Chapter Thirteen: Finally Happily Ever After

Marcus and Caius were sitting in the throne room later that evening when they heard the doors open. They looked up and froze as they saw the one female they hoped they'd never see again. She had been trying for years to make Aro hers and she had already been told by Aro himself that she would never be his. She had moved on to Marcus and he dreaded why she was here.

"What brings you here?"

"I'm hurt Marcus. Our love is still as strong."

"No offense bitch, but my father has never loved you. Why are you here?"

Nerissa stepped out of the shadows from behind the thrones and crossed her arms over her chest as she stared down the bitch in front of her. In all the years Nerissa had been at Volturi, she had never seen a bigger slut than the bitch in front of her.


"Name your purpose here now Kenta?"

Kenta Love had never wished for a vampire's death more than Nerissa Volturi. Everything Kenta wanted, Nerissa had to ruin. She had never seen this particular vampire fight, but something about the way she held herself brought on the scary thought. Then it donned on what Nerissa had said before she stepped out of the shadows.

"You're father?"

"I am Nerissa Volturi, daughter of Marcus Volturi."

"You lie! You are nothing more than a fucking guard."

"Kenta, watch how you speak to my daughter."

Kenta looked at Marcus and saw the look of pure malice on his face. She was mistaken to have said what she just did but hell Nerissa was never going to stop her from being queen of the Volturi. As soon as Aro saw her, he would be happy.

Aro watched Bella brush her hair when he felt his brother's anger. Marcus never got angry, but it's not normal when a certain vampire shows her face. Aro then remembered Nerissa's warning from earlier this morning.

"Just to let you know if you hear loud crashes please stay inside the room with Bella."

"Just don't kill anything valuable."

"Yes Uncle Aro."

Aro froze as he finally realized what Nerissa was talking about. He looked over at his beautiful wife and saw her snap the bracelet on her wrist and stand from her vanity. He hated not listening to Nerissa, but he needed to know. He took Bella's hand and together they headed to the throne room, not realizing what they were about to enter.

Nerissa looked at Kenta and growled as she insulted her as usual. Nerissa had long gone insults to her person but that one was not one that she could ignore. She watched Kenta slowly step back until the throne doors open. A curse flew out of Nerissa's mouth when she saw Aro enter and she knew Bella was behind him. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Heidi, Jane, Felix, Alec, and Demetri enter the throne room and hide in the shadows.


Kenta turned and flew at Aro. Aro waited for her to embrace him when he saw Kenta standing still. Aro looked up and saw Nerissa holding Kenta frozen and he watched silently as Bella slipped into the shadows to go to her throne.

"What? I want go!"


"You bitch!"

"I may be a bitch, but I am not a fool to think you are harmless."

Bella finally made it to her throne beside Aro's and looked at Marcus and Caius. Caius shook his head as they let Nerissa take care of it so far. She nodded and then watched as Nerissa descended the steps.

"You are a bitch to me! You never wanted me near any male!"

"For one, not all males wanted you near them! I can name a lot of them too."

"Just because you can't keep a male isn't my fault. Besides, I'm sure the two exes you had, said they had more fun with me than they did with you."

Everyone froze as Kenta said the one thing she shouldn't have. Nerissa shook her head and smirked as she moved closer to Kenta. As she got close enough she grabbed her throat and Kenta went flying through the air.

"You were the one that was a fool. Did you really think they loved you? They loved power! You are nothing but a whore, slut, and anything else I can name in a book."

"I'm better than you at anything."

"Anything huh? Very well. How well do you think you can stand a fight Kenta?"

"Nerissa, you've already destroyed my throne room before."

"Uncle Aro, move to your wife or I will have to throw you there."

Aro held up his hands and moved to his chair and gave Bella a kiss before sitting down in his chair. He watched Kenta's face contort with jealousy and pain. He knew she'd have to get the message sometime. Only problem was he had to leave it to his niece now.

"What are you saying Nerissa? I fight you?"

"Well you said you are better than me at anything, so show me how well you fight and then we'll see whose better."


"Okay, only one condition."

"What's that?"

"The loser has to be set on fire and burnt alive. Do you think you can handle that?"

"Nerissa no!"

Nerissa shook her head as she looked at the others and placed a hand up. Demetri moved to go forward but hit a barrier and looked at Nerissa.

"No Demetri. Stay back there with the others."

"Rissa, pleaseā€¦"

"I said stay back. I need you to protect the others just in case."

"You promised me."

"I never said I'd go full power either did I love?"

Demetri rolled his eyes and stepped back as his watched her places a barrier around the entire throne room. Kenta glared at Nerissa and realized that Demetri loved the girl in front of her. Nerissa looked at Kenta and smirked as she felt her powers come out. They weren't at their full power, because she had promised her family she wouldn't use them at full power unless needed. She felt Kenta's power but it was meek. Though she knew never to underestimate her opponent. Only problem was if her cloak was blown off her body, her father was going to kill her, for there was a two piece gown that she had recently bought under it. Jane, Heidi, and Bella had only seen it.

"Are you ready Kenta?"

"Of course. I'll have a blast watching you burn."

"If you say so."

Aro looked at Marcus and moved to stand when a hand stopped him. Marcus shook his head as he looked at his brother.

"Nerissa needs to take care of it. After Kenta is dealt with we will all be able to live in peace. Nerissa has protected us all with a barrier stronger than most think. It will only break should she go full power, and as you heard she promised Demetri she wouldn't."

Aro nodded and held Bella's hand in his. Bella smiled and patted his hand as she let her love flow into her husband. Aro looked at her and lifted their hands to kiss her hand and the ring he had given her as a symbol of his love. Bella looked at him and then turned her attention to the two in the middle.

Nerissa jumped up again and saw her cloak had been cut from her body and cringed for the reaction she was going to get later. AS she landed on the ground in a crouched position she grabbed her dagger and hurled it through the air. Kenta got hit with the dagger and grabbed her shoulder. She watched the blood flow from the wound as she looked at Nerissa. Kenta yanked the dagger out of her shoulder and looked at it. She looked at Nerissa and raised an eyebrow as she watched the other women stand. Kenta had to admit, this was harder than she thought.

"Nice. Never thought you'd use this on anyone. Much less wear that kind of outfit."

"When I felt your presence was when I needed to hunt. I thought I'd take care of you before I hunt. The outfit is so I can move easier."

"I can see. Although I'm surprised you aren't getting in trouble."

"Trust me I will be, but you know what I don't care since I'll get blood on it anyway."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah really."

Kenta forgot that Nerissa moved faster than most vampires and felt pain across her chest and face as she stumbled backwards. She looked up as Nerissa stood and raised her hand. Her nails had extended and there shimmering in the throne room candlelight and firelight there was blood glistening there. As Kenta gazed down, she saw blood on Nerissa's skin and a little bit on her top. She gulped as she forgot how fast Nerissa was and it scared her now.

"Wonderful move. I forgot how fast you move."

"I see that."

"Trust me though, it won't happen again."

"Then quit talking and move."

Nerissa jumped at Kenta and watched her jump. She smirked and then used the columns close to her and jumped back and forth like a cat up them. Kenta looked around and saw Nerissa had disappeared. She landed on the floor and listened. She heard nothing when an attack from behind sent her flying into the barrier Nerissa had put up.

"You know, the more you jump away the more you don't see."


Nerissa felt her stomach get a gash in it and jumped backward doing back flips as she kept away from Kenta and with one last flip and flew upwards and grabbed the one weapon no one had gotten out of the way from. Kenta gulped as she watched Nerissa begin to toss daggers in her direction. Only problem was that the daggers were not just sharp they had poison in the blades. Luckily for Nerissa they only melted skin and not anything else.

"You cheater! You know no one can get away from those."

"Well I can't go full power unless you really want to watch me destroy the room."

"You could."

"Only if you truly want to die."

Nerissa threw a dagger and it hit Kenta, scraping her leg but she fell to the floor. Nerissa landed on the floor allowing her skirt to fly out around her and then she stood as she walked towards Kenta carrying a sword. She waved her hand and the daggers flew back to the wall and stayed there. Nerissa moved to Kenta who kept trying to get up but the scrape was only making it worse as the poison kept burning her skin away.

"Not fair! You cheated!"

"I never said you had to use just your powers Kenta. You know better than that."

"You are still nothing. I will not be surprised if you lose Demetri as well."

"If I lose Demetri, it will be in battle not by someone else. I will kill the first bitch who thinks she can win him. He has made it clear."

"If only you knew."

"Honey, do you forget that I see things that happen as they are. I know everything you tried. I'm aware of how you threw your self at every male and even tried seducing Demetri into your bed. I'm also aware that he turned you down with all the others except for the fools who thought you would be good for them. They found out otherwise."

Nerissa raised the sword she held and swing it cutting Kenta in the throat. As she watch her opponent fall to the ground, she raised a hand and her fire leapt out and Kenta screamed as she burned alive. All Nerissa could do was watch.

Marcus felt the barriers fall and saw Demetri rush to Nerissa as she fell. Demetri placed his hands on her waist and pulled her to him as she leaned against him. Marcus also watched as all the women turned the eyes away from the burning body of Kenta and they all buried their head into the nearest thing they could find.


"Yes father?"

"If I ever find another outfit like what you have on I will ground you."

"Sorry, but it's the easiest outfit for me to hunt in."

"Hunt in them only then."

"Yes father. Bella are you all right?"

"I'm fine dear. Your powers are still surprising."

"I don't doubt it."

Bella smiled and then looked around as everyone calmed down. She then saw Jane holding tight to Felix as he hugged her and Heidi was covering her face.

"Nerissa, I thank you for taken care of her. You may go hunt."

"May I take Demetri with me please?"

"Of course."

"Thank you Uncle Aro."

Demetri helped her out of the room and everyone looked at Aro. He stood and looked at the pile of ash.

"My family, we are going to live peacefully. Let us celebrate."

Cheers went up in the air as they all got left the room. Aro knew that his family would live long and prosperous.

"Aro let us get ready for this celebration. We also have the celebration of your bride's birthday to be celebrated."


"Nerissa forgot that Bella's birthday was also the night you two got married."

"I was hoping she forgot that."

"Bella never will she forget that. It's a time she can be herself."

Bella nodded and followed her husband knowing she was finally home and had a family worth protecting. She also saw out of the corner of her eye that her best friend had finally found the perfect match for her. She saw Demetri kiss the woman he loved and then they disappeared into the dark. Bella laid her head on her husband's arm and knew she had a life worth living.

The End!

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