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Chapter 1

It was late May, 1996, and seventeen year old Dean Winchester was living in Phoenix, Arizona, with his father, John Winchester, and his younger brother Sam. It was the third town they'd living in so far that year, they'd come to town four months earlier, and only because there were a number of hunts within hours of Phoenix, they hadn't moved away yet.

It may have been better for Dean in a way if they had, you see, he had been dating this girl, a sophomore named Jodi Matthews. She was sweet, pretty, and kind, she and Dean had met in the school canteen, a classmate of Dean's had been teasing her, jerking her around, and Dean, by no means intimidated had shoved the heavyset young man away, before picking up the books of Jodi's that the bully had taken and handing them back to her. He was charming, she was grateful and taken by his charm.

They were sitting side by side on a wall outside the science block, having lunch, Jodi, who was usually very chatty had been quiet all day, suddenly blurted out. "I'm pregnant."

Dean was silent for a moment, before exclaiming. "What?!"

Jodi kept her gaze fixed on the ground as she said. "I'm sorry, Dean."

Dean shook his head disbelievingly. "No, no, no, shit, no." He muttered as he jumped down from the wall and walked away.

"Dean…" Jodi said softly as she watched him walk away hurriedly. "I'm so sorry."

As Dean walked away he was in shock. A baby, his baby… They'd always been so careful, how had this happened? Why was this happening?

Secretly, Dean had hopes of having a family one day, being a dad, having a wife, a home, but not now. What would his dad think, how would he react? Simple, he'd be pissed.

Dean was so caught up in his thoughts, that when Sam came up to him, he walked straight into him.

"HEY!!" Sam exclaimed in shock as he collided with his brother. "Dean, what are you doing? Are you okay?"

Stunned by the impact, Dean was jolted from his thoughts, and seeing his little brother standing in front of him looking irate, he asked, "Sammy? What're you doing dude?"

Rubbing his head, which had hit Dean's elbow, Sam replied, "I could ask them same. What's going on, Dean?" In the distance, he could see Jodi still sitting on the wall, head in her hands, sobbing, "Did you have a fight with Jodi?"

Dean shook his head, "She's pregnant, dude. Shit, dude, I'm gonna have a kid."

"Oh shit," Sam muttered in response, what else could he say?

Dean avoided Jodi like the plague for the rest of the day, he needed some time to think, after school he took Sam straight back to the small apartment a few blocks from the school, preventing Jodi from trying again to talk with him. But home wasn't any easier, in fact, when they got home, that was when the shit really hit the fan.

John was sitting on the couch, waiting for the boys to come home, he had Dean's cell phone in his hand. As soon as Dean came through the door, John stood up abruptly, and before Dean could head for his room, where he had fully intended to hide out until he sorted all this out, John stepped in his way, and shouted at him, "How could you have been so stupid?! Getting a girl pregnant?! You're seventeen! Damn it, Dean!!"

"How'd you…," Dean began in surprise. How could his father possibly know about this? Dean himself had only learned of it hours earlier.

John held up Dean's phone as he told his son, "You forgot this. Jodi is it?"

Dean nodded, waiting for John Winchester to unleash his wrath.

Sam meanwhile was making himself inconspicuous, pressed against the far wall, he had seen his father get like this before, it wasn't pretty.

"Well, Jodi tried to call you, twelve times. I answered, before I could tell her that it wasn't you on the phone, well she said some very explicit things, alongside that you got her pregnant. I thought I raised you better," John finished with a disapproving look.

Dean stormed out of the apartment, Sam chased after him.

Dean got five blocks before Sam caught up with him. Sam grabbed his brother's arm, and yanked him back, stopping him in his tracks. "Dean?! Hold up, Dean!"

Dean spun around to face Sam, and screamed at him, "LEAVE ME ALONE SAM!!!"

But Sam held his ground. "Calm down, Dean. Dad's a bastard, it's nothing new, you just haven't seen it before. He shouldn't have said that. But you gotta calm down."

"I didn't ask for this, Sammy! He's acting like I did this on purpose. Why would I want to have a kid, I'd screw it up," Dean said, deflating, he sat down on nearby rock, Sam joined him.

They were silent for a long time before Sam quietly told Dean, "You wouldn't mess it up, I think you'd be a great dad. You'd do a better job than Dad ever has."

"That's not saying much," Dean joked in response.

"True, but Dean, you will be an awesome dad. You've already raised one kid," Sam said in reference to himself.

"I guess so, but Sammy, with what we do, I can't have a family, it's too dangerous for them."
"If you want it, you could make it work."

"I'll think about it," And that was Dean's final word on the subject before he stood up, and jogged away.

Sam let him go, sensing Dean's need to have some space to think, and honestly Sam did too, he was going to be an uncle.

Dean just kept running, for well over an hour, going in no particular direction, until he came across Jodi's house. He had been there once before when he walked Jodi home from school; her father had flown over the handlebars, and screamed at her so much that he rivaled John Winchester at fury. Dean suspected that Jodi's father was abusive, her mother had died unbeknown to anyone at her husband's hands when Jodi was three.

Dean's suspicion was confirmed in the worst way as he stood in front of the house, and through the window witnessed Jodi's father shoving her hard, causing her to fall over, narrowly missing a large glass coffee table.

Seeing his girlfriend, his pregnant girlfriend's life in jeopardy, Dean went to the door, and kicked it clean out of its frame, before rushing in to Jodi's aid.

"Leave her alone!" Dean shouted at the man, putting himself between him and Jodi, who was still on the floor.

"What the hell are you doing here?!" Geoff, Jodi's father screamed in rage, "I'm calling the cops!"

"You won't get the chance," Dean stated simply, and before Geoff could respond, Dean punched him in the face, breaking his nose, then kneed him in the groin, forcing him to his knees, and finally kicked him squarely in the ribs.

Dean ignored the man writhing in pain, as he rushed to Jodi's side. He helped her sit up as he worriedly asked her, "Hey, you okay?"

Terrified, Jodi just nodded, and then allowed Dean to lift her petite frame into his arms, and carry her out of the house.

He carried her all the way back to his family's rental home, while she cried into his shoulder.

John had calmed down in the time Dean was out, Sam had come home, but gone to bed before he could be questioned. He certainly wasn't happy that Dean had gotten a girl pregnant, but there wasn't much he could do about that now, and when John saw Dean walking towards the front door, a young girl in his arms, John rushed to his assistance.

Their argument forgotten, Dean and John assisted Jodi into the house and over to the couch. She had a black eye, and a nasty cut on her cheek, but for the most part she was just shaken.

Once they had made Jodi comfortable on the couch, Dean made the official introductions, "Dad, this is Jodi. Jodi, honey, this is my dad, John."

John couldn't muster a polite greeting, so he settled for tending to her wellbeing, and that of his unborn grandchild. "What happened?"

"Her father damn near killed her, that's what happened," Dean seethed, as in contrast he sat on the couch with Jodi's head in his lap, stroking her hair gently.

"It wasn't that bad," Jodi murmured, thinking of the numerous beatings she had taken over the years, the broken bones and wounds that were left untreated, because her father wouldn't let me go to a doctor.

"Jodi," Dean sighed, seeing her fall to the ground, he had been truly terrified, he felt the same in that moment as when his brother or father had been hurt, "He could've killed you, or the," Dean's thoughts came to an abrupt halt, "the baby? Is it alright? Have you felt anything Jodes?"

Jodi was quick to ease Dean's mind, telling him, "Been kicking me like hell, Jellybean's fine."

"Jellybean?" Dean asked curiously.

Jodi smiled as she took Dean's hand, and placed it to her belly. "I gave it a nickname, I couldn't keep think of the baby as 'it'."

"Fair enough, but of all things, why Jellybean?"

Jodi reached into her jeans pocket, and she pulled out a picture, which she showed to Dean and John, saying, "It looks like a jellybean, doesn't it. This was my first ultrasound, two months into it, I had it last month."

Dean was awestruck by the picture, the picture of his unborn child. But after a minute his thoughts caught up, "Wait, you've known about this for weeks?! Why didn't you tell me?"

Sitting up gingerly, and moving so that she was face to face with Dean, she told him, "After the ultrasound I told my dad, he said I had to have an abortion, and you know, I couldn't say no. But when I got there, last Saturday, I was lying there, waiting for it to start, and I couldn't do it. That was what Dad and I were fighting about."

John felt for the girl, and from where he sat on the arm of one of the arm chairs, he gently asked, "Do you have anywhere you can stay tonight? You can't go home."

Jodi shook her head, saying, "No, there's no one."

"Okay, then. You're staying here, you can sleep in my bed, I'll take the couch."

"I can't… You don't have to…" Jodi was so unfamiliar with being shown kindness, she struggled.

"I've slept in much worse places. It's fine. Dean, help her to my room would you? And find something for her to wear."

No one slept well in the Winchester household that night. Jodi was in pain, and whilst it was the most comfortable bed in the house, John's bed was still a rock, which didn't help her in the least, but it did feel good not to have to worry that at any moment her father could come through the door and attack her. Dean stayed awake, sitting in the corner of his father's room, watching over Jodi, just in case. John was out on the couch, and sleep for the most part eluded him, the day's events were too much for the patriarch. And as for Sam, who was oblivious to the most recent events, was resting uneasily, his mind wouldn't stop going over everything, and as hard as he tried, he couldn't truly sleep.

When Jodi, Dean and Sam walked into school together the next morning, they saw the police crawling all over the school, interviewing students and faculty, as they walked through the crowds, several students pointed to them, and the police officers turned to them.

"Are you Jodi Matthews?" One of the officers questioned Jodi.

Dean wrapped his arm around Jodi as she answered, "Yes. What's going on?"

The same officer approached Jodi, telling her, "Your father reported you missing last night, can you come with us? We need to take you home."
Dean steadied Jodi as he firmly told the officer, "She's not going back there." He gently took the sunglasses that Jodi wore off. "Her father did this, he could have killed her and the baby, she's not going home."
"You're pregnant?" The officer asked Jodi, adapting to the new situation, and thinking of a way to keep Jodi from returning to her abusive father.

"Three months last week."

"Okay. If you just come down to the station you can fill out some paperwork, and we can help you. We can keep you safe."

"I thought you had to take me back?"

"You're pregnant, that makes you an emancipated minor. You can legally make your own decisions. All we have to do is fill out a few forms."

Jodi clung to Dean, still scared, and so she asked, "Can Dean come with me?"

Two weeks later, Jodi was officially free of her father, and over dinner that night, John suggested a change of scenery, or rather of state, "Boys, Jodi, I've found a job in Minnesota, I want to be on the road by this weekend, so Sam, Dean you'll need to start packing up."

Dean was stunned, but remained silent, he knew that his father's decision wasn't up for discussion, and certainly not in front of Jodi.

But as they settled into Dean's bed to sleep, Jodi asked, "So what is your dad's job anyways? You haven't actually told me, and if I'm going to move across the country, which by the way I'm fine with, but I just want to know why."

Dean tried the party line, his father was a sales rep for a pharmaceutical company, but Jodi saw through his lie, she'd seen enough lies in her life, and didn't buy this one for a minute.

"What does he really do?"

"I love you babe, but I can't tell you."

"You can tell me, please," Jodi asked, gazing into Dean's eyes, an pouting expression on her face that would have rivaled Sam's.

"You sure you want to know?"

"Just tell me, Dean."

Dean sighed, and hoped desperately that he wasn't about to ruin his relationship. "Jodi, my dad isn't a sales rep, and I'm not just another guy in high school, neither is Sam. We're hunters."

"What like deer?" Jodi said uncertainly, suddenly unsettled by Dean's tone.

"We hunt the supernatural."

"You what?!"

"That's most people's reaction. Still want to stay with us?"

"You love me? You love this baby? You'll look after us?"

"Absolutely," Dean sighed with relief, "I'd jump in front of a train for the two of you."

"Okay then, I'm coming with you. I love you, you love me, we're having a baby, and wherever you are, that's where I need to be."