Bella's New Life


"NO! Stop! Leave me alone!"

A young woman screamed as she ran from a man intent on raping her. She ran and came to a house at the end of the block.

"Please, someone save me."

As she leaned back against the gate, it gave way and she fell into the yard. The gate shut and the man kept on hurrying by. The woman stood and then she was drawn to the house by an unseen force. She could feel pleasure all over her body and she moved as if in a trance. She stepped up on the porch steps and kept walking when suddenly she felt fangs sink into her neck.


Blood ran down her neck and she finally went limp in the predators arms and the woman was then taken to a bonfire close by and burned to ash. The attacker watched as she died and then wiped the blood away, craving for the one female vampire that he could never have..

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