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December 27, 19XX

His P.O.V

I can't believe he managed to actually get me here. It wasn't just him either, my own mother tricked me with puppy eyes to get me to take dad his lunch he just so happened to forget at home.

So now I wait for him in one of the most uncomfortable chairs in the entire precinct. My eyes flickered around, watching officers do boring paperwork, some coming in with cuffed 'law breakers'.

"Man, why did I leave so soon." I mumble to myself. "Goddamn dad." I curse quietly. As soon as the words leave my lips a bang indicates the front doors being slammed open. I look over to see dad and his partner dragging a struggling girl in.

She was pretty. Raven black curls fly everywhere, smacking dad in the face more than once, giving me a small sense of satisfaction. Her eyes reminded me of someone, her soft blue eyes with random splashes of a lighter green, but I can't place her.

The girl, I notice, looks around my age, yet she seems almost…motherly? How can a seventeen year old be motherly and in cuffs? She was also severely underdressed. She wore nothing more than a dirty-ish white wife beater, royal blue skinny jeans and old beat up black converse. Why would someone wear that in the dead of winter? I wonder silently.

Dad walks by me, still dragging the girl when he stops.

"Gregory? What are you doing here?" Dad asks, firming his grip on her bare arms. I stand up, my six foot two form towering over the three people in front of me.

"Hello to you too Dad. Mom wanted me to bring you your lunch, you forgot it." I picked up the plastic bag that was on the chair next to me and gave it to the man who raised me. He lifted his arm, simultaneously letting go of the girl. She noticed the opportunity that was just placed in her hands and booked it. She shook out of dad's partners hold and nearly knocked me over.

Somehow I was pushed outside with dad and Rick, his partner, and a few other cops. I saw her roll into traffic and roll the cuffs in front of her instead of how they were behind her. Dad ran into the street only to jump back when a truck sped by.

"Fuck!" Dad screamed, dropping to the ground, slamming his fist into the hard icy snow. His glare turned on me. He got to his feet and stomped over to me.

"Why'd you let her get away?!" A scowl replaced the passive look on my face.

"It's not my job to stop your criminals." Dad clenched his fist at his sides and I knew I was going to get it tonight.

"Go home; get your ass out of my sight. We'll take about this later." He went into the building. Rick pat me on the back.

"Give him time Greg. You know how he gets." I let out an angry sigh.

"I gotta go in and get my jacket. Be back." Was all I said. I don't know why, I knew Rick was going to follow me in. I stepped up the cement steps and into the precinct. I walked up to the chair I was sitting in and grabbed my leather jacket that my best friend brought me for my last birthday, only to look up and straight into the eyes of the girl who just ran away. It wasn't her, but it was her eyes. I glanced up to the top of the bulletin board.

MISSING PERSONS was in bold upper case letters. I moved my eyes back to her picture.

It was marked nine years ago. Elisabeth Cuddy went missing on June seventh 19XX. Last seen by her step-father, a little eight year old, missed deeply by her parents. Please bring her home soon. Call XXX-XXX-XXXX.

She looked so young, I thought, so different from the teenager that was just brought in here kicking and screaming and escaped by rolling into on coming traffic.

"Greg? Whatcha looking at?" Rick asked slowly slinking over to me.

"Nothing Rick. Just heading home." I answered, taking one last look peak at her picture. I quickly shoved my arms into the arm holes and left wondering if I'd run into this Elisabeth Cuddy again.

The thoughts left me fast as I caught father's murderous gaze.

Damn, I need to get the hell out of that house.


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