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Subspace 2: Subspace Emissary

"In this world, trophies fight. They know nothing but fighting. Fighting is the sole reason for their existence. Being turned back into a trophy, being unable to fight, is much like death. Those are the rules of this world. But... When someone... or something... breaks those rules, the world will pay a terrible price..."

~Smash Bros Dojo, July 20, 2007 update.

"Heroes always arrive late."

~Smash Bros Dojo, August 23, 2007 update.

Prologue: 6 months ago

Two boys were climbing a mountain. One was energetic with red hair, and a blue and yellow striped shirt, and brown shorts that went past his knees. While the other, the boy who was lagging behind had blonde hair. He wore jean shorts that just went past his knees along with a red and yellow striped shirt. The two were twin brothers. Claus and Lucas, respectfully.

"Come on, hurry up!" Claus shouted to his younger brother. "I want to show you the cool spot I found!"

Lucas was constantly looking down the steep mountain. One wrong move and he would fall to his death. "Is it really safe?" Lucas asked.

"Of course!" Claus laughed.

The two continued to walk along the narrow path. However they both stopped climbing when they saw a giant ship in the sky. Around it were red clouds. Notably on the bridge of the ship were two large robots. "What's going on?" Lucas asked.

"Who knows, maybe if we can get higher we can see it better! Come on!" Claus began to run up the mountain once again. Lucas looked at the ship nervously and began to follow his brother.

Meta Knight was cursing to himself. "How could I be so stupid?" he thought. All of the ship's systems were telling him that it was perfectly safe to fly through the clouds, but his intuition was telling him that he better not, and it would end badly if he did! Why didn't he listen to his intuition? It was always right every other time. He rushed out to the deck of the ship where the two robots were standing. A bunch of his men were fighting off all of the weaker units, strange creatures that were formed out of small purple bugs. But they were losing.

Things went from bad to worse when sudden a hammer rushed down towards him. Meta Knight quickly dodged and drew his sword. He looked up at his assailant, the self proclaimed King. King Dedede. "Meta Knight, its time that I claim your ship for myself!" Dedede laughed.

"You will not have my ship!" Meta Knight replied.

King Dedede, a giant fat penguin like creature. He was greedy, much like a child, anything that he saw he wanted. He always wanted more and more. And for a while he had been after Meta Knight's ship. The Halberd. Meta Knight had defended his ship from Dedede before. "Are these attackers yours?" Meta Knight asked.

"No!" Dedede replied. He swung his hammer towards Meta Knight who just blocked it with his sword. The two began to fight, but the two giant robots, Duon and Galleom, weren't going to let them be in peace. Galleom rushed towards them, but the dual attack from them was enough to send him flying backwards and off of the ship and down to the mountains below.

Duon however began to fire at both of them with lasers. This resulted in the two of them being knocked back and into the walls of the ship. All of Meta Knight's minions were being defeated and it only seemed like a matter of time before these creatures would capture his battleship. However Meta Knight wasn't going to let that happen. He got up and began to fly around his ship and cut through any of the strange monsters. A few moments later King Dedede jumped towards him. "Don't put off our battle for this ship!" He shouted.

"You idiot!" Meta Knight shouted. "Don't you see there won't be a ship in a few minutes?"

Duon flipped over to reveal his blue side. He rushed towards Meta Knight and Dedede and knocked them aside with his blades. Duon then switched sides and began to shoot rapidly at them. They were both quickly overpowered and knocked back.

"Duon that is enough." A voice said. Coming down from the red clouds was a glowing blue man. "This ship is mine now!"

Meta Knight didn't like what he had heard and jumped up. He sent a wave of energy from his sword towards him. However on the man's back appeared wings, like those of a butterfly. Suddenly three waves of energy rushed from him and towards the ship. The sword beam that Meta Knight had shot was overpowered and destroyed. Quickly, Meta Knight pushed King Dedede off of his ship. The first Off Ring hit Meta Knight. He stood firm, but his body had been greatly damaged. A crack appeared across his mask. The second Off Ring hit Meta Knight and the ship. The energy went through the ship, and rushed towards King Dedede. The third Off Ring sent Meta Knight flying. While Dedede plummeted towards the ground.

He looked up towards the ship where there were countless monsters in the sky that had been torn apart by the Off Waves. Meta Knight's minions, along with Dedede's were sent flying off of the Halberd. The Off Waves even went to hit the nearby mountains causing them to crumble. "That power!" Dedede shouted. "I must stop it!" He began to inhale some air, and puff up like a balloon, this slowed his descent and he landed safely on the ground

King Dedede stood horrified at the devastation that the Off Rings caused. But the King wasn't the only one to see the attack and decide to act against Tabuu. Off in the distance, was a blue hedgehog that was speeding around. By pure coincidence he saw the battle.

No, something like that couldn't be called a battle.

It wasn't a battle it was a slaughter.

Rewinding a bit, we go back to the twins who were observing the fight in the sky. They had made it to a flat area on the mountain with plenty of large rocks. As the first off wave rushed towards them, Claus pushed Lucas behind a rock, and took the full force of the attack. The second and third Off Waves were unable to reach them. But Claus was staggering around.

"Claus!" Lucas shouted. "Are you okay?"

"Lucas... I'm sorry!" Claus muttered before falling off of the edge of the cliff. Lucas ran over to the edge of the cliff and stared. He saw Claus' body plummet towards the ground, but just before it hit a strange black portal appeared. Claus fell in to the portal. And then just as fast as it had appeared, it disappeared.

A similar portal appeared up in the sky. And the Halberd went into it.

From this day, six months ago, only four people knew of the impending threat of the Subspace Army.

Meta Knight, a star warrior who would spend the next six months chasing after his ship.

King Dedede, who would spend the next six months finding a way to counter the Off Waves.

Sonic the Hedgehog, who would spend the next six months like any other day of his life, carefree, running wherever he wanted to go.

And Lucas, who would spend the next six months searching for his brother Claus.

At that point in time, they didn't know that their paths would be crossing again or the significance of what they had witnessed, or even that their destiny had all ready been chosen.

There was one other who had observed the ordeal. Master Hand. He rushed into Subspace to confront Tabuu. "Come on out Tabuu!" Master Hand shouted.

From the darkness, Tabuu emerged. "We meet again Master Hand." Tabuu laughed. "What has happened today and what will happen in the future is all because of you sealing me here."

"Tabuu, I'll stop you here and now!" Master Hand shouted. He fired several bullets from his fingertips at Tabuu who just blocked them with his hand.

Master Hand snapped his fingers and a golden circle appeared. On it was a circle that was divided by an offset cross, this was a trophy stand. He threw it at Tabuu, however someone jumped in front of the attack. A moment later a bright light consumed him.

When the spectacle was over, Tabuu looked at the person who had blocked the trophy stand. He was now a trophy himself. "Thank you, Mr. Game and Watch." Somehow, Master Hand had anticipated this and summoned a second trophy stand. This one however was blocked by the Ancient Minister. "And thank you, Ancient Minister."

"Damn it!" Master Hand shouted frustrated. He was about to summon a third trophy stand, however Tabuu just shot a chain of light towards Master Hand, causing him to dodge and lose concentration

"And I forgot to mention something Master Hand." Tabuu laughed. "You are going to help me in my plan!" Another chain of light rushed towards Master Hand. The hand quickly flew away in order to avoid the chain of light's attack but it followed him where ever he went. He tried to escape from Subspace, but Tabuu closed the portal to the outside world.

Eventually the chain of light had caught up to him and stabbed him in the back of the hand. Several more came and pierced him. "I now will control your every move. And with your help, your creations that you made to defeat me will destroy your world!"

"Damn it." Master Hand muttered.

"Prepare to say goodbye to the World of Trophies!"

This was the beginning of the Subspace Army's attack, and the trophies repelling of the monsters.

This is the tale of the Subspace Emissary.