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Here is the long anticipated Chapter 2 of 'KEEP OUT!'.

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"Attention students, this is your principle speaking. For all of you wishing to participate in the planning of the school's spring festival, the signup sheet is posted on the bulletin board by the main entrance. That is all."


I wanted to help out, but I'd just get picked on; though I might be able to if she were to join. That way I'm not completely alone. Even if he would join, that would be nice; it will never happen. These contradicting thoughts flooded their way into my head and penetrated my brain. Drowning in this sea of confusion and anxiety I let my head fall onto my desk. The cool surface fanning my inner motor as I over heated.

"Neh, Mikado what are you doing?" a certain hyper active blonde asked.

"...I'm cooling my head." I stated.

"Really; why? Did you see something you shouldn't have?"

The said blonde grinned a mischievous grin, pointy teeth and all. His eyes practically screaming perverted thoughts as he burned a hole into the back of my head. I instantly thought of the Cheshire Cat from Alice In Wonderland. There were so many references to it now or days, that it was hard not to make something of it in your daily life. As I say this, there is likely some poor young boy being defiled in an Alice costume somewhere in the world.

"Say Mikado, are you going to sign up for the planning committee?"

"...Hm I'm not sure..."

"You should! I mean; I wouldn't, but you should. You'd be good at it. Plus..."

Kida looked around the classroom to make sure no one was listening then quietly whispered in my ear.

"Maybe Anri will be on the planning committee too?"

I jolted out of my seat, my face dusted with a light shade of pink. I knew nothing good could come of Kida saying those words. It never did.

"W-What are you t-talking about Kida? Sonohara-san wouldn't do such a thing; she's way to busy..." It was then that I noticed it, "Wait...when did you start calling her Anri?"


He looked at me innocently, as if he hadn't just broken the honorific barrier surrounding us. In fact, he acted like it was normal; even though it wasn't.

'Why would he do that though?...C-could Sonohara-san and Kida-kun have something going on between them!' I thought to myself.

Looking at Kida's innocent look I couldn't help but think it was impossible. It was probably just a coincidence, nothing more;...right?

All he did was work. Work, chat online, work, and act like an idiot. That's all Shinra did, except when it came to Celty. Truth be told, she didn't mind his constant attention when it came to her; though she could do without his disregard for her lost head. It's not like he didn't care, he often said he thought she was perfectly fine without a head. That it made her unique. However...she wished just once that he would help her pursue her head, rather than trying to make her stop.

"Celty, what's wrong? You look kind of down." Shinra asked the said headless woman.

[It's nothing.]

"Really Celty it's ok, you can tell me."

Shinra sat down beside the headless woman. Taking her hand in his

"Come on. What's wrong?"

Celty sighed. She knew he wouldn't give up, not when it came to her.

'But...' She looked at Shinra.

...She also knew he would never understand her desires.

Just then Celty's PDA went off. She got a message from Izaya Orihara containing what she thought was another job for her to complete.

"Hmmm, what does it say Celty?" Shinra asked.

Celty typed on her PDA and showed it to Shinra.

[It makes no sense.]

"What doesn't?"


Celty showed Shinra the message she just received from Izaya. It said...


Hey did you know?
There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life; music and cats*.

- Izaya:


I arrived home at around 5pm. The sky was a mix of orange, red and yellow; colours of fiery burning passion, and clouds now an oddly attractive pink colour cloaked it with their subtle gentleness.

My tiny apartment bare, leaving all its continents open for all to see and witness. There is a small futon to the right, and to the left, a computer. That small computer is where it all happened, where DOLLARS was created, where the real me was born; the me who wanted an exciting life, and was willing to do anything to get it.

With just a mere click of a button, I gained all access to the world's biggest resource; the internet. With merely two clicks, I can manipulate those I talk to.

(Tanaka Taro has signed in)
Tanaka Taro: Hey everyone.
Kanra: HEY! Welcome back Tanaka.
Tanaka Taro: ...Is Setton-san not on?
Kanra: Yeah. Why am I not good enough for you? T_T
Tanaka Taro: EH! Oh um-uh no that's not it Kanra-san...
Kanra: Haha it's ok! I was just joking with ya. 3
Tanaka Taro: That wasn't funny Kanra-san...
Kanra: Aw don't be such a party pooper! xD
Tanaka Taro:...Party pooper? Who even still uses that?
Kanra: ...idk...?
Tanaka Taro :...
Tanaka Taro: Oh hey you never told me who Dotachin was!
Kanra: Oh yeah! I forgot all about that! xP
Tanaka Taro :...So are you going to tell me or what?
Kanra: Ok ok jeez don't get your panties in a bunch.
Tanaka Taro: !
Kanra: Haha. Ok Dotachin is basically a member of DOLLARS, but he's also a big Otaku. xD
Tanaka Taro: He's a member of DOLLARS?
Kanra: Yeppers! :D
Tanaka Taro: Hmmm...
Kanra: Oh hey Tanaka-kun!
Tanaka Taro: What?
Kanra: Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive
(Kanra has signed off)
Tanaka Taro: Huh? Kanra-san!...What did she mean by that?
(Tanaka Taro has signed out)

'Don't take life to seriously? Is Kanra-san saying I'm too boring? But I won't get out alive? What does that even mean?' I pondered as I lay on my back staring up at the ceiling.

The fan spinning round and round, it was calming...almost hypnotic in a weird way. It reminded me of someone else, who I don't really remember; but the person was also very hypnotic in a peculiar sense. I chose to ignore the odd nostalgic sense that invaded my head, and not heeding Dotachin's words, go for another walk.

Cars zoomed by, their shapes a blur. Street lights reflected off the stained black windows. As I walked in the park, I heard the sound of music coming from a few feet away. Deciding to check it out, I paced myself slowly towards the harmonic melody.

After dodging my way through some bushes and maneuvering around tree roots, I found myself looking down at a small kitten. It was a simple black cat, sheltered by a box which seemed to be its home. Beside it was a small radio.

"So that's where the music was coming from." I said looking as though I was talking to the cat. "What are you doing out here alone anyways?"

I stroked the cat's fur; it responded by gently prodding its nose into my hand, and rubbing it's head against my palm. Purring loudly it mewed; affection coursing through its body. A small smile lifted at the corner of my cheeks. Innocence such as this should be preserved. It was then that it occurred to me, protecting this innocence is what DOLLARS was really about. It gave us a sense of harmony with others while still being able to protect them. It was a sense of justice in this world that was horribly corrupt...and I was their leader.

"My my, you shouldn't be out this late...Mikado-kun."


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[1]* - The text Izaya sent Celty was a quote by Albert Schweitzer.
[2]* - In the chat room Kanra used a quote by Elbert Hubbard.

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