Disclaimer: I do not own the wonderful book series, Harry Potter, I'm just writing fanfiction about the characters in it (which do not belong to me).

Hugo Weasley is the name.

And there is stress on the Hugo so you don't get me confused with my bazillion relatives.

You've probably heard about all my uncles and aunts (they are bloody famous after all), you've probably crushed on either my cousins or my sister (which is just gross on so many levels), and you've probably registered the fact that because I'm a Weasley I have red hair and freckles, and yeah, you'd be right.

About me personally? Well you probably don't have a clue.

I'm not the male heart-throb of the school like Louis was (I think it comes with being a male one-eighth veela), or a prankster like Fred. I'm not a Quidditch obsessed fanatic like James and I'm not shy and sensitive like Al. And I'm not just saying this because some people (i.e. Mum and Rose) think I have an inferiority complex!

Sorry to disappoint, I'm just the left over Weasley. All the good spots are taken.

Like I stated before, we've got the heart-throb (Louis), the prankster (Fred), the shy and sensitive one (Al), we've also got the Quidditch obsessed one (James), the studious responsible one (Molly), the 'perfect' one (Victoire), the don't-mess-with-me one (Dom), the quirky one (Lucy) and the funny one (Roxanne). One of my own best friends is the all-rounder (Lily) and of course little miss genius of the generation is my own sister (that would be Rosie).

What's left you may ask? Well me, the leftover, the average Weasley.

I'm just a little bit Weasley, that's all. Nothing special about me. I actually can't believe you're reading about life, accidently stubble across this, did you? Don't worry I'll help you get back on track.

Just take a left in the next 100 metres or so and that's where you'll find the interesting people.

Author's note: There are only 4 pages about little Hugo Weasley on fanfiction, can you believe it?! Well actually I can but I'll contribute to it with this story.

I hope you all enjoyed the first chapter. It's just going to be a story about Hugo's life, starting with the end of fourth year and going all the way up to whenever I feel like it (which is probably the end of seventh year unless I get siriusly bored). It's compliant (I think that's the right word) with In a Bit of a Pickle but there won't be much of it in here because I like to keep things different.

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