They sat silently observing each other for about a minute, each waiting for the other to say something, to take the risk, to make the decision. Finally Miley leaned forward and whispered,

'Don't worry, Lilly, I don't expect anything from you…except what you already give me.' Turning, she disentangled herself from the sheets and stood up, quickly pulling on the satin slip and matching robe that had been removed by the blond woman earlier that night. Without another word she glided her hand across her dogs head and padded out of the room with Noel right behind her, leaving Lilly alone with her thoughts.

Miley didn't expect anything from her. She refused gifts or money, and never complained when she had to leave early or cancel their plans at the last minute. She had never asked Lilly for anything, not her time, a commitment, or even her love. Yet that was exactly what the brunette had.

Lilly loved her without a doubt.

Getting up she dressed speedily and then, hearing music coming from Miley's kitchen, she went to investigate. Pausing in the doorway, she smiled at what she saw.

Miley was feeding her dog whilst dancing to Sugarland's 'Want to.' Her tiny figure was clad in the pretty dark purple floral silk chemise and matching wrap, and the fact that she was wearing Scooby-doo socks as well, somehow made the outfit even sexier. Without any make-up or jewelry she looked about sixteen, exactly the age she had been when she had first fallen in love with her and the fact that she was not only dancing, but singing to the music as well, made Lilly love her even more. Miley was perfect.

With childlike abandon, Miley swayed in time to the music, moving her hands and feet and hips, and shaking her head. Closing her eyes, she sang along to her radio loudly twirling around, she stopped dead at the sight of Lilly, dressed in her business suit, leaning against her bedroom door with an enigmatic smile on her face. Lilly had been watching her.

"How long have you been standing there?" She asked as her cheeks turned bright red and she stood perfectly still. Lilly laughed.

"Since you were coming on to your refrigerator." She replied with a teasing twinkle in her sparkling blue eyes. Miley immediately scowled at her.

"Lilly I was not! Oh, just shut up." Lilly grinned as Miley sulked and went back to feeding Noel. Sauntering over to her, Lilly wrapped her arms around Miley's waist from behind and murmured into her hair

"Don't be mad. I was only teasing." Miley lowered her head and Lilly could feel her relax against her, "You know for being a Superstar you get embarrassed pretty easily." she joked.

"There is a big difference between you seeing me being all made up and wearing a blond wig on stage Lilly, and having you watch me dance around my kitchen holding a bag of dog food. This is the real me…not many people get to see that…and I'm not mad. I wish I were. If I was mad at you then I could end this…us. But I'm not. So I can't." At the sadness in her voice, Lilly felt a dull pain throb in her heart. And before she could think about what she was saying she cried out

"Tell me to go and I'll go. Tell me that it's over between us and I swear I'll leave you alone. I swear." And although she couldn't see Miley's face, Lilly felt her tense at her words, and pull away from her slightly.

"Is that what you want?" she asked, struggling to keep her tears from falling. Was that what Lilly wanted?

"No!" The words exploded from her mouth with such force that Miley jumped and twisted round in her arms so that she was facing Lilly, and seeing the passion in her eyes, the love and the fear, Miley's insecurities vanished in a heartbeat. Lilly had made the offer because she loved her, not because she didn't. Lilly was putting Miley's happiness ahead of her own.

Lilly loved her.

Feeling the tears slide down her cheeks, Miley gave in and crumpled to the floor with her head in her hands. Lilly immediately dropped down beside her, enveloping her love in her arms, whispering her name over and over, comforting her almost like a loving parent. There was a difference though.

When she kissed her, it was with the intensity of a woman taken over by love.

A love that was returned in every way.