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This is it, the finale. The end of Johto Saga.

HGSS: Johto Saga

Series Finale

Chapter 60: Diverging Paths

Ethan and Lyra cut through a route that headed towards Violet City.

They had docked at the Pokeathlon Dome a few minutes ago, and without any words, they moved as fast as they could towards New Bark Town, where they could finally rest up after the longest journey the now eleven year old trainers had ever experienced.

More speechless, nature-sound filled minutes passed as they passed through Violet City, then Cherrygrove. Not even heavy breathing was heard between them. The tension was building.

When they reached Violet, however, Ethan remembered the bicycles they had gotten before. They rode them and were in New Bark Town before the day was up.

Ethan departed from Lyra and crashed in his house.

His mom rushed over to him and embraced him in a warm hug.

"Oh, dear! It's been so long!" She screamed.

"Hey, mom. It really has, hasn't it...?" He asked through a muffled voice. She let him go and he sucked in a breath. "The fun times can't last long, because I have to head over to Professor Elm's lab." His mom looked hurt.

"Okay. Well, bye then!" She smiled. She tried to be happy for him.

Ethan left and gently closed the door. As he walked out, he ran into Lyra.

"Oh, hey. Heading to the lab?" Ethan asked.

"Yeah. Just coming to, er, get you!" She said quickly. She turned and they headed towards the Lab at the end of town.

When they arrived at the front door, the sun had almost disappeared from the horizon. They rapped on the metal door.

Elm was suddenly in the doorway. "Ethan! Lyra! Come in, come in!" He ushered them inside his spacious lab room.

Ethan smiled and greeted other scientists there.

"I have some good news!" Elm started

Ethan and Lyra were lead into a back room. Inside was a familiar person. Jim was standing in the middle of the small room, a small yellow pokemon in his hand.

"Hey, Lyra! Hey, Ethan!" Jim smiled. His pokemon, which called itself Elekid, beamed.

Professor Elm lead the three of them over to a screen. On it, a man was glaring at them.

"Ah! You must be Ethan and Jim!" He said in a robust voice.

"And Lyra!" Lyra cut in.

"Jim, Ethan...Professor Elm mentioned you two to me," the man explained.

"And Lyra?" Lyra cut in again.

"He said that you two could aid me in some research a few of us professors are working on."

"And...Lyra?" Lyra said sadly.

"You are...?" Ethan asked.

"Professor Alexander Rowan, of course!" The man cheered sharply.

"Ah..." Ethan said.

"Anyway, there is some research that we need done with PokeDexes over here. I have two children coming in the next couple of days for their PokeDexes, but we need two more to fulfill the Sinnoh Dex. Would you two be interested?" Alexander asked.

"AND LYRA?" Lyra shouted.

Professor Elm turned her and took her to the corner of the room.

"Sorry, Lyra. I mentioned you to him, but he didn't really seem interested..." Elm explained.

"AND LYRA?" She burst. "Wait, not interested? Did you just say...he wasn't interested in me?" Lyra asked. She looked pained.

"Yes! We'll do it!" Jim said hurriedly.

"Great! A private ship will be there tomorrow to pick you up! The Sinnoh Region isn't far from Johto! Good night, boys!" The man chuckled. The screen flickered off.

"Woo hoo! We're going to Sinnoh! We're going to Sinnoh!" Ethan and Jim cheered together.

"Ethan, Jim. Would you like to leave your pokemon here?" Elm asked, turning away from a sobbing Lyra. "I had your pokemon sent here, Ethan, from the Day Care."

"Sure! I trust you to watch them while I'm in Sinnoh," Ethan replied. Jim nodded in agreement. Ethan sent out the four pokemon on his team. "Hey guys!" His pokemon smiled and cheered at his voice. "I'm going to be going to Sinnoh. I have to leave you guys here for awhile..." He said sadly. Their expressions turned bleak. "Are you all alright with that?" Ethan asked.

Even in reluctance, they all were happy for him and yipped. Ethan smiled. "You're the best." He recalled them and handed the balls to Elm.

Jim did the same, and said goodbye to his pokemon. He continued to hold Elekid, however. "I'm going to take Elekid with me!" Jim said as he handed his pokeballs to Elm.

Elm nodded. "I will give these to Teri to take to our Pokemon Yard. So, Ethan, Jim, you guys'd better get some sleep. Big journey tomorrow. I sure will miss you guys, though!"

Ethan hugged Elm. "It's alright!" Ethan then glanced over at Lyra, and his expression turned sad.

Later, the trio left the building, heading home to get some rest.

In Ethan's house, at dinner, he told his mom.

"GOING AWAY? AGAAAAAIN!" She cried. "You JUST got back!" She whimpered.

"But I'm helping some famous professors!" Ethan said before he sipped some ice cold tea.

"I understand...Well, I suppose I can be helpful to you and wish you luck on your journey!" It seemed at ache as she smiled, and she took a bite of her rice ball and sipped some ice tea.

Ethan nodded and continued to eat his meal.

The next morning, Ethan exploded out of his house. Jim was standing in front of it. His face brightened as he saw Ethan.

"Hey Jim! Boat come yet?" He asked. He stood next to Ethan and looked out over the water. Nothing was stirring on the horizon quite yet.

Suddenly, they were tapped on the shoulder. A girl with a white hat with a red mark, a blue shirt, a red skirt, a yellow bag slung over her shoulder, blue socks and white shoes, along with long brown hair, stood behind them.

"Hey guys!" She said cheerily.

"Um..." Ethan looked into her eyes and saw that it was someone he was familiar with. "Lyra?" He said shocked.

"Surprised? I am going to Kanto. Elm called me right back into his lab last night as Professor Oak called him and asked for ME!" She explained.

"Wow, that's great! Oak is like the most famous professor in the world! Congrats!" Jim said, glad for her.

Lyra smiled. "I'm waiting for a boat to KANTO now...So, yeah..." Suddenly, two boats cruised up to a halt against the 'beach' line in the water. A ramp shot out of both of them and connected with the land, making it look like there would be a gash when they left.

"Hello? I am looking for Jimmy Voletta and Ethan Goldman!" One sailor said.

"I am looking for Lyra Soulstice!" The other said.

Lyra smiled. "Well, I guess this is goodbye..." Lyra hugged Ethan. As she let go, she left a small kiss on his cheek. Ethan smiled as she hurried on board the ship on the left.

Jim sighed. "And now we head for Sinnoh..." The boat with Lyra started slowly away. She waved at them, a dreamy look in her eye as she waved to Ethan. Ethan and Jim quickly boarded the second ship. The sailor was a little slow in getting aboard to get going, but he finally started the boat and they were on their way.

The ship retracted the ramp, sliced through the calm waters, and the left the horizon. Professor Elm and Ethan's mom had gathered at the water's edge and waved goodbye to them.

"Bye...Ethan," his mom thought to herself.

The boat was on its way to the Sinnoh Region...and the passengers on their way to a new journey.


Well, how was the series? I suppose some people liked it, with a toll of over 11,000 by the middle of the 9th Season...So, this is the end!

The Sinnoh Region saga is coming up, and the final name for it is, in fact, HGSS: The Sinnoh Saga. Look forward to this. And, here is some information!

HGSS: Sinnoh Saga. The sequel to the popular Johto Saga. Get ready for more action, more clipping moments, all in a new region with new characters and lots of additional stuff not seen in the games or anime, and lots of changes. So, the time has come for the next addition to the HGSS Sagas. Here it is:


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See you there, in the Sinnoh Region! G'Day everyone!