A Week in Wonderland, Ch. 1

by wingsinheaven5

A/N: AlicexHatter This story picks up where Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland ends. Basically, an alternate ending to the movie if Alice had chosen to stay. I was personally really disappointed when Alice left the Hatter without even a hug, let alone a kiss! In fact, it bothered me so much that I had been thinking about writing my own ending ever since. So here it is. First chapter. If you guys like it, I'll continue this, and it'll probably end up being really long (because I love reading longer fanfictions; better than novels! haha jk.. sort of). That, and also because I haven't written anything in a long time, and it feels good to back at this once more =] Again, only if I get positive feedback! ::hint hint:: Reviews/comments are greatly appreciated!

And no, I do not own the characters, places, or any of the wonderful Wonderland related things that both the amazing Lewis Carroll and Tim Burton concocted =[ haha. Now onto the story!

"You could stay!"

Hatter smiled gleefully and looked at Alice with expectant, hopeful eyes. Shocking, key lime green eyes that mesmerized Alice enough to make her stare. She couldn't remember ever being this close to the Hatter's face before.


Alice shook her head and snapped out of her reverie.


"I said," Hatter spoke almost too quietly this time, "you could stay." His eyes softened, his smile disappeared. "You… don't have to," he swallowed back a flicker of sadness as he thought of what he dreaded most "leave. You could stay."

Alice knew he was right. She didn't have to leave. If anything, the more she should stay, now that she had ended the Red Queen's terror. After all, the only one telling her she should leave was herself. And of course she had to! Right? She had to get back to reality. She had to wake up. Her friends and family were waiting for her.

Family? With a dead father, a mother all too eager to marry her daughter off, and a naïve sister who paid little attention to her, what family did Alice really have? And friends? Alice snorted at that. Why, if anything, these were her friends. Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Chessur. The White Rabbit. Absolem. Mallymkun. Hare. Mad Hatter.


Alice searched his eyes. She saw… sadness? But of course. Probably just reflecting what he saw in hers. She couldn't possibly leave now. Not when she could be here in Wonderland, celebrating with her best friend.

"Alice?" Hatter took one of Alice's hands and held it with both of his.

She glanced down to where his hands clasped hers. He wore pale, mustard yellow, plaid gloves with the fingers cut off so his own pale fingers could poke through. His hands were so warm.

Hatter gently squeezed her hand, urging her to glance back up.

Alice looked the Hatter in the eyes again. She thought about it. What could it hurt if she stayed for a little? No one would really care. It would be just a week. And besides, she missed her best friend. Thirteen years had gone by, and she was not about to let another thirteen go on until she saw the Hatter again.

A small smile crept up onto Alice's ivory pale face. "I suppose it wouldn't hurt to stay for a little while longer." Hatter's face immediately dropped all traces of sadness he had been feeling just moments ago, and his eyes seemed to blaze an even brighter green, if possible. "Besides, I haven't even had a proper cup of tea yet."

Hatter grinned madly, and hugged Alice tight against his chest. "No, you haven't."