Gibbs gripped Abby around the waist, guiding her up the stairs to her apartment. She was fighting to keep her eyes open, fighting the sleep that was bound to come. She was exhausted, not ready to go back to her apartment. There was to much pain; to many memories of her and Tony. But she couldn't tell Gibbs that, not after what they'd been through.

"Here we are." Gibbs said quietly once they'd reached her door. He pulled out her keys, and unlocked the door to the apartment.

"Thanks..." Abby whispered tiredly once they were through the door. Gibbs smiled, knowing it was his que to leave. Abby wasn't ready for him to stay yet.

Gibbs sighed, "I'd better go." Abby looked a little fazed at that.

"Please don't go." She said, surprising even herself. She didn't want him to go; she need him right here with him. The plea sounded pathetic to her ears.

Gibbs looked down, "I have to. The boys." He explained. Oh, right; she'd forgotten he now took care of two wonderful boys. People he had to look after.

"Oh right."

An idea popped into the older mans head. "You can come back to my house."

"I don't want to impose."

"You won't."

"Peter, Michael I'm home!" Gibbs called walking into the house. He still gripped Abby around the waist, as if to stop her from running away. The patter of running feet told Abby that they were exicited for their 'dad' to be home.

"Dad!" Michael yelled running up to grip Gibbs around the leg. Peter walked in after his running brother. He looked exhausted, and tired of the little boy.

Peter smiled gently, "Hey Abby."

"Abby!" Michael yelled gripping the woman's leg. Getting a chuckle from Gibbs in the process. Michael had only met her once.

"Who's hungry?" Gibbs asked smiling. Michael and Peter shouted me at the same time, and Abby nodded her head eagerly.

This was the start of something great.

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All good things must come to an end.
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