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Okay, here's the basic summary:

Bella and Edward hate each other, but they are tired of comforming to the rules of high school. When will they let go of their past and try to accept each other?

There will be lemons, there will be abuse, there will be drama...

Band class. I personally love band class. There were two bands at our school, the concert band and music appreciation. More commonly known as theirs and ours. So I suppose I should have referred to this class as music. But we are Band. It wasn't at all like the band class you'd expect, but more of a small group of misfits who played instruments that didn't fit into concert band.

I love the way all of us get along and we almost never do anything. I love the way Mr. Steve lets us write our own pieces and eat during class. I was straddling the chair I sat on, with my arms spread out across a gum and graffiti covered music stand (we didn't get enough funding to replace any of the old, worn-out stands). My right hand hung off the edge, holding a triangle. I was part of the percussion.

Mr. Steve was an older teacher. He really didn't care what the hell we did. He was in his office, a door separating him from us closed, probably drinking the tea we all assumed he loaded with alcohol or something.

Jacob, the hot bass guitarist, and Quil, who played the guitar, were playing a new piece they had written, and were failing in their attempt to teach it to the rest of us. I didn't see how a triangle would really fit into this piece, so I cast it aside and moved over to my drum set. I tried to match the beat they'd created by adding my own creativity to the piece as well. As soon as I had jumped in, a few others did as well. Leah and Emily shared vocals; they were the perfect duet. When we finished, we rushed to write down what we could remember and went back to what we were doing before. Jacob threw me a can of Coke and a bag of candy. I took a handful and threw the bag to Seth.

We were all laughing, eating sugar, drinking the magic sodas Jacob magically sneaked alcohol into while trying not to get too drunk before our next class, when He walked in.

Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, the devil himself. Emmett McCarty and Jasper Whitlock flanked him on either side as they stared us down.

Jacob was the first to speak.

"Got a stick up your ass Cullen?"

"Shut it, dog."

"Then what's with the face?" Jacob was all to good at not letting Edward intimidate him, which often led to fights.

"We're not here to kick all your asses again," Edward began, hate clear in his voice, whil Jacob rolled his eyes, "but we need to see Bella Swan." Everyone looked over at me while I tried to shrink behind my drum set.

"No," I said.

"That wasn't a question. Get your ass up unless you want detention for decking the star quarterback of the football team." Jacob, Quil, and Embry stood up aggressively.

"Even you aren't low enough to blackmail Bella," Embry defended me.

"Maybe not Bella, but definitely the Ice Bitch of the school." I glared at them, standing up and pushing through the wall of boys who were protecting me.

"I'll go, I can't have another black mark on my record if I want to go to college." Edward glared at Jacob while I let Emmett take me under his wing. I liked Emmett, but I wasn't taking the package deal to get Jasper and Edward too.

"Doing dirty work for Principal Grey now Cullen? That's low, I honestly never expected you'd rat me out for super gluing the door to our biology class shut. From what I can recall, you didn't want to take the test either." I felt Emmett chuckle from where he stood behind me. I was aware that he didn't make a sound because if he did, Edward would have been madder than a hornet.

"That was you?" Jasper asked in amazement. I nodded. "And bad-ass Bella strikes again!" I didn't like Jasper, but he did seem to appreciate my signature brand of comedy. I'd never met his girlfriend, but she didn't seem all that bad. To me, she just seemed like another one of those Seventeen reading, gossipmongers who can't live without their new Juicy purse and Prada shoes.

"I didn't rat you out Isabella." His voice was sweet sounding and melodic, but also harsh and laced with acid. He put his hands on my shoulder and backed me up against a wall. The current situation scared me considering we were all alone in an abandoned hallway that was undergoing construction to bring it up to the fire code.

"We're not supposed to be here," I warned him, looking around for anyone who could catch us.

"Why would you care? You have enough badassery in those tits for all three of us." I slapped his hand away from me.

"Don't look at me." He ignored me and placed the hand I had slapped away onto my waist.

"But tell that boyfriend of yours, Jacob, that if he rats me out that you, little miss Bella, are the price he's going to pay."


"You will not ask questions." His hand tightened on my arm.

"Edward!" I hissed at him. "You're hurting me!" I used all of my strength to push him away and then drew my fist back. The second he looked up, my tiny fist met his nose. "Don't try anything like that again Cullen or I swear by the life of me that you will never walk again!"

"What's your problem Swan?" He asked, holding his nose while checking for blood.

"You, Cullen. You're my mother-fucking problem. You can't just leave well enough alone. Oh no! You need to get even with Jacob and he needs to get even with you! Can't you both just stop? You are hurting me and he is always such a dick when you're around!" I was breathing hard and had to calm myself before I continued on my rant. Edward tried to say something but I stopped him. "No! Don't talk; just listen, okay? You and Jacob have hated each other since kindergarten! Can't you forgive and forget already? Every time you two try to get back at each other, everything just gets worse! And now you've dragged me into it. I'm through with you Edward! Done!"

"Bella, Bella, Bella. You see, it's just not that simple."

"Oh, but it is! You have to let it go. Release the lightning bugs." Jasper and Emmett caught onto what I was saying immediately.

"Are you referring to the song Fireflies?"

"Owl City fan? Who knew Edward Cullen had an actual taste in real music?" I ducked under Edward's arm and ran away, not looking back. I didn't need this in my already shitty life. I didn't go back to the music room. I wasn't about to be bombarded with questions I wasn't in the mood to answer.

It was raining outside. Big shocker there. I jumped into my old truck and turned on the radio. Small, shining tears dropped slowly down my cheek and if in time with the little raindrops hitting my windshield. My phone vibrated in my pocket. My vision was blurry but I wiped away the tears and attempted to read the little print from the message.

From: Edward

Sorry it has to be like this


CB: ***-***-****

Feb 23, 1:43 pm

I snapped my phone shut and curled up against the door of my truck, the cold leather on the seat and glass on the window almost soothing. I hated Edward Cullen.

"Bella," Edward laughed, taking my hand in his. "God, I wish it didn't have to be like this."

"Like what Edward?" I wasn't really catching on.

"Bella. We hate each other. This is life and life doesn't just change like that. Either you're in their group or ours. That's just how high school works."


"Bella, look." He turned my head by lightly pressing his fingers to the side of my chin. "Look at them Bella." I saw people, horrible, mutilated people dancing around a fire like they were performing some type of ancient witchcraft.

"Who are they?" I asked, horrified at the sight.

"Look harder." And then I saw them. They were Jacob, Seth, Emily, Leah…

"No…" I whispered.

"That's who they are to us Bella, can't you see? They are monsters."

"But I am one of them. Do you see me the same way?"

"Bella, I can't see you at all." And then everything shifted. Edward disappeared and reappeared with Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, and Alice farther away on my opposite side from Jacob. I ran first over to Jacob and tried to get his attention.

"Jacob!" I screamed. "Can't you see me? Can't you hear me?" I ran over to Edward. "Edward!" He didn't even flinch. "No, no, no, no, no, NO!"

"Am I invisible?"

I screamed.

My eyes flew open.

Just a dream…

Just a dream…

But Edward's words scared me.

"Bella, I can't see you at all."

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