Ok- no one yell at me for writing this, please, because it's something that's been turning around in my head for such a long time. The theme of "Les Mizzies in High School" has been tossed around very frequently, but I really wanted to write a story about it... Of course, it's Marius/Cosette. So... enjoy!

Cosette rolled over, waking instantly. She blinked the sunlight out of her eyes- where was she? Outside, it seemed. No, she was definitely outside. She was laying on grass, in a wood somewhere, the sunlight streaming through the trees.

Was this a dream? It had to be!

Looking to her left and right, she started, seeing Marius laying asleep beside her. Well, if this was a dream, then that was nothing new. Since she'd finally spoken to him that day in April, he'd been in all her dreams. But as she shivered in the cool morning air, she began to wonder if this really was a dream. Self-consciously, she crossed her arms over her chest, covering herself. The cotton was thin. They were to be married in two months- but they were not married yet.

Looking about more thoroughly, she noticed an ugly satchel-like bag lying beside them. She carefully untied the cotton strings, and opened it up. Inside was a letter, written on smooth, dazzlingly white paper.

Welcome to the year 2010.

She stopped reading instantly. heart heart beating wildly. This was definitely a dream.

"Marius!" she said, shaking him until he roused. Surely he could make sense of this!

He stirred, then opened his eyes, giving her a confused look, as if wondering why she was there when he woke up. She watched him grow more confused as he realized that they were outside.

"Something is very, very, wrong," she said, handing him the letter with her eyes wide. She bit her lip in anticipation.

He rubbed his eyes, and then took the letter from her, reading it aloud. He stopped at some places in shock, and she grew more and more afraid with each passing word.

Welcome to the year 2010. You have just been transported here from your century as a result of a time traveling experiment in India. You must not give away the year you truly hail from, and will act as people in the 21st century do. Inside this bag are clothing appropriate for this time period, as well as a map. You must put on the clothing before you leave the wood. Afterwards, follow the instructions written on the map. You will reach a safe house. The woman inside knows you are from the nineteenth century, and she will explain the rest. Best of luck.

"What the hell is going on?" Marius asked, not minding his language. Usually Cosette would be alarmed, but today she was not.

"I have no idea- this sound utterly-"

"Fictional!" Marius cried.

She shrugged her shoulders. "Best find out, shouldn't we? Let's follow the instructions for now."

She opened the bag, and pulled out two pairs of rough, blue pants. She grimaced. "What are these? They're ghastly."

Inside the waistband was a label- 'Levis 501.'

She frowned. "What does that mean?"

Marius shrugged. "Your guess is as good as mine."

After that, she pulled out shirts- but they had no buttons! Instead, they were made of a stretchy material. After that, she pulled out things that looked like undergarments. She blushed, then wondered something more important- where would they dress? Marius seemed to be wondering the same thing, for he was quite decisively looking away, staring at the trees.

"I'll..." she trailed off, not knowing at all what she was going to do.

He picked up the larger of the pairs of clothing, and went behind a tree. She smiled- he was just a gentlemen.

So she began to unbutton her nightgown. She figured out where the undergarments went- one article was rather similar to the little pantelets she wore. The other, however, was rather bulky and odd-looking. However, it didn't take a genius to know where it was supposed to go. After some fiddling around with strangle fastenings in the back, she was pleased to feel that it was much more comfortable than a corset. As she picked up the stretchy red shirt, she frowned again. It was so ugly. However, she put her arms through the sleeves, and stuffed her head through it, pulling it down. Then, she had an awkward battle with the pants. She'd obviously never worn pants before, but she'd seen them on men, and had figured out how to put them on. But these were tighter than she'd anticipated, and clung to her legs. She was embarrassed at how revealing they were.

"Are you dressed?" Marius asked, and she replied that she was. When he came out, she found him to be dressed exactly as she was.

"We match," she said in disbelief. "In this century, do men and women want to look alike?"

He was shaking his head, looking at her. "No. No, no no. This will not do."

"What?" she asked. Yes, the clothing was hideous, but...

"Those pants! They're too... too..." he blushed. "You see everything!"

She blushed right back, looking down at her legs, completely revealed. It was mortifying- but more mortifying that Marius noticed.

"Apparently that's how they dress here," she defended.

He shook his head again. Cosette realized that they had no choice, however, and handed him the satchel.

"Here- let's try and find this house, so we can possibly understand what's happened to us."

He shrugged, but agreed. Together, they found the map and began making their way out of the woods. When they finally reached a parting of the trees, they saw what looked like a road. Only instead of cobblestone, there was only smooth, black rock. It was deserted.

They turned left like the map instructed, and a few seconds later, Cosette heard a whooshing noise from behind her. Turning, she gasped at what she saw, and then screamed as it hurtled right past her.

Marius was shaking in fear next to her, his eyes wide as he followed the fast-moving, four-wheeled object.

"What was that?" she asked, her voice quivering in fear.

He shook his head, unable to answer. It had been red, and shiny. It looked like a carriage, but without a horse, and it moved by itself. Looking around, Cosette noticed that there were wooden poles placed evenly on either side of the street. Between the poles were thick, black strings, that seemed to go one forever. What were they for?

As they went to find the house, three more of those automatic carriages passed by them. Finally, they reached their destination. The house looked a little different than houses they were used to, but it was not altogether too frightening.

"This is the place," Marius said, checking the address on the door, and checking to see if it matched the one on the map. "I guess we should... knock."

And, with a fearful glance at her, he did.