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It was silent for the longest time I've ever endured. I kept her in my arms, and despite the awkwardness she was calm in my warm embrace.

"Um, Embry . . " she squealed, her head still leaned on my shoulder "I think you should put some clothes on"

Scratch that. It was awkward. Certain things weren't hiding as well as they used to when I wore clothes, I managed to put my shorts on without any shame shown on my face. Melanie raised her eyebrows

"Now, can you tell me what you're talking about, please?"

"I imprinted" I exclaimed happily

"You imprinted?" she asked hastily, her voice revealing pain "On who?"

"You, silly" I replied "Who else?"

I smiled into her eyes for a couple of seconds, the feeling was too much that I took her in a sweet hug again. I just couldn't help myself.

"But, Embry" she moaned, her lips moving against my bare chest. "I thought you only could imprint the first time you saw someone"

"I thought so too" My mind was baffled, but the joy in touching her made me forget about the technical stuff. So long as I have her.

"Then how did you?" she removed her head and looked into my eyes "Are you sure"

I stared into her dark brown eyes "I'm 110% sure, Mel, you're all I see. Literally"


I silenced her by softly kissing her on the lips, she didn't resist in anyway. I was glad for that.

"Let's just be together, okay?" I whispered "It's what we wanted, right?"

She pulled away from me completely, stepping a few steps back "Um, Embry. The last time I left you, you were a little bit on the crazy side of things . . what makes you think I'll just believe you?"

I walked up to her and grabbed her elbows "You don't believe me?"
"I don't know what to believe anymore" she admitted

I groaned "Oh Mel. If only you could see – here, I'll show you"

I began to pull her in the direction of the Cullens. She hesitated "Embry . .no, we can't go there."
"Why not?" I whimpered

"Someone's staying there . . That's why I came back. I met another Veela on the road."

I gave her a blank stare and she looked down. That was when I realized that I could never look at her blankly from now on, some sort of emotion- a feeling must be the undertone on everything with her, I cannot just feel nothing. She cringed at the intensity of my gaze.

"I met another one of my kind" she explained "And she's a little jittery about men, so I don't want you around, okay? I came looking for you to warn you"

I nodded "But you believe me, don't you?"

She gave me an uneasy grin "Embry, I believe you, I love you with all my heart, I believe every word you say, but I think I need a second opinion"

I gave her a grim line for a smile "I understand. I guess"

She noticed my faltering mood "It's okay, Embry. I don't want you to think that you have to imprint on me to make me happy, okay? I just want you to be happy. I'm fine if you are"

"But, Mel, I really did imprint on you, just now, five minutes ago, I couldn't-"

"Shh" she silenced me "Let's go talk to Jake, alright? Maybe he can solve this"

She began walking in front of me at a rapid pace, I stood there, my hands in my pockets. The forest scenery surrounded me and allowed my lasting words to prove an echo "There's nothing to solve"

She froze in her steps, and turned around. Her eyes and mouth pouted down, I could tell she was debating inside of her.

"Embry" she hissed "Why do you have to do this? I freaking left for 8 hours at the least, and here you go imprinting on me?"

Her voice was accusing, as if she said it as if it was my fault, as if my tardiness was deliberate. My skin crawled to learn that she thought I was lying, I would never.

"Melanie?" I said, my tone showing that I was confused

"I tried so, so hard forgetting you, okay? And I was about to succeed. But here you go, crazy as hell, telling me that you imprinted on me? How the fuck am I supposed to believe that?! Why do you have to make this so hard? Just let me be!"

"But, Mel . . ." I approached her "I did imprint. I'm not bullshitting you. I love you more than anything, and I knew all along you were the one for me"

She groaned, she grabbed her head as if my words gave her a terrible migraine "Ugh! Shut up! Shut up! I can't take this anymore, you're driving me mad, Embry. Leave me alone!"

Those last words sent a jolt of rejection flow through my veins, the worse pain a wolf can feel is your imprint denying you. It was ice cold as it thrashed and mixed with my warm blood, I felt my temperature lowering with the passing second, I needed her in my arms at once. I began to walk blindingly towards her, my palms facing up, she looked at me, disgusted with my begging. I felt it like a hard slap on the face.

She ran away and I would be content was chasing after her – but, it was no use, my race with Leah earlier worn me out. And even if I was in my prime, I'd lose anyway. Melanie was a quick sprinter, I guess it had something to do with Veela's. Or Clearwater's.

My heart jammed inside my chest, it was so painful that I knelt to the ground and nearly wept. I had lost her more than once, but now I was actually entitled to win her over

She was my imprint, and therefore, in the end, she would be in my possession. The thought sent a greedy feeling to my stomach. I wanted her.


I ignored Leah's feeble attempts on getting me to leave my room and stop crying, I refused to explain to her about my confrontation with him.


My sobs grew stronger, and I felt Leah's wandering footsteps leave the side of my room, the door shut and I knew I was alone.

I didn't care that Leah's feet made a sound that implied she was angry, and I wouldn't blame her. She probably threatened Embry millions of times, and I almost laughed to think that she would live up to the premeditated beat-down she was going to give him right now. God, I love her.

I love him.

I hadn't even acknowledge Tessa, the Veela, I met on my journey. She was badly parched and it was hard for her to trust me to tell her that I had a place for her. The first location that came to my mind was the Cullen's lair, of course. They knew how to care for the supernatural.

I knew she'd be safe there, though I was a little freaked out at her constant bickering over men. She wouldn't stop talking about how evil they were, I found that that conversation was one-sided. After all, one of my favorite people was a man. And I definitely didn't hate him.

Except I wasn't feeling the best towards him.

I kept my tears on a minimum when I realized that this was just stupid, I was crying for a sociopath.

A cute sociopath. My mind argued. I growled against it's sense. Embry was not cute. He wasn't. Cute was a word to describe a puppy or a gargling baby. Nope, cute wouldn't do. Hot was a better word. It fit him literally too. But that didn't sit well either. I decided that beautiful was a good explanation, but that moved on to gorgeous. And that grew into sexy.

A feeling shot through me, and suddenly, I realized that I was not only in love with Embry, but I was attracted . . .his beautiful brown hair framed his face perfectly, his jaw bone was most certainly prominent, his eyes were lighter, they shone whenever he laughed, giving him a special look. A nice one. A sexy look.

I loved his laugh. It was playful, honest. You couldn't just make Embry laugh, easily. He was a timid, hard-impress type of guy, and whenever he smiled at one of my lame jokes, my heart would flutter at the accomplishment. I knew he was grinning because I said it and not what it was. However, I do remember very very clearly that one day I had him laughing for five whole minutes. Yeah, not a big deal, I know . . . but it was to me. I remembered the chuckle he escaped that day, it was beautiful, satisfying . . .

Masculine Yeah. That worked, too.

Just then, I felt a feint knocking on my window, it shocked me for one second, but my senses dulled when I realized who it was.

"Go away, Embry"

I heard the gasp that escaped his lips, I could tell he wasn't surprised with my response. but it didn't in anyway make the pain easier. I shrugged. Better hurt now then later.

"Melanie" He spoke tenderly "Please, please. . .I'm so sorry. I love you, so, so, so much. Can you just talk to me? I need to hear your voice"

"You just heard it" I answered, coldly. "Now leave."

He didn't say anything, and that's when I figured that his anger held the best of him, the retreating footsteps indicated that he was going to phase soon.

I shrugged again. His pain was my pain no less than mine was his. I knew what we had was mutual, but he didn't understand. Letting go now, was going to help us out later.

I smiled at my maturity and continued weeping. He'll thank me later. I knew I could be around him, after he realized this. We could actually be friends.

But when he imprinted, I don't think I could contain myself. That would be the day that I would escape this hellhole, the day I would be set free. The day where I can live on my own. I would use the centuries and centuries of time I had, to get over him. And when he was long gone, assuming he'll imprint on a human- which is more than likley, I'll be really alive.

It sickened me to know that my body waited for the day Embry would leave this place forever.

But even when he dies, and leave this planet, I don't think I could ever move on. He was the only one with my heart.

When he leaves, so does it. Me. My mind, body and soul was all with him, in his possession whether he liked it or not. I gave it to him, years ago, and I didn't want it back.

If I couldn't have him, then I'd be content (sorta) with knowing that he still had a part of me. At least, it was set peace with my uneasy soul.

If he rejected it, then with it, my life. I'd be a soulless monster, probably living with the other Veela's in Europe somewhere, taking my fury on innocent men.

That didn't sound to bad to me.