"Next time you call me in here to deal with him, make sure I can actually touch him. Otherwise it's just torture for me." Sasori thought of those words as he paced the room.
He glared angrily at Hinata, even though he knew it wasn't her fault. It had been his. He'd had one chance and he blew it. But he was so damn scared. So scared to be hurt, to be trapped again. Like Sakarii had been that day. The day he got to see her again.
'He watched the girl before him carefully, wondering why a girl like her was so far from her village. She introduced herself and his breath caught. Of course.
"Sakarii Uchiha? You mean that girl... the one who I gave spyder to all those years ago. Yes, I remember you." He said, attempting nonchalance and failing. What was wrong with him?
She was sizing him up with her eyes, taking in every detail, which only made his heart jump more. Why was she looking at him like he was some kind of god?
"Tell me, Uchiha, why are you here?"
She began to visibly shake. "I'm here because I learned the truth about who and what I am. I was given Sieryuu because of Gaara. Because he lied to me. About himself, about everything. I was betrayed, but I remembered. I remembered what you told me. So here I am, just to ask for a place beside my brother and..."
"And? Please don't waste my time with petty secrets, child."
"To return your puppet to you like I promised. Danna, please." She bowed and he leaned closer, deciding he had to get a closer look at her beautiful eyes.
"Very well, but first, I want you to tell me two things. Why do you think I want her back now? I said one day, but I never specified when..."
She looked up, blushed crimson and stammered.
"Because you asked. I have others besides her. Others for me to fight with."
He nodded his approval, then before she could protest, he pressed his lips to hers gently. It was a lover's kiss, sweet and soft. He was utterly stunned by what he did, even as he pulled away.. He leaned back, a smile on his face. A smile to hide his pounding heart.
"I never forgot you, Sakarii, and I have always been with you, watching you. Now that you belong with Pein sama and the Akatsuki, you will belong to me, too. Is that a price you are willing to pay? Are you willing to give up everything and be my lover, in body and soul? Will you be mine?"
She looked into his eyes, and bit her lip, "Yes. I am yours."
That day had made him the happiest person on the planet, and even though he was terrified, and his brain refused to let him trust her, he still loved her. But he'd tried to kill her. He couldn't forgive himself for that. He didn't even know why he'd done it. She'd never betrayed him. It was obvious by her actions, by her eyes. She loved him and he'd hurt her.
'Stop that, Akasuna, she hates you. She's acting. They want to use you. Send you back into the darkness.' A voice in his head whispered. Where was that voice from?
"That's not true. She deserves a chance! She didn't know."
'Of course she would tell you that. But where is the proof? In her eyes?'
Sasori put his head in his hands, pain searing through his mind, "She'd never lie! I love her."
"Sasori? Who are you talking to?" Hinata asked quietly, watching him as he looked up. He'd forgotten she was even there.
'Tell her about me and you'll just go back into the dark. You don't want to go back do you?"
"Nobody. I was just... talking to myself." He said quietly.
'Good boy, Sasori. Now let's get out of here shall we?'