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Chapter 6

Jake was dead, Dean had avenged his brother's death, but it wasn't over for him, it couldn't be over until the demon too was dead, not just back in hell, dead. As he was being brutally tortured by Dean, Jake, seeking mercy, told Dean of the Colt's power, and that it was in fact the only way to kill the demon, it didn't save him, but that knowledge would be of great benefit to Dean as he continued his quest for revenge.

Dean would stop at nothing to find the demon, and after a number of months, Dean found him, or rather the demon found him. Dean had been squatting in an abandoned house just outside of Detroit, he had been woken abruptly when the demon smashed the door, by way of making an entrance. "Daddy's home," The demon said with a laugh.

"It's you," Dean said, knowing.

There was no great fight, Dean grabbed for the Colt, he got off two rounds straight into the demon's heart, but not before the demon had given him a parting gift, shards from a long ago broken window, sent hurtling into Dean's chest.

The body of Azazel's host lay dead just metres from Dean, who was slowly bleeding to death, his chest had been ripped open, he was in unimaginable pain. He thought that was going to die there, alone and hurt, he would never have the chance to see his girlfriend and son again, he would never have the chance to apologise for hurting them as he had.

When Castiel appeared, that was the moment that Dean was sure that he was dead, there was after all an angel of the lord standing before him.

"You have done us a great service, Dean Winchester, we have seen you, and we are grateful."

"I'm dead."

"You were," and with that the angel disappeared.

Dean lay there for a moment, stunned as the pain melted gently away, he sat up slowly, gingerly, expecting that at any moment he would be overcome by pain once again, but the pain never came. His clothes and the ground under him were blood-soaked, his blood was seeping into the ground, yet he wasn't hurt, not anymore, as he discovered when he pulled off his ruined shirt, to see that his muscular chest, which just minutes before had looked as though he had been mauled by a rabid dog, now was marred by red, fresh, healing scars.

Dean didn't know much of what to do after his showdown with the demon that had torn his family apart so many years ago, so he went to visit one of his family's oldest friends, and a skilled hunter, how Dean knew would want to know of the demon's demise, Bobby.

Dean told his story over a couple of beers, and not surprisingly when he was done, Bobby tried to convince him to help out with the epic task of cleaning up the mess made by the demon, but Dean wanted no part in it.

"This is a can of worms, Dean, and yellow eyes popped it wide open. You can't just say you're out, this is big, end of the world big, and I need your help on this, boy."

"This is Dad's fight, not mine, I have my revenge, and I just want to go home."

"Dean, you don't know?"

"Know what?"

"John's dead, Dean, the demon killed him back in February. I only found out a few months back, I thought you boys would have known. I'm sorry Dean, 'bout your daddy, but this is huge, and we need all hands on if this world has a chance."

"I can't Bobby. I'm not a hunter, not anymore, I'm going home," That would be the last words the pair every shared.

After leaving Detroit, Dean went straight back to Blue Earth, to his family, but when he got there, he was paralysed by fear, he had been so drunk that he only had vague memories of hitting Jodi, but he knew he had, and he knew that it was unforgivable, but it was his family, and even if it took the rest of his life, Dean was going to make it up to Jodi.

But there were obstacles in Dean's way, the main one once Dean had brought himself to get out of the car was namely Jim Murphy. Dean had caught sight of Jodi entering the preacher's residence as he was pulling up, and when Dean finally went to the door, Jim's reaction was overprotective to say the least.

Jim barely gave Dean a chance, as he was closing the door, Dean jammed his foot in the way of the door, and made one last plea, "Wait Jim, please, look, I know I screwed up, I really screwed up, but I just want to go back to my life, to Jodi and James. I know she's here, please man, let me talk to her, give me a chance to make it right. They're my world, please."

"You ever hurt her again..." Jim warned seriously as he slowly allowed the door to swing open, the implication was clear to Dean as he stepped over the threshold.

"I won't. "

Dean wasn't too proud to admit that when he first laid eyes on Jodi, his jaw dropped, if it was possible she was even more beautiful than he remembered, her dark brunette hair fell in layers that framed her face, she was tired, but you won't know it to look at her, but what truly caught Dean's eye was, "You're pregnant." It was true, she well and truly was, her belly was massive, bigger than when she was pregnant with James, and to Dean it was beautiful. "Oh wow, Jodes."

"Dean," Jodi murmured softly as she got to her feet, feeling the emotion in the room, Jim slipped away quietly to give the estranged couple their space.

They stood there in silence for some time as Jodi tried to process her shock, she had truly believed that he must have died, but now here he stood before her, when Jodi finally broke out of her stunned silence, she leapt forward, well as much as she could, and embraced Dean. They held each other as though they were drowning and the other was their life vest, and in a way, they had been and they were.

"God it's good to see you, Jodes. I've missed you, so much. I'm so sorry."

"Oh so have I, Dean, so have I," Jodi broke away from Dean, and said what she just knew she had to, "Never do that again, never disappear on us, James has missed you, I've missed you, god, I thought I'd be raising three kids alone."


Jodi placed a hand to her stomach tenderly as she told Dean, "It's twins, Dean."

"How far along are you? Seven months?"

"Eight, next week," Jodi said, before glancing at the wall clock, and upon realising the time, she told Dean, "Look, I've got to go pick up James from school, we can talk more when I get back."

"Are you going to tell him, you know, that I'm back?"

"I guess I will, he's missed you so much, Dean."

"Could I come with you, to pick him up? If you don't want to, that's fine too, but, I really want to see my boy."

Jodi nodded her head tightly, her lips pursed, she just hoped that she was making the right decision to let Dean back into their lives. "Okay, but first Dean, swear to me, promise me that you won't drink again."

James' class was the first to be let out of the school that afternoon, and his parents were standing right at the front of the crowd of parents, waiting for him. When James saw his dad, standing there beside his mum, words cannot describe the feeling that overcame the young boy, his bag and jumper fell from his hands, and he broke into a sprint to reach his parents, Dean scooped James into his arms, and they embraced right there, in the middle of the school playground, neither one ever wanting to let go.

The young family went straight home, to their home, and for hours they just lived in oblivion to the rest of the world, just spending time together, while Dean had been gone, Jim had put up a basketball hoop in the backyard of their house, for James, it had been a Christmas present from Dean and Jodi, and James practically pulled Dean outside to check it out, all too willing, Dean played basketball with his son for some time before they collapsed tiredly together on the grass.

"Are you staying, Dad?" James asked in a tone that was just a bit solemn for Dean's liking.

"That's something that your mum and me need to talk about."

"But you want to, don't you?"

"Of course I do, James, you guys are everything to me."

"You missed my birthday."

"I know, kiddo, I'm sorry."

"I've got soccer finals next weekend, Dad, can you come, please?"

"I wouldn't miss it."

That night, long after James had gone to bed, Dean and Jodi were still up, just talking, trying to sort everything out.

"I just need some time to think, Dean, please can you go, just while I figure things out."

"Whatever you need, but Jodi, first I was thinking that, maybe we... Forget it..."

"No, say it, whatever you want to say."

"We should get married. I know I don't deserve you, after everything... But I really love you, Jodi, and we have a family together. So, how about it, will you marry me?" Dean surprised even himself, he never imagined that he would get married, but this was the mother of his children, and he had planned this out so carefully, he had to say it, or he would have backed out, he'd even bought the ring.

Jodi was shocked, but happy. Lightly, she told Dean, "Do it right, please Dean."

Dean mock grumbled as he went down onto one knee, and pulled a ring box from his jacket pocket, then holding the open ring box out to his long-time girlfriend, Dean asked the big question, "We were kids when we met, and maybe if it hadn't of been for James, maybe I never would have had the chance to realise that I loved you, but we were given this baby boy, and now there's going to be the twins too. I couldn't imagine my life without you Jodes, really, I need you. Jodi Catherine Matthews will you marry me?"

A wide smile broke across Jodi's face, as she took the stunning engagement ring out of its box and slipped it onto her finger, before joyously embracing Dean.

"I had to say it, so you have to say it."

"Fine, yes. Yes, yes, yes, of course I'll marry you."

Dean still left that night, he stayed in a motel a few blocks away, giving Jodi her space. But Jodi didn't need much time to know that this was right, that she and Dean belonged together, and the very next day, Dean moved back in with his family, and they started on the long road to get things back to how they had been, not knowing that they had only days left together before they would again be struck by tragedy.

True to his word, Dean was at James' soccer final the following weekend, and as he stood there, watching James playing in his soccer final, winning, his arm around Jodi's waist, his hand resting gently on her beautiful rounded, pregnant stomach, Dean caught sight of an ethereal figure standing on the opposite side of the field, Sam. It was all Dean could do not to run across the field, for a moment he truly believed that it was his brother, alive, but... Dean knew it couldn't be, he had buried his brother months ago, Sam was dead... that meant, Dean realised that what he was seeing was a spirit.
'Sam' just looked over at Dean and his wife to be, and he gave Dean a brief, but deeply meaningful look, the kind that said more than words ever could, before looking away, over to James just as the young boy scored the final goal of the match, winning the game for his team, and bringing overwhelming pride to his parents, and his uncle.

Dean and Jodi exchanged a brief, loving kiss, as their son celebrated with his teammates. A gunshot then rang through the air.


The End

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