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Pressure. Water. Pressure. Chlorine. Noise.

Grey and red every where. Even on my bathing suit. Last meet; final meet.





Lots of pressure.

I could see the turbo jets, release the pressure need to keep the water clean and soft.

I looked towards the crowd and saw red and grey splattered everywhere.

Pressure everywhere. In the water, I hold dearly and in the school grounds.

Swim. Dive. Swim, swim.

I love to swim. Its like flying.

I was flying. I dived. I was flying.

Wall. Reach the wall. The red line, painted with boxes against the ceramic tile.

Adrenaline, rushing my arms and legs to move quicker each second. I can't see. I can't feel.

Wall. Red. Through my goggles. Reach the red.


I touch

Look up.

I breath. Hard.

My ears, water inside makes it hard to understand what the announcer says, but the roaring cheer is obvious.

My eyes, dry from the chlorine continuously blinked with confusion. Everything was so god damned blurry.

I looked to my left and right, frustrated swimmers get out the pool. Their faces turn into a frown of disappointment.

I still can't hear the announcer, as my eyes regain vision I look towards the crowd. Terror fills my eyes.

I swim, farther to the other side, to avoid any pain, but its felt.

My friends, my closest friends, my team jump in after me, their cheers can easily be mixed with anger But I could tell the difference

The water in my ear seems to pop with the loud noise, evidently coming from my teammates


The loudest of the mob was, obviously, my best friend Naomi. Her eyes glistening with tears, running down her cheeks. Her black hair was curling due to the humidity, despite her attempts to keep it straight.

Never understood why she joined the swim team then.

I chuckled.

We were literally shoved out the pool area with the bus waiting for our arrival; the opposing teams left frustrated.

I was constantly being touched, they let me get on first.

I was confused

on the bus, I tried asking what was happening but all I got was a slap on the back that kinda left a throbbing ache in my bones, my tired and sore body did remind me that this was real. Or was it my brain trying to fool me, I bet this was a dream.

But it wasn't and when I finally got my question out there, they gave me an unbelieving look.

"Did you not see the score board?" Christina asked, a girl who I genuinely did not like

"No, I got attacked before I had the chance" I snapped

"Mel!" Naomi nearly yelled "You got top ten in back stroke,4th in breast and complexity massacred them in fly!"

She was talking, with words I understood, but I couldn't get the meaning.

"Mel! YOU'RE FUCKING BADASS!" some girl yelled, I kinda guessed it was Vanessa but I wasn't sure

"How can you win without first place in everything?" I questioned

"Lanie," Zoe answers "Your times were better overall, you totally kicked ass!"

I raised my eyebrows

"We won our regional division," I cleared

Naomi nodded; not believing that I didn't register this months ago.

"And were top dog in the states now?" I elevated my voice

"Uh, duh!" Marie chattered "We won states! Were going all the way, baby! Mel, you're the only one qualified for nationals!"

"Thats like a first since, like, 1933" someone chattered

"Hoquiam Grizzlies!"

And soon the Hoquiam fight song was escaping the lips of many excited teenagers.

"Nationals" Naomi said, with a tone to suggest that this, in fact, was a dream.

The rest of them nearly fainted, with exaggeration they all looked up at the bus ceiling, each of them wanting to live up to her statement.
For some reason I couldn't match their enthusiasm. I didn't believe this was happening to me.

Nationals? I remembered freshmen year when we were excited to even make it to leagues, and now, two years later we were going to the tri-state championships? One step away from my dream...

I shook my head, seriously, if I found out this was a dream at the last minute someone was gonna get hurt.

I clung onto Naomi's arm, this meant I had to devote my time to swimming. I can't move onto my next season because if we made it to nationals, which at this point I have no doubt, this would follow throughout the entire year.

I shivered. It was a cold, crisp November night The girls swim team proved to be stronger each year, and soon they bit into the other seasons events due to their continual progress.

We definitely kicked ass.

I sighed, can't wait to tell-

"Melania! Get up!"

I opened my eyes to see my mother, Penèlope, smiling furiously with tears down her face. "Your father has come back, we're moving back to La Push!"

Now, when my mind finished flash playing everything that lead up to those words, I blindly stare at my mother.


Dad was gone from my life for a whole year.

He comes back

And we move back to La Push? .

I was told that he went on some business trip, somewhere in Tokyo. And soon the explanation move on to "hes making money". For who? How did it get there? If my dad left my life for twelve months, then it must have been for really good pay.

And we weren't even rich

I remembered being really mad at my dad, even if we weren't that close, I mean, he leaves my family for a whole fucking year to move across the world?

I wasn't even mad at him for leaving, I was mad at the subtleness. I mean, yea we weren't that close. . .

Sure, he killed the spiders in my room and whatnot but, I wasn't interested in what he liked. Cars, fixing cars, car stuff, not my thing.

But my sister was close to him, I remember her crying her little eyes out when he said he was leaving.

I was pissed off because I would have to switch schools because my mother didn't want to hold a house in La Push without my fathers Quileute influence . . .

But Hoquiam High turned out to be a benefit . . .I joined swim , cross country, soccer...whatever. Just to avoid her constant upbringings on the obviously glum household I call a home.

And look where that got me. A hot body, loyal hot friend-boys that stood around my feet, just waiting for my final say, hot grades and of course, a hot life.

I didn't know what that meant, but forgetting my father and the cold things he did was the best thing in my life. It was hot.

I mean sure it did hurt that all my friends had dads at home, but with a mother like mine, she made up for the loss of 'structure' a child needs.

I wasn't badly behaved. I had friends. I lived up to the popular expectations. I didn't drive drunk, never was drunk. And I definitely didn't fall under the constant high-school stereotypes. I attended church regularly, and I did my best to stay and follow the rules

I kinda consider myself a good person. Compared to other people who grew fatherless.

And wham! Here it comes, 'we're moving to La Push' because my father has come back.' I struggled to make sense of her words. Why move a couple hours away, just to satisfy my father? Why should I get settled and make new friends with people I already know(a painful process) to make a man-who hasn't been in my life for a whole year- happy?

Why couldn't we stay here?

When I voiced my questions, my mother simply said 'because we'll be a family again'

Umm...newsflash. We were a family. A happy one. A nice one. One that I could rely on, a place that I knew anytime I needed help, they'd be there.

Again voicing my thoughts, it seemed not to make any progress.

She simply smiled. I haven't seen her this happy in a while. I didn't want to take that away.

"Fine," I finally agreed "But I am not changing schools; I just qualified for nationals and well I'm not gonna miss that"
My mother stared me in the eye for a while, I kept my ground. This was serious. If I had to wake up extra early in the morning to make morning practice, so be it.

"Fine" she repeated "But we're moving tomorrow!"

"Fine. If were moving for him, then where the hell is he?"

Penelope seemed to ignore my profanity and smiled; her teeth shiner than I have ever seen. "Honey? "Johnny!" she chanted, almost sung

And then I saw my father walk down the stares in a bath robe; it was like he never left

"Melanie? My lord, have you grown?"

My father had liked to use the Americanized version of my name, I guess. Didn't matter to me, anyways.

I saw he had aged as well. Wrinkles forming at his temples, and under his eyes.

Yet he looked the same to me, his eyes were dark brown, but they shined in the sun to show a mystic pale color. I had inherited those from him, otherwise everything else I got from my mom. Thankfully.

My mom was pretty. She really was. Her native heritage haling from Columbia, I had gotten her resemblance, besides the eyes and skin tone, I was practically a carbon copy of her. Or so I've heard.

Her naturally dark-chocolate locks were sent to me, and her perfect nose also passed on. I was grateful that I didn't get the long hook snout from my father.

I looked into his eyes. My father wasn't ugly or anything, but I didn't think to highly of him.

He was Quileute Indian, yes. And I did recognize my heritage from the other side because my mom was a great mom and made sure I didn't forget who I was.

I was also grateful that I learned my Spanish and attended Tribal School to understand the legends at the same time. It was an awesome thing.

I was bilingual, biracial and beautiful. As my mom used to tell me every day of my life. It was a major ego-booster

I hadn't spoken since I looked at his pitch pupils. It was like someone turned the lights off in his soul.
"So..." I began, to lower the tension "I guess."

"Hello, Mel?" he suggested

I nodded, with a flat smile. Its sad that my own father didn't know what my nickname was. But whatever.

His hair was long and dark. Very dark. Like his eyes. Classic Native American, I thought bitterly.

He breathed long and hard, his gaze now shifted on his beautiful wife.

"I guess its settled then, we'll move first thing tomorrow."