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December 27, 19XX

First P.O.V

Goddamn it.

I ran and sharply turned a corner, nearly sliding on a puddle of slick pavement, but managed to stay balanced on my black converse. I slammed into a brick wall, pressing my hands up against it to bounce off and keep the speed I was on, maybe even speed up to stay away from the suits chasing me.

"I think I saw her this way!" A voice echoed after me, getting closer than I thought they would have been.

Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!

I quickly glance about me, trying to find a place to lose them, but I couldn't find one. The only thing I could do was go out into the open where I was more likely to be caught due to the white blankets of snow, then the dark alleys that hid me.

I took another sharp turn, going right this time, right into the abandon street. A few tire marks adorn the snow, but the rapid falling flecks of snow quickly cover it up. My feet crush the snow in a crunch, crunch. I look back, my black hair briefly blocking my vision, but I saw the uniformed men running out of the lengthy alley.

I need to run faster, much, much faster. I couldn't let them down, they needed me.

Silently thanking my Lord for the first time since I left home for the fact that I was in track, I pushed my feet into the snow and sprinted. My side hurt, my chest hurt, the stinging of the icy air that I was sucking into my lungs was becoming a nuisance.

I held my breath, knowing I shouldn't, but it doesn't stop me.

"Stop! Stop or else!" One of the officers screamed, obviously out of breath.

I didn't.

My arms started to freeze, goose bumps forming trying to keep me warm. I heard one slip, and I was sure that the partner would stop to help him, so I slowed slightly.

But I should have known, I should have known the bastard would keep hot on my trail. The next thing I know I'm tackled to the ground, the hardened snow cutting slightly into my bare arms. The middle aged cop laughed, while breathing heavily.

"Couldn't run forever."

"I could have tried." I spat, struggling to try and escape like I use to, but he speedily snapped cuffs on my wrists. Tightly.

"Tight enough?" I ask sarcastically, knowing this particular officer didn't like me for what he deemed good reasons.

"Shut up and stand. Get in the car Cuddy."


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