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"Who are you?" My girlfriend asked.

"Ash can answer that for us." The voice smirked.

The sound of footsteps rang in my ears, sending drops of sweat down the side of my face. Each step grew louder and louder until they ceased. Her warm breath blew against my cheek, letting me know she was in my cheeks. My mind kept on telling me to open my eyes, but my burning temperature refused me from obeying.

"Just look at her!" My brain screamed.


Two fingers pinched my left shoulder, making me wake up. My eyes shot opened as they spotted an old friend giggling at me. Her orange hair was tied up in a short ponytail from her left side was enough for me to recognize her in a heart beat. As for her clothes, she wore a short sleeve yellow outfit with a blue button. It was her casual Gym Leader clothes with a pair of red sneakers covering her feet.

"M-misty?!" I gasped, holding my shoulder.

"Pikachu pi!" Pikachu cheered on the redhead's right shoulder.

"What are you doing here in Sinnoh?"" I asked.

"Since my sisters were generous enough to give me a break of running the gym, I decided to take a vacation. Prof. Oak told me you guys were in Sinnoh, so I went here!" The Gym Leader explained.

"So you're the Cerulean City Gym Leader?" Dawn wondered.

"Yep, and I'm one of the best in Kanto!" Misty turned.

"And you must be Dawn!" She exclaimed.

"Ash and Brock told me so much about you!" The blunette said with a nod.

Dawn's penguin partner waddled up to the water trainer, greeting her with a chirp. Knowing Misty's love for water pokemon, seeing her petting the bird was fine. She then looked around the room and spotted the larger animals watching her.

"Are these your pokemon?" The teen wondered.

"Actually, we're not even pokemon!" A female voice said.

Everyone turned to the door and found the being who spoke. A gray bat with purple wings was posing beside the Master Emerald. She gave us a wink, revealing her blue eyeshadow as she got on the floor. Her attire consisted of white elbow length gloves with pink cuffs, a black jumpsuit that covered her chest with a heart shaped trim on her breast, and gray and pink boots on her feet.

"HEY!" Knuckles shouted.

The red echidna ran towards the bat with his hands up, but got halted by a hand.

"Hold it, Knucko!" The bat ordered.

"You wanna shatter the emerald and waste our time fixing it?" She Smirked.

"What are you doing here?" The echidna groaned.

"You left your treasure at the Pokemon Center." The bat said.

"The police were going to guard it, but now it looks like we won't need to ." She replied.

Without a word, Knuckles turned around and walked near Tails. eep down through the jealousy, I could tell there was a bit of gratitude inside the grumpy guardian.

"Impeccable timing, Rouge!" Vector greeted the at.

"We need some help locating Eggman's base." He informed.

"Eggman?" Misty blinked.

It was going to be a long and complicated story to tell Misty, but she needed to hear it. I was about to speak, but Tails decided to explain what was going down. He began by explaining who they really were and where they came from. Then, he gave a brief description on who our enemy was and what he's scheming. It took Misty a minute to get the fox's words to read in her head before responding.

"So wait, you guys came from another world?" The redhead rewinded the story.

"Uh huh." Amy nodded.

"And this Dr. Eggman is an evil genius who wants to turn our world to robot utopia?"

"Yep." Rouge nodded.

"How are we gonna stop him?" The female Gym Leader wondered.

I brought out the answers from my backpack and presented them to my old friend. Glowing like a pair of light bulbs, the two Chaos Emeralds blinded Misty's eyes.

"Wh-what on…"

"Thee are what will stop Eggman." I answered.

"What are they?" Misty gasped.

"Those are 2 of the Chaos Emeralds." Rouge exclaimed.

"2?" Misty turned.

"There are seven of those scattered throughout Sinnoh. We have four, but Eggman has one." Dawn said, revealing the pink emerald in her hands.

"Oh no…"

Everyone widen their eyes and gave their attention to the redhead. Her body became frozen in place, giving the room concerned looks. Did the Gym Leader encounter the evil doctor or were the emeralds telling her something? She slowly turned to me with an awkward smile to console us. As hard as she could, I knew that the news we were going to hear was bad.

"Was Eggman in a giant mech?" Misty asked.

"Ya." I nodded.

"A black animal saved me from him and a blue robot a few minutes ago. They're at the Contest Hall here a cyan diamond is being held for tomorrow's pokemon contest." The Gym Leader said.

"You got that Espio?" The crocodile asked.

"Affirmative." The reptile said, reappearing in the dark corner.

A sudden plan got hatched as the tall crocodile handed Espio something small from the computer desk. With just a nod, the purple chameleon turned invisible and made his way out.

"Well, back to work." Rouge sighed.

The female bat flew after Espio, leaving the Master Emerald for us to have. The plan was revealed as Vector typed in a few commands into the computer. A map of sinnoh appeared on screen; which then got zoomed towards the part we were currently at. With a flashing beacon heading towards the Contest Hall, it became crystal clear what the plan was.

"You're gonna plant a tracking device on Eggman's machine?" Tails realized.

"Bingo!" Vector nodded.

"Sounds good! What do you think Pikachu?" I smiled, asking my buddy who was on Misty's shoulder.

"Pikachu!" Pikachu squeaked in agreement, jumping onto my shoulder.

"Of course it's a good idea! Eggman won't know who hit him until too late!" Charmy flew into the room.


A deafening shriek from the Cerulean City Gym Leader blew our ear drums as she tried to whack the bee with her red bag. Since Brock and I hadn't seen Misty in awhile, we had forgotten one important thing about her. She had a fear of bugs, including bug pokemon.

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