Okay! Chapter 3!


Yes I thought he's going to tell me.

"Just don't freak out, or run away in terror okay?" he said looking at me with probing blue eyes.

I nodded "I promise" I said, I highly doubt it could be worse than a Vampire.

"I'm not human" he said,

"I gathered that" I responded.

He took a deep breath and took my hand. "I'm a . . . It's hard to explain, I guess you'd say were-cat." He said, I cocked my head to the side "Never heard of that one before" I said.

"Well . . . you're not scared?" he asked, I laughed he looked at me confused, "I dated a vampire, I'm not afraid of a little kitty" I said mussing up his hair. I feline like growl came from his chest, "Vampire?" he asked. And I nodded.

He looked angry, but a bell cat ball rolled into the room and his head snapped to it, he looked at me then to the ball, and then to me again, finally he settled on the ball. He jumped at it and turned into a tabby cat and swatted it against the wall. I cracked up laughing.

"I knew that'd calm him down" Abby said coming in. She sat down next to me, "Care to explain the technicalities of what you are?" I questioned and I watched Tony batt the ball around.

"Well, as you see here" she gestured to her brother "Instincts are strong for us, we have many cat like instincts."

"So you can only turn into one cat? Or any . . .?" I trailed off.

"At first any cat, but after 20 years you must choose only four, then you become immortal." She said, "In truth, I'm not 20. I'm well over 100" she said.

"But Tony here is only 19," she said, smiling at her brother.

Tony changed back smiling at me, "We can also change into part cat part human. Like 10% human 90% cat." He said.

"This is . . . over whelming." I said shaking my head.

"What was that about Vampires?" Abby asked, tucking her hair behind her ear.

"I dated a vampire" I stated, "And . . . he left." I said my voice shaking.

"Is that why you were on the cliff?" Tony asked, my eyes snapped it him, "Yes" I whispered.

"Oh Bella" he said and engulfed me in a hug. I hugged him back, and let out a shaky breath. I looked down to see Milly, but then something clicked, I stared at the cat, "Abby" I stated,

"Yes," Tony said "she wanted to meet you. So she followed me yesterday."

Abby shifted back, "thanks for the milk by the way" she grinned, I laughed.

"So what are your forms? If you don't mind me asking" I added quickly.

"I have the domestic cat. A Cougar, Tiger, and Cheater." She said, "wow" I said,

She grinned "Why thank you, but I need to go catch that mouse that's been making a mess in the kitchen at night" she said and jumped down shifted and ran off. I watched and turned to Tony.

He still held me close, "What did he do to you?"

Understanding who he meant I said "He left, said he never loved me. He left me . . . in the forest. I was a mess. It was like I wasn't alive." I said, and sighed. He pulled me closer.

"I'll never let anything happen to you" he vowed, he started to pat my hair, I smiled and said "You're a cat. I'm not" I grinned at him and he chuckled. He shifted into the tabby and jumped on me. I giggled and scratched him under the chin. Suddenly a mouse ran into the room, Abby in tow. Tony jumped down and cornered the mouse. Abby grabbed it in her mouth and pranced out. I shook my head. "Instincts die hard eh?" I said and Tony came back over.

He shifted back, "Wanna go to the beach?" He asked, I smiled.

"Sure" I said, we walked outside and I saw a small two door ford festiva. I smiled at the cute little car. "Nice car" I said, he rolled his eyes "Last time I let Abby choose the car" he said,

"No, really it's cute" I said getting in, he got in as well and we drove to La Push.

We were walking down the beach, "Bella!" Someone called out; I turned around and saw Jake.

"Jake?" I asked, I started to walk towards him, "Bella, wait" Tony whispered.

"Bella! I'm sorry," he said coming closer, he glanced at Tony and glared.

"You really hurt me Jake" I said when he came over.

"I'm sorry. So sorry, please. I can explain" he said holding out his arms. "Just come away from him" he whispered to me, I stepped back "Why! What did he do?" I demanded.

"Bella you don't understand."

"I understand fine! You left me, you don't care about me! You're just a selfish jerk like the rest of that gang! Just go back to Sam" I said. Jake started to shake.

"Bella, come away" Tony said and put me behind me.

Jake stopped shaking only his hands were, "Bella." Jake said "Do you know what he is?"

"Yes, I do"

"He can't protect you from the bloodsuckers like we can" he said, I was very confused now.

"He's a werewolf" Tony whispered to me, I stared wide eyed at Jake.

Two other men came up to us, Embry and someone I didn't know.

"Hey Bella" Embry said waving.

"Bella, the pack can protect you" he said, "Please" Jake pleaded,

"My sister and I can protect her fine, dog!" Tony said getting angry, "You are not taking her . . . Unless she wants to go" he finished, "I don't want to" I whispered.

"Bella! They are kittens! A normal cheater or whatever they turn into will not go well against a vampire" Jake tried to reason.

"You obviously have no idea what you're talking about you ignorant mutt" Tony said. "I'll take all three of you, right now"

"Tony no, please" I whispered, I didn't want any fighting. "Bella, Hun go over there. Please" he turned to look at me, his eyes sparkled with mischief and . . . something I couldn't place.

"Okay" I whispered I hugged him and walked a few feet away from them, suddenly Jake, Embry and the other one burst into horse sized wolfs. Tony slowly arched his back; his face distorted and become more cat then human he was on his back legs. He was half cat, half human. His tail swishing back and forth he had tiger stripes and he bared his teeth and let out a feline like roar. He easily towered over the three wolves. The wolves started to back away, and then ran off at full speed. I looked at Tony, he didn't look like Tony.

I was a little scared. He shifted back slowly –still fully clothed- and slowly came over to me, "Bella" he said, I ran to him and hugged him. Then pulled back and glared "That wasn't funny" I said.

He laughed "Bloody mutts. Whenever we run into them they think they're so hot" He rolled his eyes, "I don't like to fight. It's not in my nature . . . but I'd fight for you" He whispered the last bit.

I hugged him tight "You know you scared me then" I said,

"Really, oh I'm so sorry. I'd never hurt you" he said, I shook my head "No you scared me because I thought you were going to get hurt" I clarified.

He laughed "Silly Bella, it takes a lot to hurt me" he ran his fingers through my hair soothingly. I sighed happily.

"Come on. Let's go have a look at the rock pools" he said and started to pull me along "I thought cats didn't like water" I teased jokingly. He glared playfully at me but didn't respond. We were walking across the slippery rocks and I slipped, Tony caught my arm and slowly pulled me up "Careful Bella," he murmured, we sat down on a dry rock looking over the ocean.

Without warning Tony shifted into his tabby form and curled up on my lap and started to purr. I smiled and ran my hands through his fur. I slowly stood up keeping the sleeping tabby in my arms and carefully walked back to his car, I sat him in the seat and took the keys out of the glove box and drove back to his house. I picked him up and let myself in; I sat down on the sofa in the living room. Tony looked up and nuzzled my hand, "It's getting late I'm gonna go" I said.

I set Tony down and stood up, Tony followed me outside and jumped in the truck after me, "Tony," I said he shifted back and was sitting on the seat. He stretched, "I wanna stay with you" he said shyly, I smiled and laughed, "Okay, just stay as a tabby and it will be okay" I said he grinned and shifted back.

I drove home and picked Tony up and walked inside, "Who's cat" Charlie said, I rolled my eyes "Hi to you too" I said, he laughed "Sorry, but who's cat?" he asked again.

"I was driving back from La Push and he was on the highway, someone probably dumped him. Poor thing" I said scratching behind his ears. Charlie pursed his lips "He can stay tonight, and I'll put up flyers." Charlie said, and I smiled.

I cooked dinner and chopped up the left over steak in the fridge for Tony. We ate and I washed up. I took Tony upstairs where he settled on my bed and I had a shower. I walked into my room and got into bed, Tony came up and nuzzled my cheek and settled down to sleep next to my head. I fell asleep with a smile.

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