Her chest hurts; actually every inch of her body, soul and mind hurts. Every breath feels like piercing swords.

And she welcomes and yearns for that pain to make her feel alive.

Her black hair is pressed against her pale cheek. She uses it like a shield to protect her from the world.

Her empty lavender eyes reflect the feelings she hold inside. Her heart has nothing in it but pain; pain from all the wounds she received from her loved ones, the ones who pretend they care.

She shakes and cried, but never on the outside. Her weakness is that she can't build her strength nor her courage. She needs that strength and courage to fight against the ones who wound her.

But how will she fight against the people who raised her and trained her?

Anyone who knows her family name would think she is powerful, beautiful and loved. Yet anyone who knows her can tell that she is weak, ugly and hated.

The one person who knows her well is also the one person who beats her down every time she tries to stand back up. His eyes have tremendous power yet they look right past her.

Her quiet nature irks him. Her weakness makes him despise her.

But for her any type of emotion from him means the world.

He is never understood by anyone but her. Countless nights of endless training make her his secret keeper. Yet when he is done, he leaves her to her own stories, no once caring for what she wants.

Some of her dreams are shared with him. She wishes to explore the world with him by her side. She hopes to have him with her every moment in her life. Her so called friends are not even a distraction for her from thoughts of him. He is her kin yet so distant from family of any sort.

His lavender eyes were weak and her fingers slow. His white eyes were sharp and his fingers long and powerful. She can be surrounded by everyone yet still feel invisible to everyone because he doesn't see her.

He was the prodigy while she was the simpleton. So close yet so far to each other.