This is a new twist on the nightmare story I did. This one is just plain CRAZY.

I don't own Criminal Minds


Morgan and Spencer were running for their lives. Three blood-thirsty zombies were chasing them down a street late at night.

"We had to go out to get coffee huh Reid."

"Shut it Morgan and run faster."

They ran into a large bakery on the corner hoping that they would be safe in there. They locked and barricaded the doors. The zombies scratched the doors and then a large zombie that came out of nowhere smashed the doors and the zombies scrambled to get inside.

"Oh man we're going to be zombie food if we don't do something" said Morgan.

Suddenly Spencer opened the cabinets that were filled with baked goods and grabbed a pie and some doughnuts. "REID this is no time for a snack" screamed Morgan. Spencer ignored him and stepped out from under the counter.

"Taste this zombie."

Spencer started to pelt the zombies with sugary pastries and large cakes. The zombies fell over as them slipped on jelling filling and were blinded by powdered sugar. The zombies quickly left the store and down the street.

"Well I never thought that cream-filled cupcakes and double fudge cake would be a zombie's one weakness" said Morgan.

"But luckily…I'm not affected by baked goods at all."

Spencer and Morgan turned around and saw Hotch with vampire fangs and cape. "Hotch…what happened to you?"

"What does it look like? I'm a vampire and I have come for your human blood."

Spencer and Derek ran out of the shop screaming. They ran into an apartment building and into a vacant room. They panted, trying to catch their breath. But they heard a shower running. They went to the shower to find Garcia with large green fins and webbed toes and hands. Even her skin was green and scaly. She saw Morgan and Reid and shrieked, "What are you guys doing in here?"

"Why are you…green?"

"Duh, I'm the creature from the black lagoon. Now that you have disturbed me…I must eat you."

She roared and the two men ran out of the apartment building and into the street. Suddenly when they got outside, they saw Rossi…in a hotdog suit.

"Hey guys…you guys want free hotdogs" said Rossi.

They screamed.

Spencer shot up out of his bed, screaming loudly. "Yikes no more ice cream and coffee before bed."

"Spencer…you forgot your hotdog" said Rossi sitting next to him and still in the costume.

Mr. Hotdog woke up screaming. His wife next to him woke up from his scream.

"Honey what's wrong?"

"Oh Marta, I had a dream that there were humans. In my dream these humans were so weird. There was one with long hair, one that was bald and one man had fangs. They were eating HOTDOGS."

"Dear it's ok. There is no such thing as humans. So let's go back to sleep ok."

"Ok dear, I just need to mustard up, hygiene is important at the office."

"Ok sweetheart."