Rise of the Dark Ones.

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"Werewolf Ron speaking"

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"Normal talk"


-Media or transmissions-

Chapter 11 part 4: ~Now that I can dance.~

Middleton Highschool…

The dance was in full swing and all the teens were having a blast under the watchful eye of the teachers who volunteered for the event, such as Steve Barkin who was keeping an eye out for any mischief while also chatting up with Leo who used it as distract himself from having to wear a black pressed suit and red tie for this party much to his displeasure.

The fact that Tessa had to practically use her magic to get him to wear one chaffed him to no end of course and made him promise to get back at her someway. Still chatting the man up was by no means unpleasant though he had to be careful not to give up his true nature to the man.

"Those were some impressive techniques you used with Stoppable, were you in the military by any chance?" Steve asks him as he takes a sip of punch while keeping an eye of the proceedings.

"While not a military per say I did do some guard detail in my homeland and have had training so as to better protect our lands and of course my family."

"I see, you look like you've seen some action."

"Regretfully so, I do not actively seek conflict but I must be ready to meet when it should arise and stamp it out should it disturb the peace." The disguised warrior confesses with a grimace.

"Yes, no one values peace more than a soldier as they say." Steve nods in agreement.

"Indeed, while I won't deny a certain rush when I'm in a bout I certainly find more value spending the day basking in the warmth and love of my wife and hearing the laughter of my little ones as they play or feeling pride when bested in training by my first born." Leo replies with a warm smile on his face at those thoughts.

"Sounds like heaven." Steve spoke with a wistful tone that Leo picked up on.

"Missed opportunity?"

"Yes, she and I went through a lot together but our paths drew us apart eventually."

"Forgive my curiosity but have you kept in touch at least?" Leo asks as he drink from his own cup.

"I thought about it but she is better off without me in her life, last I heard of her was that she has a rather stressful job and the last thing she needs is some nobody like me to add to it."

"If I may be so bold to offer you some advice, I lost rather dear friend due to unforeseen and unpleasant circumstances and due to it lost contact with his family, however fate saw fit to grant me another chance to reconnect with them and I am happy I took the leapt when offered. My point being, don't let baseless assumptions or what if's get in the way of potential happiness Mr. Barkin, we only have a finite amount of time among the living to let it be filled with nothing but regrets and loneliness." And with that said he turned his attention to the teens while Barkin had a pensive look on his face from his words.

Meanwhile Tessa and Morrigan were on the opposite end doing the same though more than a few of the male students and faculty (and the occasional female with a like for the fairer sex) gave them a look.

Tessa was garbed in a plum colored dress that showed under her bookish and intellectual exterior was a rather striking woman as it showed of her womanly figure, and despite her use of magic being around Jon and Leo had also made sure to give her some tone to her body though not enough to call her mannish in any way but definitely showed she worked out to keep up with the two... and it was a partial remnant from her previous relationship.

Apparently Asura had two types of women he fancied, some that carried some muscle to them and were not afraid to show it or had a personality that complemented his and were not scared of his passionate nature such as his wife Durga.

Morrigan however was the epitome of sin as she simply stood in her black Chinese style dress that left plenty of leg showing from the slits on the sides that reached mid-thigh and a heart shaped cut out that showed enough cleavage to warrant a long look from many a passerby, Morrigan of course took this in stride with an occasional but playful wink directed at anyone who chose to stop and look at her.

Tessa just rolled her eyes at that while nursing her punch.

"Any sign of him?" She asks her companion.

"Nope, though I do wish he would hurry." The Empress remarks as she waves at another student who blushes up a storm before being slapped by their date for their troubles.

"Why so he can ogle you in that…ugh dress?" Tessa grounds out through her teeth as she really can't see any other reason for her wearing that.

"Why yes indeed my dear, how else shall I entice him if I don't show him what he could spend the rest of eternity next to?" Morrigan replies while looking at her as if she was stupid for asking such an obvious question, which Tessa felt she did as she knew that was going to be her answer but still felt the compulsion to ask because of who she was.

*Times like these sadly give merit to what Jon and Leo said about my curiosity getting me into more trouble than its worth. * She glumly thinks to herself before her eyes turn towards the gym's entrance to spot something that made her jaw drop.

There stood Ron Stoppable with his armed link around Felicia's own while looking ravishing in her white dress.

"Me thinks you will have some competition for his attention your highness." Tessa let out casually while Morrigan turn to look at the source of the comment.

"My, my, it would appear he has inherited the Talbain charm if he procured a night with such a fine specimen as that." Morrigan comments while eying the blonde's date for the evening.

Naturally she was quite aware of the race known simply as cat women among humanity and how many still struggled with bigotry and racism even in current times, that said she was well aware of those who had made their mark in history in an effort to improve things for their kind and Felicia Hartland was one of those women.

She was an accomplish actress and singer who was also well known for her charity, especially towards her species and children, something she quite respected of the woman.

*She does look quite lovely in that dress; I do wonder why she is with dear Ronald though? * The Empresses thinks before deciding to take action as she struts towards the pair.

"Hello Ronald, I see you have brought some rather unexpected company with you." She replies with a calm tone. Despite wishing to have some fun with him she is under disguise at the moment and had to play the part of scholarly teacher and not seductress.

"H-hi m-miss Aens." Ronald squeaks out while trying and failing to contain his nervousness before the succubus in disguise.

Felicia had a curious look at how he addressed the woman but chalked it with how striking she was.

*Heck, I'm straight and I can't stop looking at her. * The cat woman thinks privately as she fights the urge to blush.

"Oh, now don't be shy Ronald, we are all friends tonight as we enjoy this little party eh? Oh, but where are my manners, my name is Morgan Aens miss…?" Morrigan "introduces" herself while holding out a hand towards Felicia who is broken out of her musings by the gesture.

"No harm done, I'm Felicia Hartland, pleasure to make your acquaintance miss Aens." She replies as she shakes her hand and notes how she does so with no discomfort apparent at doing so.

Something she regretfully has experienced before even if it wasn't as bad as before.

"Ah yes, I thought recognized you, allow me this opportunity to say that your humanitarian and charitable actions are to be commended and I wish you further success in them."

"Oh, thank you! It is good to see our efforts are recognized by others outside our community."

"Is that how you came to be young Ronald's plus 1 for the evening?" Morrigan assumes given his and the redheads adventures across the globe.

"Yes, in fact he and Miss Possible…" she briefly stops to wave at the girl in greeting "…protected our home from some rather surly men who wanted something that wasn't there to anymore."

"Oh? Well I see the stories surrounding the two are quite well founded then, but enough of that this is a dance so I shall not take any more of your time then." Morrigan replies jovially before bidding the two goodbye and sashaying away that had their eyes on her.

*Well that could have been worse. * Ron thought with relief.

"That is sure some teacher you got there Ron." Felicia idly comments as she turns away from the woman, she had encountered some woman like that who had the looks and the confidence to back it and she could tell this Aens woman had that in spades.

"Well I guess you can say that, but she is right so care to dance?" He asks with only a hint of nervousness in his voice as he holds out his hand out towards her.

*Time to put those lessons to the test. *

"I would love to Ron." She replies with a smile as she takes his hand into her own and goes to the dance floor that parts before the two. They pay no mind and simply lose themselves to the music while everyone watches before the surrounding people decide to just go with it and dance to their hearts content.

One of those couples was Kim and Josh who were moving to the beats and each other. For once Kim's nerves took a back seat while she moved with her date for the night who seemed to be enjoying himself around her as well.

"I didn't know you guys knew Felicia Hartland?" He says to the redheaded heroine.

"Met her on one our missions, Ron's a big fan apparently and asked her to the dance."

"Well he isn't the only one, I got lot of her tracks, she has a wonderful voice." Josh says in honesty.

"Oh? Never pegged you for a fan."

"Like to keep it private, guys in the locker room are all into metal and other manly tunes, don't think they would take my tastes in other genres very well." He replies to her with shrug and a smirk.

"You shouldn't be afraid to express yourself, I mean who cares what they think? It isn't like it will hurt anyone." She says with a bit of a frown, she never did like it when people came down on Ron for being who he is and it extended to other as well.

"Not all of are that brave sadly, not like you at least, makes me wish I had that same level of confidence." Josh says in all honesty as the DJ changes songs again.

"I'm not that special." Kim says with a hint of a blush at the unexpected compliment.

"Says the girl who fights supervillains in her spare time." He retorts with a smirk.

"I consider that more of a hobby actually." She says with a smirk of her while enjoying this back and forth with Josh.

"If this is a hobby, I wonder what your career will be like."

"When I figure it out, I'll give you a heads up."

Josh just shook his head while smiling at the teen who in turn felt more confident and comfortable around the young man as they danced amongst their peers.

As they danced Tara sat at a nearby table while keeping Monique company, though her eyes occasionally strayed towards a certain blonde lycanthrope and his feline date. Something the fashionista was quick to notice and decide to speak on.

"Girl, you need to GYHOS and make a move." She says in her own unique way.


"Get your head on straight, I mean this is your chance to step up girl and take the plunge."

"Your questionable tastes not withstanding she is right babe." Bonnie commented as she made her way over to them with a pair of drinks in hand. She gave her BF one while she sat in a free chair.

"Bonnie, you finally tire Brick?" Monique asks as she does not see the Mad Dog QB near his date. Bonnie just motions towards an area where they see the muscled blonde talking with other football members.

"Decided to let him have his moment with the rest of the Neanderthals, but let's focus, shall we? Tar, talk to me, you didn't get dressed up to the nines just to let it slip right?" Bonnie said in a more gently tone, one she reserved for Tara alone.

"Well, I mean, how do I compete with that?" She says she discreetly points towards Felicia who is having the time of her life with Ron while others watch the pair.

"You know my feelings on Stoppable but if you want him you got to be ready to fight for him, so what if she is a hot celebrity wrapped in fur and silk? You got more going on than you think and now you just got to show it" The tanned brunette throws out to her friend who looks indecisive.

Fate however seemed to smile on her as Ron saw her from the dance floor looking nervous for some reason, that was when he recalled how she helped him out for this very moment though he also didn't to be rude to Felicia who had done him a favor when she didn't have to.

Thinking on it he decided that it was best to be honest with his dance partner.

"Hey Felicia?"

"What's up Ron?"

"Well, i was hoping to ask that girl over there to a dance because she helped me out and I feel like I owe her." Ron confesses in all honesty though he can't help but nervously scratch the back of head, Felicia however understands what he is getting at and doesn't mind.

"Aw that's so sweet of you Ron, so I don't mind at all, besides I would love to get to know more of your friends."

*Well…with Bon Bon that's stretching that a bit. * He quietly thinks as the pair make their way to the table where the girls are surprised to see them approach. They are the only ones as Kim and Josh also spot them and decide to join in after having so much fun on the dance floor.

"Ladies, I see you came to enjoy the festivities…" he says as he pulls out a chair for Felicia who smiles at the gesture "…and my friend here needs no presentation but just in case I would like you to meet Felicia Hartland."

"Hello." She speaks with a hearty tone and smile at the girls who are surprised but return her greetings.

"These are some of my friends and classmates, that's Monique, Tara and Bonnie." Ron motions towards each girl as he names them before spotting Kim in his field of vision with her date.

"And here is Kim and her date Josh, who looks like they need a rest after cutting rug for too long."

"No kidding Ron, while fun even I have limits." Kim replies as she sits with Josh at her right who greets everyone including Felicia.

"Pleasure to see you again Ms. Possible and in less dire circumstances no less."

"The feeling is mutual, how are things back home?" The redhead asks.

"Well, though the children told me before I left that they were hoping to seeing you three again."

"We'll check our schedules then, personally I wouldn't mind visiting them when not having to stop the villain of the week." Kim confesses to which Ron agrees before looking at Tara as a calmer song plays.

"Well Tara, I think this is the time for me to ask milady for a dance." He says while holding out his hand towards the girl who looks like her eyes are about to pop out of her head. She shakes her head and spares a nervous look at Felicia who simple smiles and nods in an encouraging manner.

That does it for the blonde girl who takes a breath and then grabs the offered hand of her crush.

"Let's see if you remember what I taught you for this type of songs." She says with only a hint of nerves showing that he doesn't here or chooses to ignore for her sake.

"Well I would hate to disappoint my sensei." He replies with the same smile that always brought her cheer whenever she saw it. The two blondes moved towards the dance floor to join the other couples there and held one another and gently swayed to the music.

"Our baby girl is growing up!" Monique says while whipping a fake tear which earned her an eye roll from Bonnie and a giggle from both Kim and Felicia.

"I am so jealous of you all, I wish my younger days had been like that." Felicia can't help remark.

"Nah girl, it isn't all sunshine and rainbows all the time, I mean we got who knows how much teenage drama going around that makes those teen flicks and shows so unrealistic." The raven-haired fashionista retorts as she recalls all she has seen of the "Food Chain" while also dealing with the crazy being friends with Kim and Ron brings.

*Not to mention the recent deal with a Werewolf of all things showing up in Middleton. * Monique thinks to herself.

"But let's not talk about something so irrelevant, personally I would love to know where you got that wonderful dress." As always Monique's love of fashion shines through as she looks it over and can tell it is fine quality.

"It was a gift actually from a manager I had at the time when I was doing film, it was before the night of the premier and I had nothing to wear for it plus I was such a nervous wreck at the time, thank god Sidney was there with this in hand and talking me down from my own private pity party." Felicia reflects as she thinks back on how that woman had been there for her during the worst times.

Given that cat women had a slower age rate than average humans it hurt to see her pass on while she still looks so young but Sidney never held it against her nor stopped being her friend right up until her passing.

"Well she had great tastes, what is it? A Channel? Prada?"

"Oh no, she told me it was custom made by a friend who worked in the fashion industry and was happy to help us out."

"They clearly knew what they were doing." Bonnie comments as she also admired the dress Felicia wore.

While Felicia was chatting with the teens, Ron and Tara were just enjoying the moment, the latter more so than the former as she rested her head on her secret crush with a contented smile while Ron held her at the hip with a hearty blush on his face but still enjoying it as much as when he did so at her house when she was teaching him.

The more feral part of him could not help but take in her scent and like what he found though his more human nature chiding himself for something he perceived as perverted.

*Ok knock that off Stoppable, this is Tara not some piece of meat for me to rut with!* He chides himself before Tara's voice breaks him out of his musings.

"Thanks for dancing with me Ron."

"Well I would be a poor student if I didn't show off my mad dance skills to my sensei." He says with a smile that earns him a giggle from the girl.

"Well done then Daniel-san." Tara replies in poor imitation of Pat Morita that earned her a chuckle from Ron.

"Well better this than waxing your car, right?"

*Oh I wouldn't mind that if he had his shirt off as he did it.* She couldn't help but think as the image of a shirtless and sweaty Ron came to mind that made her go red and force her to shelve that thought...preferably alone and in the privacy of her own room not that she would ever tell anyone that.

"You ok Tara? You kind of went quite on me."

"N-not at all Ron, just a silly thought came to mind, no big!" The blonde cheerleader quickly through out, Ron just shrugged and kept dancing with her until the DJ decided that it was time to pick up the pace.

"Ready to cut the rug Tara?"

"Why mister Stoppable it should be me asking you." She replies with a smirk before the duo lose themselves to the music along with everyone else.

Needless to say, both Felicia and Tara were very pleased at the end of the dance after many rounds of dancing and friendly chatting with Kim, Ron and their classmates and friends.

After the dance…

It was nearing midnight as Ron in his other form patrolled the streets of the city feeling very pleased with how the night had gone with Felicia and briefly with Tara. All in all good times abound and once it ended and he said his goodbyes to Kim and the others Felicia escorted him to his home and called it a night.

The Stoppables offered their home to the cat woman but she politely declined by saying she had already booked a room at a nearby hotel, still she promised to visit sometime tomorrow before departing for home later in the day.

Feeling a bit energetic still Ron took to the streets with a spring in his step.

"Today was definitely one to…"

"HELP! SOMEONE HELP ME!" He suddenly hears a woman scream and springs into action.

Arriving at his target he sees a person on the ground in a narrow alleyway, he couldn't see much aside from their back covered in a red hood.

"Missare you all right?" He asks as he approaches though he can't help but keep a sharp eye out as something doesn't seem right about this.

The person in question stiffens at his voice, and at first, he thinks he has frightened her only for to calmly get up and face him. He sees a blue-eyed blonde woman who seems to be cosplaying as Little Red Riding Hood for some reason and is looking at him in a way that sent shivers up his spine.

"I am now wolfy!" He cheerily says as she reaches into her basket and pulls out an Uzi of all things and smiles in a way that would make a shark think twice about messing with this person while aiming at him.

It the time it takes for him to realize the situation has gone beyond his control she has already pulled the trigger.


He is already dodging and leaping towards the walls to evade the deadly shrapnel while the woman laughs in glee.

"That's right! Make it fun for me!" He hears her over the gunfire and her cackles.

The only thought aside from running going through Ron's head is:

*She's trying to kill me! *

Needless to say, Ron was in for the fight of his life as B.B. Hood was planning to cash in on this bounty.

To be continued…

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