Sigh... It's a Diddy and Donkey Kong Chapter... Sigh... well those who have read 365 know how much I hate Diddy Kong... So lets try to get through this as painlessly as possible...

Battle 4: Sacrifice in the jungle

While the previous events were transpiring, something else was going on.

Some monkey's bananas were being stolen. And that's terrible! It's horrible. An awful crime against monkeys everywhere. It's almost like stealing candy from a baby.

Of course, the monkeys weren't going to take this sitting down. The unfortunate minions that were left behind from the banana heist quickly found out that the monkeys were quite violent.

Actually, I probably should correct myself. One monkey, and one gorilla. The gorilla brought down his fist upon a Koopa, sending it flying. The gorilla then ran out to the nearby cliff to look for the vehicle that stole his bananas. Upon seeing it the gorilla let out a deafening roar and began to pound his chest.

Donkey Kong

The escape vehicle however was armed. They quickly began to fire bullet bills towards Donkey Kong. However from out of the trees jumped a smaller and much more agile monkey. It landed on Donkey Kong's back and then jumped up further into the air. It pulled out two peanut pop guns and shot at the bullet bills. Upon hitting two, they exploded. However a third one came out from the inferno and rushed for the monkey. He fired both peanut popguns.

It hit the bullet bill, however it didn't explode. As the monkey landed on the ground the bullet bill landed behind him. The next moment it exploded, not even singing the monkey.

Diddy Kong

"Oh, yeah! I'm good!" Diddy Kong thought. "I'm awesome!"

The two simians watched as the vehicle was getting away with their bananas. The unlucky Koopas should have known that old saying, Hell has no fury like a Kong scorned... or something like that. They quickly jumped down the cliff to follow the banana thieves.

Elsewhere in the forest there were four people. Four children who had gotten separated from their class during a class trip. One was a blonde boy wearing glasses and a green uniform.


The next two were girls. One with pink hair in a pony tail, and one with orange hair in pig tails.

Kat & Ana

The final one was a girl with pink hair done up in pig tails.


Unlike normal students, they were armed. Kat and Ana had two swords. Jeff had several fireworks and pellet guns. And Jill had a drill. Well regardless, they were on their own in a jungle alone. "I think the others may be looking for us." Jeff said.

"Yeah right." Jill laughed. "Well, Tony may be looking for you."

Kat and Ana just laughed.. "When we get back he will be all like, 'Jeff, don't leave me again! I can't live without you! I like you Jeff, don't leave me! What if a giant ape snapped you like a twig? I don't know what I'd do without you!'" Kat teased.

"And then you will be like 'Tony, I was so scared, I need a big strong man to protect me from wild animals!'" Ana teased.

"I will not!" Jeff snapped. He looked at Jill who was leading the group. "So, remind me again why we separated ourselves from our class and are going this way?"

Jill just laughed. "Jeff, you should know me better than that." She said. "We are going treasure hunting! Forests, such as this could be filled with treasure! Gold, diamonds, oil! All we have to do is dig!"

"So, why did you need us?" Jeff wondered.

"What if a wild bear attacks me?" Jill asked. "I'm going to need a big strong man to help defend me."

"If a wild bear attacks you, I'm running." Jeff said bluntly. "The bear doesn't know what he's dealing with!"

Jill didn't take this kindly. "WHAT DID YOU SAY?" She shouted outraged.

Their arguing however was stopped by a green turtle shell flying past them. They all stared with wide eyes in shock. "Did everyone else see what I just saw?" Jill questioned.

"Yeah." Kat said

A few seconds later, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong rushed past them. The four kids looked in shock. Jill suddenly began to laugh evilly. "I can smell it!" She laughed. "Treasure, they are going to lead us to treasure!"

The three other kids however just stared at her. "How did you come up with that conclusion?" They wondered.

Jill didn't answer, several seconds later she began to chase after Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. The path was cleared of any enemies, due to the two rampaging Kongs, allowing them a quick and easy route.

They were surprised when they saw that the two kongs had stopped in front of a giant pile of bananas. They were pounding their chest. However they then heard a stomp. The two kongs turned around to see themselves face to face with the king of the Koopas.


The two kongs quickly got ready to fight Bowser. However Bowser pulled out a large gun and began to charge it up. Quickly thinking Donkey Kong began to swing his arm and punched Diddy Kong, sending him flying away.

"MY BACK!" Diddy cried. Before he lost sight of Donkey Kong, he saw as the gun fired something at Donkey Kong. Before Donkey Kong was hit, Diddy Kong covered his eyes and flew away.

Donkey Kong then fell on the ground, he had been transformed into a trophy. Bowser slowly stepped towards the trophy of Donkey Kong. "So, the other got away." He growled. "No matter, it will only be a matter of time before he falls."

Jeff, Kat, Ana, and Jill just stood concealed in the bushes, all of them were terrified. Each of them thinking that they could be next. "We've got to do something!" Jill said. "That gorilla needs to lead us to the treasure!"

"Are you crazy?" Jeff asked.

"Are you a man!" Jill shouted. "Grow a pair!" Shouting this probably wasn't a good idea. Bowser suddenly turned to the bushes and fired his weapon into the grass. Kat and Ana grabbed Jeff and Jill respectfully and jumped out of the bushes.

"So, it appears that we had some eavesdroppers." Bowser laughed. "You were wise to avoid the attack from the Dark Cannon. It would of reverted you back into a trophy like state, just like the ape here." Jeff quickly drew his two pellet guns, while Kat and Ana drew their katanas. Jill also summoned her Drill Dozer. "Do you think you stand a chance against me?"

Kat and Ana quickly rushed for Bowser. Their first objective was to try and disarm him somehow. They silently decided on a double attack on his arms with their swords. Using their speed they were able to rush right up to Bowser, before he was even able to react they attacked. However, they didn't have the body strength to do any damage to him.

"Were those toys supposed to hurt?" Bowser asked.

He once again began to charge up the gun. This time Jill and Jeff were able to dodge before he fired. Jill quickly drilled underneath Bowser, and made a pitfall, the ground collapsed underneath Bowser and he fell down into the hole.

Jeff quickly threw down several firecrackers, and bottle rockets. They exploded, but these only agitated the koopa. He quickly jumped out of the hole, however, the four kids had taken this chance to flee. They knew they were no match for the king of the Koopas. Bowser once again turned his attention to Donkey Kong.

Pit and Mario landed on the ground. They had taken the route that had the least amount of subspace monsters down to the planet. However, even with the least amount monsters, it was still a time consuming route.

"Okay, Pit," Mario said, "what do you suggest we do?"

"We find the person who is dropping the bombs, and stop him from releasing more." Pit replied.

"Well, that would make sense." Mario said. "The only problem is, we don't know where he is, or for that matter, where we are."

Around them was a green plain that stretched as far as the eyes could see. There wasn't even a trace of the Subspace Army anywhere. For whatever reason the two of them looked up, rocketing towards them was a Big Primid which wouldn't let its prey escape. The two quickly jumped out of the way. When the Big Primid's fist collided with the ground, and there was so much force that it resulted in a mini crater. Both Mario and Pit knew if they were hit by that they would of been goners.

"Looks like that thing followed us." Mario said, his hands beginning to glow. Pit pulled out his bow and an arrow began to form.


The Big Primid tried to run for them, however it's large body slowed it down. Mario threw a fireball, while Pit shot a light arrow at it. The two attacks hit, however the Big Primid stood firm. Pit quickly broke his bow apart and quickly rushed for the Big Primid, cutting it's sides. Shadow bugs slowly began to escape from the wounds. Mario then jumpped up and delivered punch directly to the Big Primid's face. The Big Primid fell down onto the ground and began to writhe in pain. The Primid then began to shrink, until it was size of a normal Primid. It got back up and rushed for the two, however this time one light arrow from Pit resulted in the Primid being defeated.

The Primid turned back into Shadow Bugs and they fled. However, what was strange was that they only went in one direction.

"Let's go." Mario said following the Shadow Bugs.

"Do you think that these things will lead us anywhere?" Pit asked.

"With any luck, on the right path at least." Mario replied.

"And if we are unlucky?" Pit wondered.

"Right into a trap." Mario calmly replied. "If we are really lucky, we could get into the enemies base of operations and put an end to this quickly."

Pit however just stopped running. "Look, this isn't bravery!" Pit protested. "This is stupidity. Palutena was much stronger than both you and I combined. And she was killed by these people."

"You don't know that for sure."

"What you're doing is suicide!" Pit shouted. "We can't be reckless! We need more people!"

"You're right." Mario admitted. "But, do you know where we can find more? The stadium was attacked. I can only hope that Peach, Zelda, and Kirby made it out safely. Along with all of the people in the audience. There is also the chance that the bomb went off and killed them all."

"And Skyworld was conquered." Pit added on.

"We may be the only two people left who can fight this army. If it is just us two, we might be able to sneak into their base of operations unnoticed, and defeat them from the inside. And if there are others out there, we could deal a big enough dent so that the others can fight and win. Pit, tell me what are you fighting for? Are you just fighting because you were told to? If thats the case, your commander is dead. You have no more reasons to fight."

"Palutena sent me out knowing that she may die! This mission will end with either that army defeated, or until I can no longer fight, until I'm once again with Palutena!" Pit shouted back outraged. "And what are you fighting for Mario?"

"Fighting is the only thing I know." Mario replied. "It is my sole reason for existence. My purpose."

Mario closed his eyes. He remembered all of those days at the stadium. Day after day different people would come there. Luigi, Fox, Ness, Link, Samus, Donkey Kong, Pikachu, Kirby, Captain Falcon, Yoshi, Jigglypuff, and many others. But as much as he tried, he couldn't remember anything before that. There was always fighting. There was always another opponent waiting for him. There was never anything else. There was only fighting.

The two of them suddenly remembered what they were doing previously, they quickly looked around and noticed that the Shadow Bugs had disappeared. They both looked around panicked. "Pit, quickly go to the sky, and see if you can find the Shadow Bugs!"

Pit sort of just looked at his wings. "I can't fly very well." He said. "I have to rely on magic, and even then I can only last a few seconds."

Mario just grabbed Pit and threw him up into the sky. Pit quickly began to flap his wings and look around, trying to find the Shadow Bugs. Off in the distance he saw something dark and moving. Quickly he began to glide towards it. Mario, who was still on the ground quickly followed. Slowly Pit descended. When he got onto the ground he began to run with Mario.

"What did you see?" Mario asked.

"I'm not sure, it seemed to be moving so it might be those strange creatures." Pit said.

The two eventually caught up with the Shadow Bugs. They were still moving, but they had picked up some extra weight. On top of them was the unconscious boxer, Little Mac. The Shadow Bugs were carrying him away. Pit quickly brought out his bow and fired an arrow, hitting several of the Shadow Bugs. Quickly the remaining Shadow Bugs fused together into a single primid, however this one was red it was a Fire Primid. Pit quickly shot another light arrow, this one hitting the Primid in between the eyes. A moment later the primid exploded in a flash of light.

Mario and Pit quickly rushed to Little Mac's side. "Well, we at least know there is one other survivor." Mario said.

Pit just lightly shook him. "Hey, are you okay?" Pit asked. "Wake up!"

Little Mac moaned a bit and slowly opened his eyes. "Ugh... What did I do last night?" He muttered. His eyes glanced at Mario. "You! You're okay!"

Mario looked at Little Mac confused. "Why wouldn't I be?"

"You were hit by a cannon ball and sent flying back at the stadium!" Little Mac replied.

Mario was actually in shock. "You were in the stadium! What happened?"

Little Mac explained what had happened to both Mario and Pit. There were however some details that he wasn't fully sure about due to being attacked by the Subspace Army at that point in time and he was defending himself. "After you were sent flying away, this plant captured both Peach and Zelda, some other person came down from the audience and helped Kirby free the two. Then I saw them fleeing on the warpstar, the bomb then exploded, and it consumed the whole stadium. The bomb didn't kill us, but it took us to this dark place, there more of the monsters began to attack and I fought off against the person who I think was the leader."

"Who was he?" Mario asked.

"Do you know his name?" Pit wondered.

"He was this blue glowing person." Pit replied. "His body was made out of energy. To tell you the truth, I didn't stand a chance against him. I barely survived. Somehow I escaped from that place. But escaping took everything I had and I blacked out. And now I just woke up and am talking to you guys. Unfortunately, I don't know his name."

"So here we are, not even a step closer to unravelling this mystery." Mario said. "My name is Mario, and we are on a mission to stop this threat."

"My name is Mac. But everyone just calls me Little Mac."

"And I'm Pit."

"So now what?" Mario wondered. "We just destroyed our only lead."

Pit quickly jumped into the air and looked around. He then saw something flying in the distance. "Guys, look!" Pit shouted. Mario and Little Mac looked up to see the Ancient Minister, who was currently flying away with another Subspace Bomb.

"You're not getting away!" Mario shouted.

They quickly ran after the Ancient Minster. When they had caught up, Mario jumped into the air and tried to reach the Subspace bomb, however he couldn't. As he fell, Pit jumped into the air and used his head to give himself another jump. Pit reached the subspace bomb and quickly spread his wings to try and fly. "I won't let you get away!" The Ancient Minster however just turned around and quickly shot a laser at Pit sending him crashing towards the ground.

Little Mac quickly jumped into the air, the Ancient Minster shot several more lasers towards him knocking him down to the ground. With all three of the heroes on the ground, the Ancient Minister just flew onwards.

To be continued...

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