Hello! Since I can't wait for Sonic 4 to come out, I decided to do a Sonic/Pokemon fanfic.


it was a bright and sunny day in the Sinnoh region as Ash, Dawn and Brock were headed towards Lake Valor for the grand festival.

"I can't wait for the grand festival!" Dawn said excitedly

"I'm sure you'll do great!" Brock said.

"How far are we from Lake Valor?"Ash asked.

"We'll be there in a week." Brock answered as he was checking his map.

"A WEEK?!" Dawn said in shock before hanging her head down in sadness.

"The week will fly by fast." Ash said trying to cheer up his friend.

Dawn rose her sweet head up and gave her crush a cute smile. When she turned her head looking at the long road that they were on and noticed something in the distance. She saw something shiny hidden in a bush.

"What is that?" The brunette asked her friends while running to the bush on the side of the road.

"Dawn, wait!" Ash said as he followed Dawn.

Dawn went to the bush and was shocked and amazed of what she just found.

"OH WOW!!!" Dawn shouted.

"COOL!!" Ash said seeing what Dawn saw as she picked up the object.

"Careful Dawn." Brock said telling her friend to be careful with it.

The object looked like it was one of a kind and could be worth a ton of money. It was in a shape of a diamond, but it was glowing green extremely bright. It was the size of a rock and it wasn't heavy at all.

"What could it be?" Dawn asked excitedly.

"I don't know." Ash answered.

"We should bring it to the nearest pokemon center." Brock said.

"It might be a stone." He added.

"Let's go." Ash said.

They started running with the glowing green object to the nearest pokemon center near Lake Valor. Ash was in front protecting Dawn if a wild pokemon came out and took the rock that she was holding while running. They were so focused on the rock that they didn't noticed a bunch of robots were passing them from above. The robots fired missiles at the ground making our heroes get blasted to the ground.

"AHHHH!!" The group screamed because they got caught in the explosion.

When the smoke cleared the group saw a flying hi tech vehicle in front of them. Not only that, but they were surrounded by a bunch of robots that had guns for arms.

"Sorry to ruin your fun kids." The man said in the vehicle said.

The man had black goggles over his eyes and a looked bald. He had a pointy, pink nose with a brown, mustache that went to both of his shoulder. He was wearing white gloves for his hands and was wearing a red suit on with square, yellow buttons on both sides.

"Who are you?!" Ash yelled.

"My, my. You have quite a temper my boy." The man said.

"Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dr. Eggman a.k.a Dr. Robotnik and I have come to claim what that girl has in her hands." Eggman said as he pointed at Dawn.

"Wh-What?!" Dawn asked a little scared.

"You heard me little girl. Give me the Emerald you have in your hand or my robots will use you and your friends for target practice." Eggman said.

"You want it? You can have it." Dawn said still a little scared of the man.

Dawn slowly walked to where Eggman was with the emerald in her hands. She stopped and opened her hands. As soon as Eggman saw what Dawn had, he had an evil grin on hi face. He moved his hand closer to Dawn while chuckling.

"What a beautiful and good gi..." Eggman paused when he saw the emerald in Dawn's hand disappeared in a blink of a eye.

"WHAT?!!" He shouted.

Dawn and her friends were just as shocked as Eggman was. Dawn was the most shocked because she just had the emerald in her hand a second ago, but now it was gone.

"Sorry to crash the party doctor." The figure smirked.

The figure had green eyes, a black, pointy nose and a yellow belly. He had blue spiky hair by the back of his head with pointy yellow ears in front and had blue skin all over his body. Finally, he wore short white socks with red and white running shoes on his feet.

Dawn and her friends didn't know who he was, but Eggman knew exactly who he was.

"What's wrong Eggman? Are you too shy to ask this pretty girl out?" The figure smirked again which made the doctor turned red with rage.

"FIRE!!" Eggman ordered his robots to shoot at the figure.

As soon as the robots started firing their guns, Ash quickly jumped at the now frightened Dawn and tackled her down to the ground, away from Eggman. Dawn eyes were wide opened and Ash knew she was scared than ever in their journey so he decided to hold her tightly in his arms.

"It's gonna be alright Dawn!!" Ash yelled because of the gun fire.

"Oh Ash!!" Dawn screamed as she covered Ash as well from the shots.

The figure was running as fast as the speed of sound and was rolling and hitting all of Eggman's robots like if he was in a pinball machine.

"Why you?" Eggman said before seeing the figure near his vehicle known as the Eggmobile.

"Hey guys!" The figure told the robots where he was while making faces at them.

"No, WAIT STOP!!!" Eggman commanded his minions to hold their fire, but it was too late.

The figure jumped 10 feet in the air and the robots started shooting at their maker. The figure started bashing the remaining robots until they were nothing but scrap.

"Got ya!" The figure said to the now beat up doctor.

"You will pay for this!" Eggman said as he started to fly up into the sky.

3 Minutes Later

"Are you guys alright?" The figure asked Ash, Dawn and Brock who were getting back up from their ducking positions.

"We're alright." Ash answered as he lifted Dawn back on her feet.

"WHOA!! It's a pokemon!" Dawn said excitedly as she took out her pokedex.

"Pokemon Unknown." The pokedex said as it read the creature.

"WHAT?!!" Ash and Dawn said in shock.

"Who are you or What are you then?" Brock asked.

"I'm Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog!" The figure said while waving his main finger back and forth.

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