HGSS: Johto Saga

Part 1

Newly Em'bark'ed Journey

The alarm clock buzzed. Next thing he knew, forty things were happening at once. He fell out of bed, the sun blinding him when connected with his eyes. Suddenly, a Doduo smashed through window, having used Drill Peck and was off aim.

The boy blocked the sun and stared at the quick moving, two-headed bird. He scrambled up and dove for Doduo. It was slightly smaller than most Doduo, so he knew it was a baby practicing a new move. He carried, while it kicked and thrashed about, to his window and gently let it out. It hopped down the roof and out of sight. The boy sighed, but smiled at the same time.

"Well, I guess I did have to get up anyway. Eh...I'd better get ready to go!"

The boy found some clothes. He put on a black undershirt, with a red, white-collared jacket to go over it. He slid on his shorts, specifically jams, and his red and gray Running Shoes.

Before he was finished, he brushed his hair down and out, where the long tuff would stick out an inch or so. He then finished off his look with his black and yellow hat, turning it backwards to the tuff would stick out. He then grabbed a backpack and barged out of his room.

Downstairs, his mom has a case double-wrapped in papertowels. She slips it into his backpack's inner compartment.

"Okay, Ethan, you'd best be heading out. Goodbye, dear. Oh, and I'll have your Pokegear soon, it just needs to come back from the Repair Shop!"

Ethan headed out the door, dust flying in his wake. "Bye mom! I'll tell Professor Elm you said hi!"

He headed out the door, a smile on his face and closed it gently behind him. His mother sighed and beamed widely.

Ethan dash quickly on the road outside his house. He could see Professor Elm's lab just around the block as he turned. The fenced roads made it difficult to get lost. He stopped at the door. He suddenly noticed a red-haired boy on the outer side of the house, peeking in through a window, muttering sourly to himself.

Ethan peered around.

"Hey, who are you? Do you know Profess-" Ethan was cut off as the boy lunged at him, taking him down, skidding across the ground.

"What the...?!" Ethan stuttered.

The boy stood straight. He went back to his muttering at the window.

"Sheesh, sour much!?"

Ethan ignored it and walked inside.

A man, in a long white trench coat with sandy colored hair stood with his back turned to Ethan as he walked in.

"Professor Elm?"

The man turned around and revealed his face. It was bright and full of life, smiling at Ethan.

"Ah! Hello Ethan, I've been waiting so long for you! I'm glad you're here. Well, let's take a look at what you're obviously expecting." Elm turned to a table in the middle of a smaller area.

"This cart holds three pokeballs upon it. Choose one to your liking. You may send the pokemon out and choose by who they are." Noticing Ethan's slight hesitation, he shoved him on. "Go on! Choose!"

Ethan nodded and stepped towards the pokeballs. He picked them up and lobbed them into the air. The white lights protruded from them and three pokemon were revealed.

"These three are, as follows, Chikorita on the left, Cyndaquil on the middle, and Totodile on the right! You can choose whichever one."

Ethan gazed at them hopefully. "Wow, they're so amazing. But, I think I know which one I want!" He took two of the pokeballs and aimed them at Totodile and Chikorita. They went back in. "I want Cyndaquil."

A sudden and whispered shriek was heard.

"Ah! Cyndaquil, a wonderful choice. He's easy to raise, and very responsible. Be careful though, since he is still a slight baby! Well, Ethan, here are five pokeballs for other wild pokemon. Oh, and take this." Elm handed him a potion.

Ethan recalled Cyndaquil and placed him in the outer pocket of his bag. He then placed the pokeballs in the same one.

"Thanks Professor!"

"Oh, and Ethan!" Elm called out as he was leaving, "You might want to visit Mr. Pokemon soon, he has something for you. He lives on the Route that separates from Cherrygrove City west from here. Now, move on Ethan!"

Ethan waved as he departed from the building.

As he made his way out of the pathway to the lab, he stopped, closed his eyes and turned his head upwards. Outsctretching his arms, he grinned and took in a deep breath.

"Ah! My first adventure...it's gonna be awesome. The fresh air, the intense battles...WOO HOO!" Ethan smiled brightly. He saw a man walking away from his house with a clipboard and a Pokegear sign on his hat.

"Oh, it looks like my Pokegear came back." Ethan then heads home quickly.

Inside his house, Ethan grins when he sees his mom holding the blue Pokegear.

He takes it and attaches it to his wrist. "Thanks. Now I'm all set. I'm headed out to Cherrygrove City." Ethan noticed an exasperated expression on his mom's face. "I'll try to call with updates, mom! Bye!" Ethan dashes out the door and his mom heaves a great sigh.

As Ethan is about to walk onto Route 29, a small blue and white pokemon slams into him. Ethan stumbles forward, but looking back to see a Marill sprawled on the ground.

A young girl, same age as him, runs up and picks up Marill.

"Marill! Watch where you're going." She looks up and her face turns bright red. "Oh, hey! I'm Lyra! What's your name?" The girl was wearing tube socks the went past her knees, white shoes, a a pair of mini-overalls over a pink, collared shirt and a large white hat over brown hair curled up.

"Lyra. Mhm, my name's Ethan. Nice to meet you. Cute Marill you have there!" Lyra smiles and pats her Marill on the head. She pulls out a pokeball and withdraws it.

"Well I'd best be off. Bye Ethan!" She then walks off, her arms clenched to her side. He was sure she was blushing.

He silently waves and continues on his way.

Down the path, he took in the sights he'd never seen before, taking out his Pokegear and snapping some pictures here and there.

Soon, he witnessed a trainer battling a wild pokemon.

"Oh cool! A chance to see it up close and personal!" Ethan ducked quickly behind a tall tree and peered from behind.

The trainer, about ten, started commanding his pokemon. "Okay, Rattata! Use Quick Attack!" The small rat pokemon sped quickly through the tall grass and slammed into the wild Pidgey.

"All right! Go..."

Suddenly, he saw that the pokemon was gone. "Huh? What happened? Did it escape?!" He then returned his pokemon and dashed off, calling the wild pokemon's name.

"Well, that was a blow!" Ethan said angrily. He stood up and sighed.

"I guess there's more where that came from though...I'll have to catch my own pokemon soon...Hm?" He saw the grass move. Ever so more. Then a little more. Inching easily towards him. Suddenly, an owl popped out and said "HOOT".

Ethan was caught off guard, but quickly reached for Cyndaquil. He threw his pokeball and Cyndaquil came out.

"Cyndaquil! Use...um...Tackle!" Cyndaquil lobbed forward and slammed into the Hoothoot.

"Yes! Cyndaquil...use, um, Ember!" The massive flame on Cyndaquil's back spurted high, then Cyndaquil released beads of flames. The sparked all over Hoothoot and it fell to the ground, fainted.

"All right," he pulled out a pokeball and enlarged it, "go Pokeball!" He threw it and it hit Hoothoot. Hoothoot went into the pokeball and it landed on the ground. After shaking three times, it stopped.

Ethan beamed and bolted over to the Pokeball. He picked it up. "I just caught, my first pokemon! Hoothoot! Thanks Cyndaquil! You were so awesome!" Cyndaquil danced on its hind legs, celebrating its first victory.

"We're gonna make an awesome team!" Cyndaquil was then recalled to its Pokeball. "All right, now I just keep going until I reach Cherrygrove City!"


I hope you like the new series. I may not do the DPp Saga anymore, since I made this mostly for the celebration of the new games, Heartgold and Soulsilver coming out in about five days! Woohoo! Hope you guys liked it. Expect this to run ALL THEY WAY through ^_^