill you – or at least throw you across the room. But since you never actually touched me out there Dean, he could get away with what he did. He had to publicly mark me as his to demonstrate his power or be seen as weak."

Sammy cut in, "We didn't tell you our names."

She replied, "I have my methods, Sam."

I interrupted, "So, am I in any danger then?"

"No. I told you that already, my word is the same as his."

I suddenly felt that someone was standing behind me and twisted around in my chair. There I saw Erik watching me. "Dude, don't sneak up on me like that." I said before I realized what I was saying. Sammy and I shot up and watched him carefully.

An evil little smile appeared on his face, "I did not sneak up on you … you just did not hear me. I trust you have been … behaving yourself around my mate?"

He walked over to Magan and offered her his hand; she took it and rose up. When she stood, he captured her mouth with his. As he pulled away I saw blood on her lips before she licked it off. Is that hers or his?

"My Lover, Pam and Chou require your assistance in the storage room. I will be up shortly with our … guests."

They looked into each others eyes for a few minutes. I swear they were communicating somehow. Suddenly Magan went to a box at the bottom of the stairs. She opened it, reached in and pulled out a long length of lightweight chain – then turned and walked up the stairs.

I heard Sammy ask, "Is that silver chain?"

"Yes", he answered.

"Since when do vampires use silver on other vampires?" I wanted to know.

"It is fairly common actually."

"So, just why are we here?"

He ignored me and sat down on the sofa. "Sit." I cocked an eyebrow at him and was about to say something when he flicked his fangs out and forcefully commanded, "NOW! ! ! ! !"

Sammy and I sat.

"You are here because I found a renegade vampire in my bar. Evidently, you followed him in here and brought him to my attention. I generally have no use for hunters … but in this case our aim is the same. I need you to question him, as you have a list of his alleged crimes. I will listen to him and determine when he is being truthful. Then, I will render a verdict."

I was skeptical, "I don't know man. I mean how do we know that you won't be biased?"

"May I point out that you have trusted that I will not kill you?"

"We didn't really have a choice." Sammy pointed out to him.

"You have not tried to leave either."

"Maybe we are waiting for the best opportunity." I countered.

"If you want to leave, you may go … but leave my area immediately and never set foot in it again or I will kill you."

"You'll really let us leave right now if we want to, without harming us in any way?" I asked.


"What if we stayed, will you release us unharmed when we choose to leave?" Sammy questioned him.

"Yes. I give you my word."

"What do you think Sam, do you want to bail?"

"I think I want to see this one through, how 'bout you?"

"It's gonna be the only way we get this bloodsucker."

"So I take it you are going to stay then?" Erik asked.

"Yeah." I answered reluctantly.

"Very well." He looked pleased with himself. Then he went on in a silky voice, "So, tell me Dean, how badly do you want to fuck my mate? I can tell you are still very interested in her. That you desire to have her as yours at least once. That you are already fantisizing about her and what you want to do with her. That you lust for her."

I was stunned, but managed to keep my poker face. "What – are you serious, after all that went on upstairs?"

"I am quite serious; I would never joke about matters concerning my mate."

I thought for a moment. This turn of events is surreal. "You strike me as someone who wouldn't offer something without wanting something in return. So what's your angle? What do you gain?"

"In that conclusion you are correct. We would require that you be my meal for the night."

I snorted, "I thought you said we could leave without being harmed."

He chuckled lightly, "A meal is roughly a pint of blood, no more than one would donate to the Red Cross. And I would not require you to service me also, as is usual."

"As if that would ever be an option. Wait, you've done this before?"

"Of course, I can only feed on Magan every two weeks or so – not including tastes or when I share my blood with her, I do not want to kill her. I generally feed elsewhere; usually she joins me in bed with my meal."

"Are you actually considering letting him feed off of you Dean?" Sam asked me incredulously.

"No … no of course not."

"Are you sure? I can guarantee you will get great pleasure out of it." Erik purred in a dangerous silky voice.

If I dug guys he'd definitely be on my list. "Yes … of course I'm sure."

"The offer remains open … when you change your mind." He said with a smug little smile on his lips.

He stood up abruptly. "They should be ready for us upstairs now." And with that he walked across the room and up the stairs. As we followed him Sammy whispered to me, "I can't believe you were actually considering his offer."

"I wasn't – well not seriously. You gotta admit she is hot."

"And have you bothered to think how she might feel about being pimped out by him?"

"After that performance in the bar I imagine she gets off on it."

"But seriously Dean, we are talking about a vampire here. Would you allow one to bite you just so that you could get laid?"

"No … I'm just pulling your leg."

We followed Erik through a bathroom, and then through a hidden door into an empty room. In the center sat the vampire we had been chasing, wrapped in silver chains. Off to the other side of Erik stood Magan. She glanced at me and a little half smile spread on her face as a sultry look appeared in her eyes. Damn, I thought, I could have that if only I could consent to letting a vampire feed on me

"My Lover is everything ready?" I offered, he said no - but I believe he is considering it.

"Yes it is My Love." He is. He got half hard the moment he saw me. Tell me, why is it you want him so badly?

"Do you know who I am?" I asked the renegade. I like the irony of a hunter allowing a vampire to feed off of him. We both know you are interested in him also, or else you would not have agreed to my request.

My renegade answered, "No, I have no idea. Release me."

I announced to him, "I am Erik Northman, Sheriff of Area 5. I am the law in this area. There are but two vampires who could over rule me – My Queen and the Magister. For the crimes you are accused of neither would stay my hand. These humans are going to ask you about these crimes. You will answer truthfully."

The renegade looked at me thoughtfully and then answered in a calculating tone, "What do you want to know?"

Sam then insert, "Ahem, we didn't come in here expecting to need our notes. They are out in the car."

My Love, Sam is speaking the truth. Neither expects you to allow one of them to go get the notes. If you want Dean of his free will you are going to have to gain some of his trust. Why don't you let them both go?

I looked over at them. "I imagine if you are traveling all the time it might take a while to find your notes. Both of you go find them and return so that I can get this business done quickly."

The look of surprise on their faces was priceless and they just stood there for a moment.

"Go. Get along now." I told them as I shooed them off.

They left then, I have to admire that they did not run out of here.

So, do you think they will be back My Lover?

Based on what they were thinking when they left – I would give it an 90% chance they return.