AllenXKanda or otherwise, Yullen. I love these pairing names. So ingenious.

But anyways, DGM yaoi, technically, my first yaoi piece.

And, if you don't like yaoi, don't read it.


Don't say I didn't warn you.

But anyways, I'm not really into DGM pairings, especially Allen and Kanda, but they kind of seem cute together.

So I wrote this with a friend in mind. I hope she reads it, because all she does is read M-rated Yullen stuff.

Oh yea. I don't own DGM. I love the mangaka's work!

It'd be nice if you reviewed it, but I wrote this for my own amusement/ enjoyment. So I'm pretty motivated

Discord and Strife Part 1


A glistening sweat drop trickled down the length of Allen's muscular body, hot with early passion and desire.

The bed creaked with the weight of the two, tangled, and twisted bodies that lay upon it.

Allen ran his fingers through his shock of white hair – surprisingly soft, but sticky with the heat.

"Kanda." He breathed, caressing the sleek, ebony tresses, twirling midnight silk around his finger playfully.

There was no need for words, the perfection each desired could be found within the silent beckoning of names. Passion. Desire. Lust. The perfect ingredients for an affair. Allen nuzzled the satin skin of his lover, marveling at the texture…behind the sheen of satin was steel…iron resolve and…a certain endearing quality that Allen couldn't exactly name.

Kanda was just so…sweet.

"Kanda. Look at me." Allen whispered, lips purposefully lingering beside his partner's left ear, feeling him shudder in pleasure. "Come on, Yuu. Turn around!" Still high on a vestige of ardor, Allen smirked seductively. "Or should we go for more?" Kanda turned around, his back facing Allen; long, slender hands that had caressed him ever so tenderly covered his usually passive eyes that betrayed his lust.

"Hey." Allen's bravado was wearing off, and suddenly, concern flashed in his eyes. "Are you okay?" Ever so gently, Allen placed his hand on top of Kanda's, trying to pry it off, to no avail.

Kanda's heart, just like his emotions were sealed shut. Allen had only managed to weasel into its cracks, still locked out.

Allen stared at the ceiling, frowning slightly in frustration and confusion as he tried to make sense of it all. He was certain that Kanda had enjoyed it…pretty certain. Surely those heated gasps, clutching embraces, and desperate kisses weren't just a façade…Or was it?

Did that mean Allen raped him? Against his will? Maybe Kanda had shuddered in terror…not in ecstasy.

Allen's eyes went wide with shock, a furious blush coloring his otherwise pale face. As he put voice to his revelation, he clutched the once crisp, cotton bed sheets that had been pure white.

"Kan– "

"LEAVE ME BE! Go!" rasped Kanda, muffled voice hoarse as he tried to yell from underneath his hand.

"G-go? Me? Leave?" Allen's hands shook as he paled, stuttering in shame and distress. The cruel words leaked into his heart, and suddenly, his vision was ice. Allen felt as if someone trampled over his heart, shattering it into a million pieces…what was once tentative love turned into agonizing hurt. Just by such few words.

Acting faster than his emotions, Allen threw back the linen sheet and hastily grabbed his strewn clothes from the ground.

It was useless. Everything he wanted was just an idle dream, crushed by the awakening of reality.

There was no going back.

Through silent tears, Allen tried to console himself as he stumbled along the unending dark corridor, a parallel to his broken emotions.

*evil laughter resounds*