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Over and Over Again.
Written By; HarleyMac. Date Started; 4/3/10.

Southern Pines, North Carolina;
Veronica's POV;

The gentle buzz of the tattoo machine was soothing me and making me feel somewhat sleepy. The sound was one of the most relaxing sounds in the world; at least to me it was. In the past 5 years – I had clocked up many hours in various tattoo chairs. I had travelled all over the world to see some of the most famous and accomplished artists in the business. I guess you could call me a tattoo junkie; getting tattooed was like my drug of choice. I had purposely left my back completely tattoo free until I had managed to design my own full back piece. Today was the start of my final tattoo – at least for a long time anyway.

I had shopped around for the best artist in the area where I had decided to settle down for the mean time. I was a bit of a free spirit, I knew that and I was always on the road – I didn't own very much in the way of possessions. I always found it easier to travel light.

My Family back home in Scotland called it running away – I called it coping in the only way that I knew how. So much had happened to me in my short 22 years of life; I couldn't remain where I had grown up and be surrounded by it for the rest of my life. Now that I had settled in North Carolina; I had made some new friends and I was more than willing to settle down finally. I had gotten myself a job at the local art supply shop, Resources, and was settled in to my own little apartment that was situated on top of the shop where I would be working. It had all come together perfectly for me.

Gas Chamber Ink had come with very good recommendations from my new friends and here I was now sat in the tattoo chair being tattooed by the recently accomplished tattooist. Shannon Moore – was a pro wrestler who had opened his own tattoo parlour and began to get his qualifications as an artist. I had asked him to do my back piece because I knew that he could do it justice from the work that he had done himself. I liked his style and had looked through his body of work and liked the style of his tattooing.

"You really designed this yourself?" Shannon asked me as he wiped away the blood from the area that he had just inked.

"I did," I nodded resting my head against my arms and closing my eyes at the rhythmic sound of the machine, "it's been a long time in the making though,"

"It's really different.....I'm not used to tattooing such large pieces on a woman,"

"What can I say......? I'm a glutton for punishment," I laughed softly as the sound of the bell over the front entrance to the parlour chimed right back to where we were.

"I have to say that you do have some impressive pieces of work,"

"Thanks," I could feel the heat flushing my features at his words.

Usually I shied away from men and the whole dating scene; my own history in the dating world hadn't ended very well and I couldn't put myself out there to face anything like that again. I just wouldn't do it and although I didn't think that Shannon was actually flirting with me; I was just more cautious in the off chance that I was picking up his vibes in the wrong manner.

"......hey 'ject," a tall man with multi coloured hair and hypnotic green eyes approached us. Stealing sly little glances at him, it was easy to see that he was attractive and in my mind; he probably knew it too.

"What's up Jeffro?" Shannon asked while he continued to work on me.

Today was the outline, because it wasn't the kind of piece that could be only half done and then come back; it just wouldn't line up if we were to do it that way. So for the next 8 hours, I was going to be here getting the outline done. It was such a detailed piece of work that it was going to be the longest tattoo that I had ever sat for.

"We're just wondering how long you're gonna be working for?"

"I'm here for the rest of the day man," my tattoo artist announced, "this is gonna be 8 hours at least!"


"Why......? What's going on?"

"We were gonna get some show stuff done.....but if you're incapacitated then we'll just do it tomorrow," the man named Jeffro announced.

My eyes drank in the vision before me; he was stunning to look at. A complete unique frame and there was something familiar about him; something that I couldn't quite put my finger on but there was something that was pulling me in close to him. I was staring and thinking about all of that until I heard Shannon coughing behind me; great I had been rumbled. Once again I was blushing madly at having been caught staring like a love struck teenager at this man. However, I couldn't stop myself – there was something so familiar about him. From the way he stood to the way he spoke; it was almost like I knew him but that just wasn't possible, I had never actually seen him before this moment.

"Sorry man, I am gonna be here all day," Shannon replied taking a moment to talk to this man whom I assumed was his friend.

I lay as still as a mannequin as the 2 men continued to talk. I loved the way Shannon had decorated this space; over the past 2 weeks, we had talked almost every day as he wanted to be in on the design of the tattoo from the very beginning, but half way through was what he had gotten. When we were talking, he told me that he was interested in his clients; he liked to get a feel for them, especially when they were getting large pieces done.

The walls were a deep purple, which seemed to create the atmosphere of warmth and comfort. The flooring was black and white checked; giving the clean and slightly sophisticated look to the establishment. All finishing's were silver or painted to look silver; it was the perfect finishing for the look that Shannon had been clearly going for.

"That's cool man.......we'll just catch it up tomorrow ok.....?"

"Sure man," Shannon smiled as he washed his hands before putting on a fresh pair of latex gloves, "actually...."

"Yeah?" Jeffro asked looking down at me and smiling, which I couldn't help but return.

"If you're not doing anything....would you be cool to hang here and keep Roni company......? she's going to be here all day,"

"Sure, I can do that! Just let me go tell Matty to head on out without me," with another smile at me – he turned and left the shop.

Great; I was going to have this man – the man that I just couldn't stop thinking about as if I knew him, which was just the craziest notion ever. I didn't know him, I didn't even know how old he was or what he did for a living and I was going to be expected to actually talk to him. Thanks Shannon, I thought to myself silently.

"You're ok with that right?" Shannon asked starting up the machine again.

"Sure," I replied, "you don't have to......"

"You're gonna be here for a while and if you get all crying on me, I want someone here to talk to you,"

I couldn't be insulted when he began chuckling and I started laughing along with him until he quietened me and began his work again. I guess it was a fair enough assumption for him to worry about me turning into a crying girl on him; he wasn't to know that I had never once cried while getting a tattoo and I had never once needed to ask for a break.

"So what happened to you to make you so scared of crying women?" I asked.

"Oh God don't get him started," Jeffro was back and he took the seat in the little booth where we were situated.

Just the sight of him and I could feel a little flutter of my heart in my chest – dressed in a pair of loose fitting dark denim jeans and a tight fitting long sleeved shirt; it was more than easy to see that he took good care of his body; muscular but not in a grotesque way. It was the kind of body that I would feel so comfortable cuddling up too.

"You guys have been friends for a long time?" I asked resting my head on my arms as Shannon went straight back to work.

"Practically our whole life!" Jeffro replied, "we've been through loads together.....it's hard to believe that we've come this far,"

"You're not wrong brother," Shannon chuckled from behind me.

My eyes met Jeffro's and there was a long moment when we were both as silent as a moment of remembrance for fallen soldiers. There was something in the look; something that neither of us were fully aware of. It looked like he was feeling as confused as I was about our sudden connection. Maybe he was feeling the same way as I was. Maybe this was what was known as instant attraction. Maybe I was just reading too much into it.

God; I really did need to get a life. Jacqui, my best friend was always telling me that I wasn't living my life to the fullest. I guess that she was right in many ways; I needed to get myself a life – I needed to go out and have fun, I needed to socialise in more ways than just work. I had settled down here for a reason – it was time to change the way I did things.

Jeff's POV;

This was the weirdest feeling in the world – I had never felt anything like this before. The minute that my eyes met her's I was drowning in the overwhelming sense that I knew this girl. There was some kind of chemistry between us – of course, she was beautiful; shoulder length black hair that was highlighted with thick chunks of violet made it shine brightly. Gorgeous blue eyes that were the shade of the sky in the morning. Full pouty lips that curled in to a shy smile – it made her appear so vulnerable. The top half of her body was on display and the curves definitely made me wish to see more.

"So you're new around here?" I asked her as Shannon slipped into the mode that he always slipped into when he was working.

"Yeah....I only arrived in town about 2 weeks ago,"

"You working?"

"Yeah I am starting my new job tomorrow actually, which is kind of good cos I was beginning to run out of money,"

The way she turned her attention to me; made me feel like I was the only person in the world. This was weird, weirder than anything my over reactive mind could come up with in a million years. The sparkle in her eyes was enough to blind me. What was happening to me?

"Run out of money?" I asked watching her eyes; I was unable to pull away from the look.

"Yeah, I have been travelling around the world for the past 4 years or so......I just do odd jobs wherever I am to make money but lately I was in the mood to settle down for a little while and this seemed like a beautiful place of the country,"

"Well it just got a Hell of a lot more beautiful,"

Oh that's just great....I am attracted to the woman and I am giving her cheesy come on lines that should never be used even in a 80's rom com. Fighting the urge to slap my forehead, I tore my eyes away from her and looked out across the shop, watching with fake interest as a guy was checking out the jewellery that was in the cases under the registrar.

"So.....what do you do?" she asked me. Dragging my attention right back to her without so much as an effort on her part.

"I'm a wrestler....well I was until I took some time off...."

"You don't want to go back?" she asked me; her tone light and sympathetic.

"It's not that.....I just want....I don't know.....I want......"

"To experience something different?" she asked me.

How did she do that? Without even knowing me, without having asked more than one question, she knew exactly what I was feeling. It was impressive......she was impressive.

"Yeah that's it exactly," I nodded looking down to the floor.

With that we were both sucked into the world of silence – not the awkward silence that usually arose between 2 strangers, but the kind of silence that comes from knowing someone forever and we hadn't known one another forever. We had just met about 40 minutes ago. This wasn't right, this couldn't be right nor could it be real.

Was it because I had missed Gina when she had left a month ago?

Gina and I had been together for about 3 years when it had become apparent the only reason we worked as a couple was because I was always on the road. The minute I was home constantly; our relationship hit the skids and we weren't even close to having such a great relationship as we had thought we had.

"So Roni.....are you making friends all right in town?" Shannon asked looking up after we had been silent for about half an hour.

"Oh yeah, actually my best friend settled down here a few years back when she married a local guy....so we're getting to hang out more now than we have in the past few years,"

"Well that's good," I smiled inserting myself back into the conversation, "there is nothing worse than being alone in a new place,"

"You're not wrong but usually, I am at my best with that.....travelling doesn't give you the chance to make too many friends," she smiled at me before resting back down on her arms and closing her beautiful eyes. The spark was gone – she had taken it away and here I was wishing that I had bathed in them longer.

"Well Roni......" Shannon started, "we were going to be having a BBQ at my place this weekend....you want to come?"

"Oh gee thank you so much for the invitation but I have plans with my friend......I really appreciate the offer though,"

My stomach clenched in disappointment – good God, this was getting out of control. I was becoming lost in this girl, I shouldn't have come in here. I was better off alone, especially right now when I wasn't even sure what I was going to do with my life. Yet, still there was that underlying feeling that I knew this girl, that I had seen her somewhere before or that somehow fate had made me walk in that front door of the parlour. Usually, we would arrange our video times the night before but it had been way too late when we had decided to do this video stuff so we had decided that we'd just catch up with Shannon today.

"That's not a problem, I just thought since you were new in town, it would be good for you to get to know more people," Shannon blew it off as if it were nothing at all and I guess to him it was nothing. To me; it felt like the world had decided to implode come the weekend.

What a fucking moron! I needed to stop thinking about this – I wasn't ready to get involved with another woman. I was fine on my own, I was doing much better without having to worry what a woman thought about my activities and I was much better having no one that I needed to answer too.

So why did it feel like I was lying to myself?

Looking back to Roni; I was trapped in her eyes, lost in the undercurrent of that shine as they met my own once again. What the Hell was this? What was happening to me?

"So you guys have BBQ's often?"

"Yeah we do," I replied as Shannon seemed intent on going back to his work, "we are just like Family – we're always together, we party and celebrate almost everything together,"

"That's awesome.......it's good to have relationships like that in your life," she smiled tilting her head back so that she could watch me and those eyes burned deep into my soul until I was pretty sure that there should have been a mark burned into my heart – branding me as hers.

Looking into her eyes once again, I was happy to remain encased in their beauty and what I could only describe as safety. When she looked away I looked to Shannon and gave him my best glare only for him to just shrug his shoulders and give me a questioning look. Like he didn't know what he had done.

Shannon was my oldest friend but he really did have the ability to try and control my love life and when he didn't; he was always on the lookout for someone who he thought was perfect for me. I never called him on it because usually the girls really were lookers and at least I managed to get a good few days or weeks out of it. It was just that this time, I wasn't ready for this – deep down I knew that but every time I looked into the eyes of this woman, I couldn't remember that I wasn't ready for it. Sometimes being an adult really does have so many complications that you couldn't help but wonder if being a teenager was the best times of your life.