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6 years later…..

"Aunt Pammy! Aunt Pammy! Jack won't share his blocks with me."

Sookie had to put one hand over her mouth to block the laughter from escaping. Marie was the spitting image of Eric down to her long blond hair and icy blue eyes.

Right now she was yanking on the bottom of Pam's skirt and demanding Pam make her son share.

It was funny how things turned out. After the night they came to comfort her Pam and Alcide had steadily grown closer until a surprise pregnancy prompted them to get married.

Now, after 6 years of marriage, they were still happy. And Pam was obscenely pregnant. Only days away from her due date, she was really risking it coming to their annual 4th of July party.

Sookie felt a calming presence beside her right before Eric wrapped his arm around her waist and lightly stroked her belly.

"When should we tell them?"

"Later. Let's keep it to ourselves just a bit longer."

She looked down at the tiny bulge of her stomach. She could pass it off as having gained weight, but soon everyone would know, they were expecting again.

It had been a long road to where they were now and truth be told, she didn't think they'd ever get here.

Shortly after they locked Quinn up all those years ago, he murdered someone in jail. He tried to plead insanity but was sentenced to life without parole.

Sookie still remembered that day with stunning clarity. It was the day her and Eric truly started trying to have a baby. It hadn't taken them long.

"Excuse me Sookie. I just need to get past you to grab a drink."

"Sorry Bill!"

Sookie gave Bill a sympathetic smile. Felicia had faked her pregnancy again. It had crushed Bill. He finally wised up and left her. When he did, he came by the house and apologized to Eric. They started working on mending their friendship and now they were as close as they'd ever been.

Bill was even dating Pam's maternity leave replacement, Thalia. They were quite the couple and no one doubted that it would work.

After the baby situation, no one ever heard from Felicia again. Eric always told her that he thought Felicia moved to another state to start the scam all over again.

Poor unsuspecting men.

And speaking of unsuspecting men. Sookie couldn't help but feel bad for her brother who'd gotten trapped in an awful marriage by a woman who claimed to have his baby. She'd yet to give birth so it was still unclear whether what she was saying was true, but Jason was stepping up.

He'd started spending a lot of time with her and Eric. Not that she minded. She liked having her brother around.

"Mommy! Can I go swimming now? Daddy said after dinner. I just ate a hot dog."

Sookie looked up at Eric and laughed before turning to take her daughters hand. Together they walked off to go for a swim, while all around them their family survived and moved on.

Life couldn't get any better.


A/N: It's over. Whew. Okay. If, IF I write a sequel it will fill in the missing 6 years. I know this ending isn't going to satisfy everyone, but I'd rather bow out gracefully from this story. Rather than have the characters feeling forced and my readers dwindling. Sometimes you just gotta know when to end something.

I hope you all enjoyed the ride. Love you all.