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Well while I'm currently on hiatus for my Pandora Hearts story, I've gotten into a total obsession with Durarara!! 3

This series is addicting in many ways, but I think what stands out the most if that it's based off modern day life and the dangers that come with it. That and the many screwed up characters. Ryohgo Narita you have out done yourself once again!

Character wise, I'm on board the Izaya wagon...and always will be. The sick twisted little devil is just too much fun not to love.

Pairing wise...that's a much tougher, there are so many that I love! The only pairing I can say with certainty that I like 100% is Shinra/Celty. However I also like Izaya/Mikado, Kida/Mikado, Izaya/Shizou and Shizou/Celty.

For this particular story, the pairing is Izaya/Mikado (mainly because it seems to be my main obsession pairing for Izaya). Why? Not a clue. They have hardly any moments, but I adore this pairing anyways.

So enough rambling, here is my first DRRR!! fanfic on ! :D

//Disclaimer;; --- I do not own Durarara!! If I did Izaya would be the world's pimp.


Twas a Friday night and all through the city, lights a blazed and people stirring among the crowds. The parents handling their children with care, in hopes of avoiding the drunkards' lair.

Hoes nestled sung in their beds, visions of dirty deeds in their heads.

All seems joyous and peaceful, though this is far from your average Christmas story. There is no fairytale ending, nor Santa waiting upon your roof to give you presents. No this is Ikebukuro; the city of lights, drugs and DOLLARS.

Mikado Ryugamine was just your average teenage boy who was dragged into the wrong place at the wrong time; or so said his childhood friend Masaomi Kida. To Mikado, his chance encounter with the city of Ikebukuro was more than coincidence; it was inevitable.

Ikebukuro is a city plagued by gangs and hoodlums. The underground controlled the night life, and DOLLARS controlled the underground.

DOLLARS - the famous group of people who dealt with the cities other gangs. This often resulted in violent breakouts throughout the city. One would normally find this to be dangerous, and want to get out as soon as possible; except Mikado.

To Mikado, Ikebukuro was an interesting place; full of life and wonder. To a small town boy, the large city can be quite a rush.

"Whoa what a hall! Simon my friend you out did yourself this time!" Kida exclaimed giving the Russian a slap on the back.

It was after school that Kida had dragged Anri and I to the local sushi shop; now currently having a table covered in unusual sushi dishes that the tall black Russian placed in front of us. To be honest I was a little nervous, Simon's sushi wasn't always the most edible item on the menu.

"Um...t-thank you Simon." I said smiling politely at the man. He merely smiled back, and told me sushi was good and that I should eat. Feeling I should be respectful despite my lack of appetite, I indulged.

After we finished our sushi buffet, Kida and I parted ways with Anri. We weren't entirely sure what we were going to do next, so we just decided to tour the city and look at the bystanders (or as Kida would call it 'picking up chicks').

Sitting on a bench overlooking the park, I watched as Kida tried numerous times to get a date (all of which failed miserably). It was kind of pathetic really, though I knew he was usually half joking when he flirted. What's worse is he blames his failing on my 'sullen' look. Though I guess it's that same goofy sense of denial that makes him such a likeable person. People look up to him, and admire his positive attitude. I'm one of those people.

'Still, I guess his nick-name 'fail flirt' isn't just for show.' I thought as I watched Kida strike out for the twenty second time today.

We arrived at my house around 8pm, Kida left for his own saying we would see each other again at school tomorrow. Sliding off my shoes I put my bag down and turned on my computer.

"I wonder if anyone is online."

I opened the chat room and saw that Setton and Kanra were online. I started to type...

Tanaka Taro: Hey Setton how's it going?
Setton: I'm fine you?
Tanaka Taro: I'm good just got back home.
Kanra: I'm fine too, thanks for asking. :'(
Tanaka Taro: Sorry Kanra.
Kanra: It's ok. So what were you doing today?
Tanaka Taro: School and ate sushi till I was ready to pop.
Setton: Simon had on another Sushi special?
Tanaka Taro: Yeah.
Kanra: AWWW!!! I wish I could have gone, but I had to work. *pouts*
Tanaka Taro: Haha you really like sushi don't you Kanra?
Kanra: Yes I do!
Kanra: Oh hey did you hear?
Tanaka Taro: Hear what?
Kanra: I heard Dotachin and the Otaku's were chasing after someone last night.
Setton: Dotachin?
Tanaka Taro: She means Kyohei Kadota.
Setton: Oh. Why were they chasing after someone?
Kanra: I don't know...but I heard that someone the person they were chasing was part of a kidnapping.
Tanaka Taro: !!!!!
Setton: !!!!!
Tanaka Taro: That's horrible.
Setton: Why would someone do that?
Kanra: Because that's the city for you.
Setton: ...
Kanra: I need to go. It's time for work.
Tanaka Taro: Alright talk to you later.
Setton: Goodbye.
Kanra: Bye~!
(Kanra has signed off)
Setton: I should go to. I have to go shopping.
Tanaka Taro: Alright. Talk to you later.
Setton: Bye.
(Setton has signed off)
(Tanaka Taro has signed off)

I sighed and leaned back in my chair. There wasn't much to talk about today. In fact lately it had been rather dull around Ikebukuro. No sightings of the 'head-less rider', no gang fights, not even that man Izaya Orihara was showing up to mess around with Shizou Heiwajima.

'If this continues, I'll be bored. It won't be any different than from my old town.'

Grumbling I shut off my computer and went to put on my shoes.

'I'll just go for a little walk. It's not that late out yet.' I thought as I slid out the door.

As I walked down the street I saw many people lying in the ditch passed out from drinking. Why did people drink if all they were going to do was lay there in their own vomit? Granted it's not like I haven't wondered what alcohol tastes like, but since I'm underage I cannot try it.

The city lights blazed bright and colourful as the local clubs were in full swing, music blaring and all.

"HEY MIKADO! How's it going!?" Erika Karisawa said as she slapped me on my back.

"Owww...Karisawa-san do you have to that?" I asked holding my back in pain.

"Hm, do what?"

"Never mind..."

"Hey there Ryugamine-kun." Dotachin said walking up to me with Walker Yumasaki.

"Hello, Kadota-san, Yumasaki-san." I said bowing my head in respect to my elders.

"Haha, no need to be so polite Ryugamine-kun!" Walker said slinging his arm over my shoulders. "So what are you doing out here so late?"

"Just taking a walk. There's nothing to do at home so I wanted to get some fresh air."

"...And what exactly is 'fresh' about this air?" Making a hand gesture to shoo away the smell of cigarette smoke.

He had a point, the city was filled with the smell of chemicals that couldn't be good for your body.

'No wonder global warming is bad right now.' I thought my nose cringing at the smell of alcohol surrounding me.

"Oh Kadota-san, can I ask you well...a question?" I asked.

"Hmmm? Sure I don't see why not." He said.

"O-Oh, well you see...I heard that you guys were chasing after someone who was involved in a kidnapping yesterday....I-is it true?"

Dotachin remained silent. Simply by staring at me I could tell he wasn't going to answer my question.

"I'll say this much. You should go home now and don't come back out after 10pm ok? It's dangerous here at night, and you know that." He answered.

Dotachin looked at me for a sign of agreement, I nodded. I didn't know why he was warning me now, I had been living here for 2 months now and had been out many times after 10pm; so why now?



Done chapter one!!

Yes sorry for it being so short and not containing any of Izaya, but I'm trying to go slow with this story since I hate rushing into relationships.

Though granted this series is freakin hard to write for without screwing up character traits.

Speaking of character traits, was I able to keep everyone in character? I think I kept Mikado in character, even though it may not seem like it. Mainly because well...let's face it Mikado is BLUNT. Very blunt. Whether it's unintentional or not, Mikado has a habit of being very blunt, and it's obvious that he likes the ruckus of Ikebukuro and gets bored easily (though he doesn't show it often).

Be sure to let me know how I did with keeping everyone in character though please.

Next chapter I will be having a little of Shinra and Celty appear, maybe Izaya later on. You know him; he only appears when something interests him.

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